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"I don't understand how you can be so calm. I mean it's our first day at university and you're not freaking out." Cecily began.

"I'm not freaking out because it is not my first time here Cecily. I am a Junior here." Will tried to explain.

"I understand that Will. But there are always plenty of new people here. Not everyone can make it through three years of college like you. Some people leave because they have jobs and a life." Cecily explained.

"I have a life Cecily." Will snapped.

"One where mom and dad don't pay for everything you own?" She snapped back. Will glared at her.

"Just because mom and dad pay for me to go to college doesn't mean they buy me everything." Will replied, calmly this time.

"I know Will. I know. I am just stressed that this is happening. I can't believe I made it." Cecily replied. Will smiled.

"I knew you would. Now let's go sign in and find our dorms."

"Henry stop." Charlotte nagged, at Henry as he began to pull her in every direction.

"Henry he isn't here yet." She pleaded.

"I know he's here. I just know it." Henry replied.

"Ah!" He yelled. "Told you." He yelled again, as he finally released Charlotte's hand and began running toward a very glittery man who was standing casually by a tree talking to someone.

"Magnus!" He yelled. Magnus quickly turned around to see Henry rushing over to him.

"Oh shit!" Magnus yelled, as he moved swiftly out of the way. Causing Henry and she flaming red hair to fall face first into the man Magnus had been talking to.

"What the…" The man yelled. Henry quickly picked himself up off the man and offered a hand to help him up. The man took his offer and let Henry pull him off the ground. When they finally stabled themselves Henry put his hand out again.

"Hi I'm Henry." The man smiled.

"Woolsey Scott. Nice to meet you Henry."

"Sophie seriously let's go. If we don't get there soon, Will will probably throw a fit."

"I'm coming Jem. Calm down." Sophie replied.

"I am calm. Let's just go."

"Okay." Sophie said, smiling as they finished unloading their bags from the taxi they arrived in.

"You know people are going to think that we're together now don't you?" Jem asked Sophie.

"Why do you say that?" She questioned back. Jem shrugged.

"Probably because we arrived here together."

"Yeah you're probably right. We'll have to make sure everyone knows that we simply shared the taxi, because it was cheaper that way." Sophie explained.

"Good idea." Jem agreed. They finished pulling their bags from the taxi and watched as the taxi pulled away. They looked over at one another and smiled, before heading off in different directions.

"Oh are you serious!" Gabriel yelled, as he turned to look at his brother.

"What?" Gideon asked.

"I'm stuck with Henry." Gabriel whined. Gideon laughed.

"Grow up already Gabriel."

"Who are you with?" Gabriel asked, as he walked over to the room beside his and read the paper that was taped to the door.

"Who's Woolsey Scott?" Gabriel asked. Gideon shrugged.

"I don't know but let's go and read the other doors and find out who's rooming together." Gideon replied, curiously.

"Alright." Gabriel agreed, instantly. They put their things away in their dorms and met at Gideon's door. They walked across the other side of the hall to read the doors.

Sophie Collins & Jessamine Lovelace

"You gotta love coed dorms." Gideon said through a smile, as they moved to the next door.

Charlotte Fairchild & Camille Belcourt

"This one should be interesting." Gabriel laughed.

Theresa Gray & Cecily Herondale

"Oh the new American girl is staying with a Herondale." Gabriel laughed, again.

William Herondale & Nathaniel Gray

"Oh and her poor brother is with the other one." Gabriel said.

"That's going to be really interesting." Gideon replied.

"Yeah I can only imagine." Gabriel replied.

James Carstairs & Magnus Bane

"Poor James. There's going to be glitter everywhere." Gideon laughed.

"Of course I'm sure Jem will like it." Gabriel replied. Gideon swung and hit him across the back.

"Be nice." Gabriel laughed.

"Okay. Okay. I will." Gabriel replied, still laughing.

"It was a long flight Tessie, do we really have to go to the bookstore now?" Nate whined.

"I have to get my books for my classes Nate. I couldn't find them in America." Tessa replied. Nate shrugged.

"Why don't we just go check in at the University and then come back and get your books. We have a few days before school starts anyway." Nate suggested.

"Fine. We'll wait." Tessa replied.

"Okay good. Now let's go. we don't want to be late for check in." Nate said, as he pulled Tessa out of the book store.

After finally finding their rooms, Cecily and Will decided to unpack and relax. They had liked the fact that they were right across the hall from one another. Will liked it because now he could keep an eye out on Gabriel Lightworm. Cecily liked it only because she was new and the school was intimidating and scary to her.

"I promise it will be fine. Besides, your roommate is new as well." Will had tried to reassure her.

"I know, but that just means that she won't know where anything is either." Cecily whined.

"I will help you." Will replied. With that Cecily nodded and told Will she was exhausted from packing and then unpacking. So she went back across the hall and into her dorm. Not too soon after she left, Will's new roommate showed up.

"Hi. I'm Nate. You must be William?" Nate remarked, politely.

"Yep that would be me, but please call me Will." Will replied. Nate smiled and nodded.

"Well Nate, I'm off to see my good friend. If you need anything I'll be next door." Will said, politely as he left Nate alone in their dorm.

As Will was leaving he caught a glimpse inside the dorm across the hall. Cecily was sitting up on her bed talking to someone who had long, wavy brown hair. Will couldn't see her face, seeing as though her back was turned to him. He noticed that she was really tall and to him had somewhat of a good-looking body from the back.

