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Beta: Thanks to Medievalgirl.
Word Count: 650
Challenges: This was a response from MustangCandi's challenge over at Save Colby! We had to write something about what would Colby be doing on his day off if he hadn't been called into work. Probably set in season 4.
Summary: What does Colby do on his day off?
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It was Colby's day off and he was up early before the sun, ready to go down to the beach for a morning of surfing. After surfing he wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he'd planned on a big lunch at a nice restaurant. Colby loved to surf and the feel of the cool refreshing water lapping around his body as he swam in the sea.

Once Colby was ready he got into his blue Jeep after tossing his bag in the back and putting his surf board on the rack. Colby put on the Travis Tritt cd 'Down the Road I Go' into his cd player and put the 'Its Great to Be Alive' song on. He started up his Jeep and drove off, singing along to the words. He didn't care if he couldn't sing, he just felt really good and happy. It didn't take him long to reach his beloved beach and find a parking spot. He got his gear out and headed to a spot he'd claimed as his own.

Colby found his spot and dumped his gear. He was wearing a white t-shirt and blue board shorts, a towel flung over his shoulders and sunglasses on his head. He stuck his surfboard in the sand and kicked off his flip-flops. He removed his shirt and tossed it onto his bag. A grin spread across his boyish face when he saw how good the waves were.

They were a few surfers out already and Colby waved to them. He knew a few of them by name now. Colby had been coming down to this particular beach for about three years. He'd started off with some basic lessons and had worked his way up. Now Colby was confident enough with his ability to go out alone and just let go, enjoying himself out there on the water.

Grabbing his board, he ran down to the water. As he hit the water, he reveled in the feeling of the cool water against his body. Settling himself on the board, he moved himself forward with powerful strokes that took him deep into the ocean. Once he was far enough out, he levered himself into a sitting position and turned so he was ready for the perfect wave.

When he stood on his board with the wind in his hair, Colby felt alive and free. He wasn't a hard core surfer; it was something he did for fun and relaxation. Too get away from all the horrors he saw in his job at the FBI working with Don and the team. Surfing was his escape. Colby didn't get many days off and he made the most of it when he could. If it was a warm and sunny day like today, that guaranteed that Colby would be found out here on his surfboard.

After a couple of hours of surfing and feeling free, Colby packed up his gear, then towel dried himself and drove to a local restaurant where he was a semi-regular for some lunch. He had a seafood platter along with a couple of drinks of lemonade and then spent the rest of the afternoon watching comedy movies. He had some soft drinks and ate some chips as he relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.