Title: Another Place, Another Time

Summary: Set after Italy when Bella asks the family to vote, Alice see's something she never thought could happen. When Edward attacks in a rage Bella is hurt and is forced to be changed. But nothing goes as expected, going to sleep in one time and waking in another.

Pairing: Bella/Peter

Author Note: God damn these plot bunnies *bats off more* well here is something familiar of a plot but different pairings.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the sorts related to Twilight. I also thank thee IDreamofEddy for Peter's all-knowing gift.

Bella POV

I stood in front of the Cullen's who had varying degrees of looks on their faces. Alice, of course, was excited, she could see everything but even she wasn't down to the point accurate. I was furious of course, more so at myself than them, followed by Edward.

I had a lot of thinking done when he had left me broken beyond repair so carelessly, so casually for him. He knew I was insecure, he knew the words he spoke would shatter me beyond repair and yet he did them anyway, leaving me in the very woods that claim there were more dangerous things in them than he.

I even risked my life for him in Italy to save his stupid ass, how can one claim that you are nothing to them and then go and risk a suicide mission exposing he and his family in a claim of love. That wasn't love, that was selfishness.

"You all know what I want…" I start, eyeing each and every Cullen besides Edward. "So, I think it being fair for everyone…is we should vote." I finish off; Rosalie looked away with a furious haunted look in her eyes before I heard the slight rumble in Edward's chest behind me.

"Isabella, you don't know what you're talking about…" he starts, trailing off as I cast him a withering glare over my shoulder.

"Just, shut up! You have no right to talk right now or have any decision in this after the shit I had to do to get you back alive." I hiss earning several chuckles from Jasper, Emmett and surprisingly Esme before turning back to the rest. I turn and look at Alice before facing Rosalie, something just nagged at me to ask later soon instead of first.

"Rose?" I asked causing her to look down once again.

"I'm sorry… I'm really sorry, both of you, for the way I've acted. And I'm really grateful... that you were brave enough to go and save my brother. But this life, this life is not something I would have chosen for myself. I wish I had someone there for me to vote no…so no." She explained, her voice dripping with sincerity and a faraway sadness I couldn't place.

"I vote hell yeah!" Of course, Emmett would vote, I let out a laugh as he picked me up in one of his bear hugs that I had missed so much.

"Thanks… Emmett… need to… breathe." I gasp out when he began to squeeze a little tighter, gasping when I felt the familiar burn of fresh air fill my lungs as he sheepishly puts me back on my feet and moves back towards Rose.

A sharp inhale caught my attention, my eyes instantly snapping to Alice as her eyes glossed over. I waited, waited for something to come from her, only it wasn't a reaction from her that I expected. A loud snarl filled the air, my head whipping to Edward on the stairs who stared at me with black eyes; betrayal shining through them and… hunger?

"NO! I WILL NOT ALLOW IT!" He roars, before moving towards me.

I didn't know what happened after that, I felt my body flying, images of my birthday rushing back as I slammed into the glass window before rolling in the grass and flowerbeds outside. My body ached; I struggled to move before a spasm took me, blood spraying from my lips as I coughed.

"Ahh!" I cry out as my bloody hand that I could move, reached and clasped the piece of glass that embedded in my stomach before yanking it out. Another cry left my lips as I pressed my hand to my wounds and lay back, my vision blurring and darkening as I felt the world around me slip.

I could hear snarls and things shattering around me, screams of fury and terror and even though I felt so weak I lifted my head to see the house and blurs fighting. I let out a laugh before falling back, little drops of blood splattering on my face as I did so. The irony, I had thought I would die another way. Tripping, car accident, being changed into something I had hoped for and yet… I died at Edward's hands.

Oh, the irony.

Another laugh bubbled up in me as the rain began to pour down, seeming as if it wished to cleanse me.

"Hold on Bella, you'll be alright." A voice rushes out, I couldn't place who it was.

I felt myself moving, I was flying and it was wonderful. I felt alive for the first time in my short life and yet I was dying. I let my eyes slip close the voice begging for me to hang on, but it was no use.

Those people that had said there was light at the end of the tunnel, that you would have a flashback of your life were wrong. Very wrong. I heard the sound of a clock striking loudly, one that reminded me of my Gran Marie's grandfather clock she had.

Tick Tock, tick, tock, ding… ding… ding…

It was loud, haunting almost as if it was telling me my time was going to be up. It was very much mocking me.

Flashes of images pushed through the darkness, of a man I had never met before his eyes a glittering blue as he took off his hat and bowed his head. My body hummed as another flash of an image of him embracing me, it felt as if my soul was alive as if I was meant for his.

Another image of wheat fields shining in the sun as the sound of birds and laughter filled the air. Soothing words I couldn't make out before lastly, myself standing in front of a mirror smiling as I stared down at the wedding dress I wore.

"You'll be alright Bella, I am sorry… So sorry." The voice echoed before the images were ripped from my view, the numbness replaced with a scolding fire.

"Everything will be okay, just trust your instincts." Another voice whispers soothingly as the fire burned hotter; a scream tore from my lips as I let the dark red hue take me.

Author Note: Eep… so you will have to tell me if you like it or not.