"Isn't this house gorgeous?" A woman in her late 50's asked as she stood outside the famous Murder house. Her reddish brownish hair playfully fell in her face from the cool breeze on the summer day. A man who also happened to be in his late 50's walked up to her side and stared at the tall house. He had dark brunette hair, almost black.
"It's like it's from the Victorian era, It has quite the personality." He stated looking towards the retailor who gave a slight grimace and her eyes danced from Mr. and Mrs. Hewlett. A few seconds passed by and her eyes quickly fluttered to the sound of heavy heels clacking against the concrete as it became louder and louder. He eyes noticed the brown slouchy cowboy boots and trailed up to the face. A young girl, around high school age.

"Oh look Patrick, we have ourselves a little cowgirl." The young man in his late twenties stated looking outside the window from the inside of the Murder house. His dark brown eyes skimmed over the new, soon to be owners of the house. A young blonde who happened to be performing sit-ups, heaved a deep sigh as he did his last sit-up. Rolling his eyes at his dead ex-boyfriends remark, he stood up and trudged over to see what he was referring to.
"Chad, let's not scare them away this time. Remember the agreement?" Patrick asked.

Chad rolled his eyes and turned around while absentmindedly digging under his fingernails. The stupid new agreement, why bother with it? No one is going to be able to live comfortably, and peacefully in a house full of ghosts. Patrick on the other hand still staring out the window, looked down upon the young girl. Her light brown hair danced around her face. She was wearing a cute paisley pink dress, it was a sweetheart top and came down just above her knees. He watched as she pushed the side bangs behind her ear, her eyes quickly glanced around the house and then drifted towards the front door as she began to walk towards it.
"Looks like they are about to get the grand tour." He stated to no one in particular as he swiftly turned around.

"May I ask what brought you to this area Josh?" Marcy the retailor asked as she watched as the family took in the new surroundings. He smiled as he looked over towards his wife, who was in awe over the kitchen.
"Retirement. But I do have a question for you Marcy, why is it so below the market? It's a beautiful house in a amazing area."
"Well you see, the house holds some devastating news. There have been a few deaths here.." She answered while her eyes glanced over to Josh's wife.
"Deaths?" She asked as her eyes widened and quickly looked over to her husband who happened to be grimacing.
"Yes the last family-" Marcy wasn't able to finish her response because the next thing they heard was a loud bang and the sound of something tumbling. All three of them ran into the foyer and looked towards the stairs, watching as the young daughter stared up at the ceiling.

"I'm okay." The young girl stated, already knowing what they were about to say. Rolling her light emerald eyes, she sat up and pushed herself off the floor.
"Willow! What the heck happened?" Her mother asked as she walked a few steps farther watching as her daughter dust herself off. Willow eyed around the room. She glanced down at her shoes and then back up towards her parents. Smiling sheepishly and shrugging her shoulders she shortly replied,
"Clumsy me, tripped over myself. The usual. But I'm going to go and take a gander upstairs at the rooms." While nodding towards her parents she quickly turned around walked up the steps.

When she arrived at the top of the stairs, she thought she heard a faint whistling sound. Curiosity getting the better of her, she began to follow it. The tune reminded her something she would of heard from in the 50's. She walked past the bathroom, and stopped in front of a closed door, just as the whistling stopped. She apprehensively opened the door and walked into the room. It was a pretty green color with the two windows, one of them being a bay window. She smiled while imagining herself sitting on it while reading a classical novel.


Jumping at the startling voice Willow turned around as her eyes landed on a tall man with jet black hair standing in front of her, eyeing her down. His mouth was slightly agape, as if he was shocked at Willow's appearance and of her of notice of him. She herself, raised an eyebrow towards him and smoothly stated, "I thought this was a private showing." The man also raised his eyebrow, this Willow girl seemed to be bright for her young age, he could already tell from her voice she had a sort of sass about her. Smiling to himself, he quietly thought, This could be an interesting outcome. She can see me, and she is quite the sassy girl.

"Oh, I'm sorry we must of gotten the days mixed up, silly Patrick. But since we're both here, I'm Chad and might I say that is quite the adorable dress you have on, as well as, boots." He stated playing along. After all he was upholding the agreement somewhat, trying not to scare them away. He knew the house needed people to live here, people with a pulse for it to survive.
"Thank you. I'm Willow Hewlett. But who is Patrick?" She asked eyeing Chad.

