EnD: Life After

First Entry - 1542

By: SpicyPizza

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Log_1: Day 1542

Once, there were more than 7 billion people in the world.

The human race ruled supreme.
Its dominance – taken for granted.

I find it hard to picture that world now…

It has been more than four years since the outbreak. I tried to record everything I know, whatever happened ever since, but three days ago our shelter got attacked. Again.

By them.

We got separated. All records I've collected are lost. For a while now, I hid in a deserted building in some unnamed town. There are some of them around on the street. I don't know how long I'll stay alive, so I will try to recollect and rerecord everything I can remember and all notes that were left in my journal.

My name is Zachary Fuller, 29 years old. I was a local news reporter when the outbreak happened.

It all started when I was sent to cover a story about a minor disease that lately reported to be occurred rather frequent by the hospitals. At first, I thought it was just some kind of spring fever or something.

But I was proven wrong.

[End of Record]


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