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In the region Vale, located on the outskirts of the vast Emerald Forest, lay a quaint village. The residents of this place lived merrily among one another, with nary an illness or strife. Though it is within this tale that they will know these things.

The village is a fairly small settlement where many of its folk know each other either by name or through a significant trait one carried. Often these traits reside in their constant appearance in a certain apparel. For this instance the one whose tale begins in this chapter is a young woman who wears a red cloak.

It was a bright and beautiful day in the small village as its residents were bustling through the paved paths for their everyday errands. Located near the center of the village is a large tavern, The Thorned Dragon, a family owned establishment where travelers and the like often venture to for a drink.

The door to its entrance swings open and a brunette young woman steps out into the sunlight. As a bright red cloak billows around her from a brief breeze, she wears a cheerful expression on her face as she gazes at the beautiful sky above. Hefting a wicker basket on one arm, she turns around and leans through the doorway, waving to two people inside.

"Alright, dad, Yang, I'm going out now."

A blonde man gives her a smile and nod before heading into a room in the back of the building. The other, a young woman with long blonde hair, busies herself with cleaning drinking glasses while giving her younger sister a skeptical look.

"You're sure you'll be alright on your own Ruby?"

"Gosh, yes Yang. I'll stay on the path and go straight to Miss Goodwitch's place. I promise." Ruby said with a pout.

"Yeah, well you better. I don't want to hear that you got gobbled up by a wolf or something." Yang said with a chuckle.

"Don't worry sis, I'll be careful. Bye now!"

Ruby then headed out into the busy village and was met with various greetings from the other folk as she went.

"Hey there Lil Red! Good day to you." The baker's wife greeted.

"Good day to you too!" Ruby said with a jovial wave.

"Oi! Red. Give these apples here to lady Glynda for me would ya." Said a man who owned a small orchard.

"Sure thing. I'll be sure to let her know they're from you." Ruby took the apples and set them in her basket.

Ruby greeted everyone, even taking a moment to talk with the children, before she reached the edge of the village that led into the verdant Emerald Forest. Before she took to the path that guided travelers through the forest an elderly man's voice called for her.

"Young Red, c'mere a moment please."

Ruby complied, the old man being someone that Ruby respected and enjoyed conversing with on the history of the village.

He smiled up at her from his seat, looking into her sparkling silver eyes.

"Ah, yes. Such vibrant eyes. Reminds me of a younger me as I made my pilgrimage to this village." Ruby smiled warmly at him. "Are you headed to Miss Goodwitch's for lessons?" He said.

"Yes, I am."

"Do me a favor and tell her good day for me. I'd tell her myself, but these old twigs aren't what they used to be." He said with a laugh as he indicated his own legs.

"I'll be sure to do that. Good day to you elder." Ruby waved as she continued on her way.

"Good day to you Young Red." The elder waved and settled back into his chair.

The Emerald Forest never ceased to leave Ruby in awe, as it was a landscape of mystery and beauty. It was also said to be the abode of many wondrous creatures, ones that were often told through folklore as beasts with incredible abilities.

Ruby was more eager than usual this day, for due to Yang being recently swept up in work at the tavern she was unable to escort Ruby through the woods as she always had. Having this opportunity Ruby would finally able to more actively search for these mythical creatures she had so often heard about.

Her eyes were open wide with anticipation and she was delighted even by the most base of beasts, such as rabbits and deer. She had yet to see anything fantastic, though she did question what exactly would make a creature dubbed as such. With a light skip in her step she hummed a tune to herself, her the wicker basket swinging gently on her arm.

Now having gone deeper into the forest Ruby could feel the wildlife that surrounded her. Birds chirping their songs to each other, the trickling of river water over rock, and sweet scents of the flowers she passed. One particular aroma was attracting her to the edge of the pathway where a thorny rose bush resided. A glance past it confirmed that more bushes lay beyond it, just out of reach in a small clearing beyond the path.

Ruby stopped instinctively, looking down at her feet where she stood at the edge of the path. She had been told various times by her sister to never stray from the path. Yang had said that whatever beasts lived in the forest would be able to sense her as soon as she left the path. She would cross the boundary that kept the creatures separated from their world. It seemed like an innocent warning though, something told merely to keep her from leaving Yang's sight.

Ruby looked from her feet to the roses, and back again. She felt a jittery sensation throughout her being as she raised a foot and took the first step. Looking up into the forest she found nothing had changed dramatically nor had any creature appeared.