"Patrick is my partner. Patrick come meet our competition on the house." Chad answered calling for his other half. Patrick walked in glancing towards Willow and soon over to Chad meeting his eyes. His eyebrows furrowed realizing what Chad was starting. That was just like him getting his head into other people's business.

"Hi there." He greeted with a smile. But he soon noticed the stupid curly headed blonde boy in the back of the room leaning against the wall with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Great there's Tate. Probably going to try and get this girl into bed as well. She seems like a sweet girl. This is not going to end up like the Harmons. Patrick thought to himself.

"Well, I hope this state soon recognizes same sex marriage." Willow responded awkwardly, as she glanced between the two, with her eyes eventually landing on Patrick who seemed to be staring intently at something behind her. Slowly she turned her head to see what was so interesting behind her. Nothing. Turning her head back towards the two, her eyes widened realizing they were not to be found. "There ya go again Willow. Making things awkward. Its no wonder you don't have that many friends." Willow thought to herself shaking her head as she walked out of the bedroom back into the main hall. "Hm, maybe it was one of those two who were whistling." She added as she made her way for the stairs.

Tate couldn't help but smile as he watched the young girl shake her head, She was cute he had to admit. But nothing like Violet. With a small frown he followed her as she made her way out of the room but stopped at the door frame watching her make her way towards the stairs. His eyes traced the outline of her body, she was quite tan, much unlike his pale complexion. She looked like she enjoyed life, and had a bubbly personality. "There is no way that she will fit in here. But she did hit it off with the lollipop boys." Tate thought as he heard someone call,

"Willow! We need to talk to you!" Seeing her head perk up he watched as she quickly jotted down the stairs. He walked over towards the stair and walked down halfway on the stairs and stopped at the first landing. He leaned against the window there and watched as Willow reached the second landing and walked towards her parents and Marcy.

"What's up?" She asked with a sigh shortly after. Her mother bit her bottom lip as she answered,
"We wanted to run this by you first before we made a decision.." Marcy bowed her head and stated.
"Beth and Josh, I'll give you your privacy with Willow." The three of them watched as Marcy made her way into the kitchen.

"There have been a few deaths here, which is why the market price is so low." Josh said after clearing his throat, unsure of how his step daughter was going to respond to this news. Beth on the other hand reached for her husband's hand, watching as her daughter nodded her head in understanding.

"Well, I don't believe in ghosts, if that what you two are getting at. So it doesn't bother me, But I like the place, it has a vintage feel to it." Willow responded which resulted in her parents smiling as Beth clapped her hands and Josh smiled.

"I'll go let Marcy know of our decision then, Beth call the movers and let them know of the address." Josh stated before walking into the kitchen to tell Marcy.

"Well this will be interesting." A young woman standing in the living room stated as she watched Beth walk out the front door. Her light brown eyes glided over towards the young her girl who walked into the study across from where the woman was standing.
"How are we going to play this one out Viv?" The man standing next to her asked, while placing his hand on the shoulder of the younger girl next to him who was holding a baby.
"Well Ben, we need a living family here to survive. Let's just hope no one here decides to have a baby. I'm sure Violet can befriend the young girl." Vivian answered as her eyes watched the young girl who was staring at a painting, which happened to be Vivian's.

"Mom she's a country hippie!" Violet cried as she quickly passed judgment over the young girl. Viv, sighed as she shook her head from her daughter's judgment.
"Vi, you too were an outcast at some point, befriend her and warn her. I do not want any more harm done in this house." Vivian scolded just as Willow turned her head in the family's direction.

"Why do I feel like eyes are on me?" Willow thought as she turned her attention towards the living room. No one was there. "Hm, I guess the gay couple left." Willow last thought as she heard the doorbell rang. Furrowing her eyebrows in confusion she walked over towards the front door, turning the doorknob as the Harmons stood there watching.

"Hello dear child, I noticed your mother was on the phone, but I just wanted to come over and introduce myself first. My name is Constance. It's a pleasure to meet you." The curly blonde haired woman stated with a cunning smile plastered onto her face while holding the hand of a small blonde haired boy.

"Fuck." Ben stated seeing Constance and Vivian's son standing there, while her son just eyed the Harmon family with a tight lipped smile.