EnD: Life After

Second Entry (-108)

By: SpicyPizza

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Log_2: 108 Days before the Outbreak, 10:32 AM

Ahh... another regular day at editorial office… not much to do here actually, other than waiting for something to happen. Argh. Soooooo boring.

But well, what can I expect? This place is just a small town, unlike those big cities like NY where all kinds of interesting and unpredictable things could happen.

Sometimes I wished I worked at a bigger, more prestigious newspaper office. Like that of UMN, Universal Media Network, a major media organization. Its branch is spread across continent, in almost every country. I wonder how they could get so big.

*rrrriiinngggg….* oh wait a sec. Got a call.



Yay! Finally! Something to do! It is um… an order to… go to some hospitals to cover a story about… "minor disease". Well that's expected, nothing out of ordinary. It's spring, for crying out loud! This "disease" will probably just some spring fever anyway. Well, job's a job. Better get prepared. Don't wanna miss anything.

Recorder, check.

Camera, check.

Notes, check.

ID card, check.

My journal, check.

Cellphone, check.

Bubble gum, damn I'm out.
Gotta buy some real soon.


Well, I guess that's all. Okay, I'm good to go.

[End of Record]


A/N: If any of you my dear readers wonder about what EnD is, it is a shortened version of Endemic Disease. lol. And one last thing, please read and review! Thank you!