Grinning enthusiastically she frolicked into the clearing, setting down her basket as she began to approach the bushes to admire the roses. Giggling to herself she spun and twirled a dance in the center of the meadow, singing a nonsensical tune as she did, before going to one of the rose bushes and gently cupping a rose in her hand, taking in its aromatic scent.

As she enjoyed herself and proceeded to carefully remove some of the stems from the bushes, Ruby failed to notice that she was being watched.

Deep within the Emerald Forest a wolf with perfectly white fur circled stealthily in the tall grass, eyeing the prey that lay before it.


It was a lesson well learned when on the hunt, one that was often repeated multiple times to the wolf since it was a pup.

The wolf flattened its body further as its target swiveled her gaze about the small clearing before continuing her activities. The wolf crept forward cautiously, being careful to not crunch a leaf or snap a twig. Raising its muzzle the wolf neared the prey until it reached a point where the tall grasses ended. Its target was right in front of it.


The wolf knew that no second thoughts were to be given towards its prey, no matter what form it took. To remain merciless toward them was key to having a meal for the day. This was a lesson well learned, one that would have prevented the small pink scar that ran over the wolf's left eye.

The wolf slowly readied its haunches before launching at its prey. The unlucky creature held no chance of escape as claws dug into soft flesh, and sharp fangs buried deeply into her neck. The body released a gurgled final breath as blood flowed and soaked into the earth. The body twitched and shuddered for a few beats before coming to a complete standstill.

The wolf voraciously ate away at the doe it had caught, satisfied with a full belly and a successful hunt. As it ate a strange sensation shot through its being, almost like an electric buzz that alighted the nerves with energy.

Raising its bloodstained muzzle from the doe's corpse the wolf sniffed the air experimentally. At first, all it could smell was the fresh kill and the scents of the forest, but eventually it could tell that there was something new in the air.

Trotting away from its meal the wolf sniffed at the air again. There was definitely something different, something unknown that had just entered the forest.

Drawn by the mystery of it, and fueled by its own curiosity, the wolf rushed off towards this new aroma. It didn't take long to find the point at which the scent was strongest, and as it got nearer the wolf came to a slow crawl.

First it heard an odd song, though it was unlike any noise that birds would sing and it was more appealing to the wolf's ears than their incessant twittering. Wedging itself between two large bushes the wolf saw the most peculiar thing. Before it was a creature it never thought it would ever encounter again. A young human girl stood in the clearing of roses. Observing the human as she twirled her body in a circle, the wolf realized the source of the song emanated from her.

The wolf wasn't completely oblivious to the subject of humans, but it had been years since it had seen one this close.

The human girl soon ceased her dance and song to approach a rose bush and held a flower in her hands to breathe in its scent. As the girl exhaled so did the wolf, as it released a breath it didn't know it had held. Its gaze swept over the girl's soft, pale cheeks and full lips to trail down the rest of the curves that shaped her body. It examined every part of her until becoming satisfied with the obtained information.

Retreating back into the forest a considerable distance, the wolf found a small pool nearby and looked at its reflection. Muzzle still blood-soaked from its recent kill. This was no way to approach a young girl if it wanted to obtain this new prey.

While it looked into nature's mirror the wolf watched itself change form. The fur pelt shrank and began to quickly shed, arms and legs elongated with various pops and cracks, while claws had thinned and shortened. Its muzzle flattened into the right proportions, wide and flat like that of the girl's.

Looking in the reflection now wasn't a wolf, but a human. A young woman to be exact. Bare pale skin now shaped her body, curves and shapes working themselves out in all the right places. Snowy hair cascaded past her shoulders, down to her rear where a tail protruded. Atop her head her wolf ears remained perked, flicking about on occasion from gentle breezes that blew. Crystalline ice blue eyes seemed to shimmer brightly in the shadowed forest; the pink scar still evident.

Taking some time to admire her appearance, the wolf then remembered the reason why she had performed this magic in the first place. Returning to the task at hand, she made her way back to the clearing the human girl occupied.

Peering through the foliage, she found the girl had picked several of the roses, some were scattered around her as she sat on the ground fiddling with the ones in her hands.

Deeming that the girl was relatively harmless she stepped into the clearing.

Ruby was already finishing her first of a set of flower crowns. She knew well enough that she would be a tad late to her lesson, but she hoped the rose crown would placate Miss Glynda regardless. It was then that she was alerted to the rustling of leaves behind her. Tensing up with nervousness she turned around to find the source of the noise, only to choke on a strangled gasp at the sight before her.