"Will!" Cecily yelled. He jumped not realizing he had been staring. He looked over to his sister who had a big smile on her face, then he looked back over at the girl he had be staring at. She hadn't turned around. She simply turned her head over her left shoulder. All Will could see was one half of her face. Her eyebrow was raised, causing her eye to appear bigger than usual. He then noticed the color. From a distance her eye looked stone grey. Finally realizing that he never responded to Cecily he smiled.

"Sorry Cecily. Who's this?" He asked, out of curiosity. The girl smiled finally turning her entire body around. She then proceeded to walk out of the room and over to Will. He was slightly confused. The girl then stuck out her hand and replied,

"Hi. I'm Theresa Gray." Will smiled and shook her hand.

"William Herondale, Theresa." He replied.

"Call me Tessa, please." Will smirked.

"Okay Tessa." He said, trying out the name.

"Why are you staring?" Cecily asked, appearing out of nowhere beside Tessa. Will shook his head.

"I'm not staring. I'm simply being polite and making eye contact with the girl whose hand I am shaking." Will explained.

"You mean who's hand you've been shaking for like ten minutes?" Cecily picked. At the realization that he was indeed still holding her hand he smiled and quickly let go.

"I'm sorry. If you'll excuse me. I must be on my way." Will said, quickly.

"Good. Come along Tessa." Cecily said, as she pulled Tessa back into their dorm.

Will proceeded to Jem's dorm. He knocked on the door.

"William Herondale." Magnus said, as he opened the door.

"Magnus." Will replied, sternly. Jem came out from behind the door.

"Hi." He said, calmly. Will smiled and walked into the dorm. He went over to Jem's bed and laid down.

"I can't believe they put you two in a dorm together." Will said. Magnus laughed.

"No one knows anything but you Will." Jem replied, looking back at Magnus. Seeing Jem's face Magnus quit laughing.

"I'm going to leave you two to talk. I'll be in the dining hall if you need me." Magnus replied, walking over to Jem and kissing him on the cheek. Will groaned.

"Stop that. Not in front of me." Will said, laughing and winking at Magnus.

"Ha ha ha Will. You're just jealous." Magnus replied. Will laughed and watched as Magnus left and shut the door on his way out. He turned and looked at Jem who was sitting at his desk.

"So…" Jem began, as he turned around in his chair to look at Will. Will looked down at his hands and began to play with his thumbs.

"What's up?" Jem asked. Still looking down Will replied,

"I'm not quite sure. I was on my way here to see you and to tell you how my summer went, but then I met Cecily's roommate." Jem smiled.

"Sounds like she's pretty." Jem joked. Will sat up on Jem's bed.

"No. She's not." Will lied.

"Well she's something if she put you in a slump like this." Jem explained.

"I don't know. Enough about me. How was your summer?" Will asked, trying to change the subject.

"It was great. I spent it practicing music and I wrote a few new pieces."

"That's cool." Will replied, slightly uninterested. Jem caught on quickly.

"I think I'm going to go meet Magnus in the dining hall for dinner. Care to join?" Jem asked.

"Yeah. I'll be down in a moment." Will replied, rising from Jem's bed. He walked out of Jem's dorm with him and walked back to his dorm, as Jem headed to the dining hall.


"Yes?" Tessa asked turning away from her bookshelf. She had been trying to fit all her books in the one bookshelf the school provided each student, for an hour now.

"Why do you have so many books?" Cecily asked.

"Because I love to read." Tessa replied, as she looked over at Cecily's bookshelf. Cecily followed her gaze.

"Take it." She told Tessa. Tessa smiled.

"Thank you." As she ran over and tried to move the bookshelf on her own. Cecily watched as Tessa struggled to move the shelf.

"Hold on." Cecily said quickly, as she began to run out of the room. Tessa stopped trying to move the bookshelf and watched the door. About five minutes later Cecily came back, and with her she brought her brother.

"What do you need?" He asked, as he came into the room. Tessa smiled at him as he looked at her. She froze for a moment. She couldn't help but look at his eyes like the first time she had saw them. They were beautiful. The way they were blue, but had a violet tint to them.

You have beautiful eyes. She thought.

"Thank you." He replied. Tessa began to blush, realizing that she had said her thought out loud.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that out loud." Tessa replied, looking down at her hands.

"Please don't apologize. That was a nice compliment." Will said, smiling. Tessa looked back up at him, and couldn't help but blush. He began to walk over to her. She tensed at how extremely close his was this time. When she shook his hand before he was at least an arm length away from her.

"May I help you?" He asked as he placed his hand on the bookshelf. Tessa jumped and moved out of the way.

"Of course. Thank you." Will smiled.

"You have pretty eyes too. I like the blue tint." He replied, smirking. Tessa smiled. She had never had a guy be so nice to her before. Will picked up the bookshelf with ease.

"Where would you like it?" He asked. Tessa simply pointed over to the other bookshelf, and watched as Will carried the shelf over to where she had pointed. She couldn't help but noticed as he carried the shelf, that his shirt was pulled up a little from the way his arms were stretched around the shelf. From what she could see he was in great shape. As she began to fantasize about what he might look like with his shirt off, Cecily nudged her with her elbow.

"Ouch." Tessa whispered, causing Will to look over after he placed the bookshelf down.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Umm...Yeah fine." Tessa replied, blushing. Tessa looked over at Cecily and glared.

"Wow. You have a lot of books." Will said, skimming his fingers through Tessa's books.

"I like to read." She replied. Will smiled.

"Well I must be on my way to dinner. You coming Cecily?" Will asked. Cecily nodded.

"Tessa and I will follow you."

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