A beautiful woman emerged from the forest, unclothed and possessing a tail and unusually animalistic ears. Ruby could only gawk, furiously blushing as she allowed her eyes to unashamedly rove over every curve of this woman's form.

Mentally slapping herself she tried to maintain her focus on the woman's eyes, but then found herself mesmerized by the iridescent glow they seemed to give off. She felt she could drown in those icy orbs. Ruby didn't miss the scar over her left eye, and felt a bit eager to ask about it but then thought better of it.

She wouldn't have minded at all if the world had stopped and they stayed like this forever, but the distant crowing of birds reminded her that such ideas would only remain dreams. Realizing she had been blatantly ogling this woman, Ruby looked to the ground quickly as her face turned as red as the roses in her hands.

Meanwhile, the wolf was taken aback by the girl's sudden shyness. She found it rather amusing, seeing that she was able to get the girl so flustered just by appearing before her. Though she did suppose it had something to do with the fact she was bare to the world.

With a mischievous smirk she sauntered over toward the girl, reveling in the frightened doe-like expression she wore. Unconsciously she licked at her lips as she lowered herself to a crouch a yard away. She could see the girl's throat dip as she gulped nervously, and it only enticed her desire to see the girl squirm more.

Ruby was fascinated by the beautiful creature in front of her, but now she was starting to become anxious. She was aware that this was what her sister must have been warning her about. She could also tell from the look in the other girl's eyes that she seemed hungry, and Ruby really didn't want to become someone else's meal, even if it was some gorgeous mystical woman of the forest.

Ruby looked past her to a parting among the bushes deeper into the forest, and without much thought she sprinted to the spot with haste. She discarded the rose crown and pushed through the obstacles that lay in her path. Knowing without having to look back that she was being chased.

As soon as the girl made a dash past her Weiss smiled with delight. She was hoping they would have some fun and the human did not disappoint.

Being in this human form, she found it more difficult to traverse the forest as effortlessly as she did as a beast. Her body was still powerful though, her strength and stamina noticeably much more adequate than the human girl running away from her.

Paying no heed to the small pains she felt when her feet contacted small stones or sticks, she willed her legs to pump faster. She enjoyed the rush of adrenaline coursing through her veins, even allowing herself to sing out delightedly in laughter. Soon enough she was within reach of the girl's flowing red cloak. Stretching out a hand she ready to grab the hem of the cloak when suddenly the girl fell. She wasn't expecting to fall down along with her.

Ruby mentally berated herself for her clumsiness. Tripping over a small stone, what were the odds of that?

Ruby had managed to somehow land on her back, for something had managed to barely pull one side of her cloak and cause her to spin about before falling. Groaning from the impact with the earth, Ruby moved to sit up but felt a pressure on her chest force her back down again. Shocked, Ruby looked up to meet those cerulean orbs staring deviously into her anxious silver.

She couldn't help but take the liberty to note how closely this dangerously lovely creature pressed her body against her. One of her legs was treacherously placed between Ruby's, and it made her abdomen warm with inappropriate imaginings.

She really didn't want to die with such thoughts on her mind.

She finally had her pinned. The wolf found herself panting for breath as she gazed down at the girl below her. Her eyes were wide and full of light despite the situation, and the wolf couldn't help but admire their color. The silver reminded her of the moon, wide and full with a light she couldn't quite place.

Her gaze lowered to the girl's chest rising and falling with each labored breath. Her eyes lingered there for a while as she pondered what the flesh underneath her clothing would look like.

Probing fingers felt for the edge of the girl's blouse, sliding underneath the material to press against warm skin. Weiss felt the girl shiver upon her touch and was eager to find what other kinds of reactions she could get from her. Pulling her hands out from under her blouse, she heard a small whimper from the girl. Her nerves tingled from the sound, making her ears flatten, and she bit at her lip in anticipation.

Sitting up so she was straddling the girl, she pointed at her clothes assertively. "Remove it." She ordered. Her tone sounded melodic and husky to her own ears. It was odd to hear her voice since she was used to the barks and growls she often did as a beast.

Ruby complied wholeheartedly with the command. If she was going to get eaten she may as well take off her clothes to make it less of a mess, right? It totally wasn't because of the light-headed feeling she experienced when the woman had grazed her skin. Definitely not that.

Ruby cautiously sat up and first unclasped the pin securing her cloak around her shoulders, letting it slide off and fall flat onto the grass she lay upon. Nervously she began working at the buttons that kept her blouse on, pulling the piece of clothing off over her head when she finished. Shyly, Ruby at last tossed her bra aside, daring not to make eye contact with the wolf.

The wolf watched all this avidly, licking her lips as she examined the way she moved and acted.

Ruby shivered slightly as the cool forest air settled on her skin. Reflexively, she crossed her arms over her chest in an attempt to keep the chill at bay. However, the woman above her would have none of that as she pinned Ruby's arms above over her head in a rough manner.

The wolf drank in the girl's figure once more, feeling a different sort of hunger than before. One that left her thoughts muddled with ridiculous fantasies. Fantasies that she planned on making a reality.

For a human, the girl was admittedly attractive. Her fair skin soft and taut with muscle, her shape was extremely pleasing to the eyes. Gazing into those silver orbs again, seeing the conflicted thoughts flickering behind those dark lashes, she enjoyed watching this girl's inner struggle.

She had been patient. Now was the time to be fierce.

She started off slow, not wanting to frighten the girl into another panic. It wouldn't be enjoyable having her twisting and resisting the whole time. Well, maybe if only for a little bit.

The wolf leaned down into the girl's neck, inhaling her scent with a breathy sigh.

Ruby had jolted at the sensation, and soon she felt the woman's tongue brush against her skin. Then she felt something sharp press into her flesh, and although it hurt she couldn't help the feeling of ecstasy that coursed through her. Ruby couldn't stifle the moan that slipped between her lips when the woman's tongue licked at the mark she left.

While the wolf lapped up the little bit of blood that came from her bite, her ears flicked at the noise the girl had made, and she felt a warmth begin to build at her stomach.

She quite liked that reaction. What else could she do to make it happen again?

She lowered her head down to the girl's chest, noting how much the peaks had already hardened. Experimentally she flicked her tongue at one of the rosy buds, earning a strained groan. Delighted by the reaction, she didn't hold back as she sucked and teased, feeling the girl's moans vibrate through her chest while she writhed underneath.

It was at this point Weiss had released her hold on the girl's arms, opting to trail her fingers along the frame of the girl's body instead. Ruby was unsure what to do with her hands, now that they were free, so she kept them above her head, tightly grasping at her hood.

She was panting and moaning unrestrained now as it didn't really matter anyway since they were in the middle of the forest, where no human dared to enter. As the wolf's hand trailed down to squeeze the inside of her thigh, she let out an involuntary squeak, bucking her hips forward against her. Weiss had not expected the girl's actions, and was caught pleasantly by surprise when the girl's leg pressed against her heat.

Her tail straightened out and her ears stiffened as a buzzing sensation alighted her nerves. She let out a small gasp, unlatching her lips from the girl's breast. As much as she wanted to feel that sensation again, she was enjoying herself too much with making the girl writhe and squirm delectably beneath her.

The wolf lowered herself under Ruby's skirt and settled between the girl's legs. She could smell the girl's want, seeing a damp cloth that covered where the scent came from. Without much consideration she ripped the obstructing material off, revealing the sensitive flesh it covered.

All the while, Ruby was blushing and feeling rather embarrassed at how eagerly she wanted this woman. This creature who not too long ago had wanted to devour her in another sense.

Choking on a gasp, her hips bucked again when she felt a slick muscle probe her core. Ruby strained to control herself, her back arching when the woman didn't let up. She could feel the sharp points of her fangs pressed lightly against her as the woman worked her tongue inside of her. Ruby's hips would buck every time she hit a sensitive spot, a long drawn out groan rumbling from her throat each time it happened.

The wolf could tell the girl was enjoying this just as much as she, stroking her tongue over the spot she found that made the girl moan and buck the most. She could feel that the girl was close to her climax, and with a twist of her tongue she made her come. Ruby released a euphoric shriek and collapsed to the ground panting and whimpering. Weiss lapped up the gushing fluids hungrily, trying to obtain as much of the girl's taste as possible.

Satisfied with her work the wolf crawled up against the human girl until she reached her face, staring curiously at her.

Ruby felt exhausted. She allowed herself to sigh contentedly when she felt the woman slide against her body. She saw her two furry ears first, and they flicked a bit when she released a heavy breath against them. Then she saw those beautiful eyes looking at her inquisitively.

Ruby couldn't help but giggle at the curiosity that flickered in those eyes, leaning her head forward to place a kiss on the woman's lips. She received another look of wonder, watching as the ears perched on her head flicked again. "What are you anyway?" Ruby had murmured mostly to herself.

Weiss was caught off by the sudden kiss and question. Finding it strange how that was the one thing the girl bothered to ask about in this situation. "A wolf." She replied curtly. "Mmmm." Ruby hummed. She was no longer paying much attention as her eyes were now focusing elsewhere.

Moving her arms, she wrapped them around the wolf's waist eliciting a wary growl. Giggling again Ruby once more placed a soft kiss to her lips, but this time the wolf wanted more than just a chaste peck. Ruby felt herself fall deeper into the kiss, the wolf's fangs nibbling gently at her lower lip for further entry. Ruby willingly parted her lips and allowed their tongues to dance, tasting what was left of herself in the other girl's mouth.

While their mouths wrestled for dominance, Ruby's hands leisurely trailed down the wolf girl's body. One of her hands met with a tuft of fur, the tail, which had been slowly wagging as they kissed. She stroked it once, feeling the wolf's body shudder almost imperceptibly, before continuing on her course.

Smoothing over her backside, she rested her hands on the inside of her thighs, splaying her fingers over every inch of flesh. She knew she had the wolf girl's attention now, noticing how her tail stiffened and her ears pressed back against her head.

Ruby decided she had earned it to be able to tease her first, only rubbing a finger near her core. That earned her a low growl, as the wolf girl tried moving her hips closer to her finger. Ruby pulled her hand away, causing the girl to make a pitiful whine in her throat.

That's what did it. That broke Ruby's restraint.

The idea of this magical wolf begging to be touched was quite endearing, and Ruby couldn't bring herself to tease her any further.

The wolf, on the other hand, couldn't believe she allowed herself to beg for this girl's-a mere human- touch. When she felt a slender digit slip between her folds she released a loud gasp followed shortly by a moan. She found herself pressing closer to the other girl's body, wanting to feel her fingers slide deeper inside of her.

While Ruby worked her with one hand she used the other to stroke gently at the base of her tail, reveling in the fact that it made the wolf shudder with delight with each pet. Seeing as the wolf girl was too busy gasping and panting in pleasure, Ruby peppered kisses along her collar and shoulder, leaving marks when she could.

At this point the wolf was practically a moaning mess. Straining to keep in the noises and failing miserably. When a second finger slid in she gave up entirely on trying to restrain anything. A thumb pressing at the small bundle of nerves with each thrust of her hand made her body feel as if it were on fire. Fingers curled slightly inside of her, stroking against a spot that made her feel like she would melt.

Ruby knew she had found her sweet spot, judging from how the wolf girl buried her face in the crook of her neck and from the tightness that clamped around her two fingers.

The wolf's hot breath brushing against her skin made her shiver, and the constant bucking and arching against the rest of her body made her work faster. One strong final thrust had made her come, and Ruby let her ride out her orgasm until the girl fell against her exhausted.

Ruby slid her fingers out of the girl, hearing her whimper from the motion. Bringing her hand up she examined her sticky fingers for a moment before licking them clean, enjoying the bitter and sweet tastes on her tongue.

The wolf then moved into a more comfortable position on top of the girl, nuzzling her face against her neck affectionately. Ruby let out a blissful sigh, attempting to wrap as much of her cloak over the both of them.

She lazily combed a hand through the wolf girl's long alabaster tresses, scratching at the base of her ears on occasion. The wolf's tail wagged happily and she was content to just lie here. She could even go for a nap. She almost went into a doze, when the girl woke her with an errant statement.

"I just made love with a strange but beautiful girl, and we don't even know each other's names."

The wolf nipped at her throat in playful annoyance, making the other girl yelp before falling into a fit of giggles. Weiss found she much preferred her song of laughter to that of the song of birds.

Settling comfortably beside the girl she whispered her name to her. She then felt a soft breath over her ear as Ruby whispered her name back. She smiled before curling against Ruby and soon falling into an idyllic slumber.

"Weiss, huh?" Ruby thought to herself.

She kissed the top of Weiss' head once they settled comfortably, grinning to herself at this rather fortunate turn of events.

That's when she realized her tutor would probably be wondering where she was right about now.

Oh well, she could just say she got distracted by something along the way.