Colby Granger had been dating his partner Meredy Flynn for a few months. Along the way there had been a few things he had learned that were like a guide to keeping her happy and him in one piece.

He learned...

1. that she loved Disney animation films. He's learned that Mulan, the Jungle Book, and A Little Mermaid were her favorites. Colby also learned where to hide them and how to claim innocence of their disappearance so he didn't have to watch them a million times each day they had off.

2. that Meredy loved martial arts, practiced the disciple of Taekwondo and karate (she was black belt in both) and could kick his arse if he wanted to.

3. that she had a love of playing practical jokes on unsuspecting suspects. Her usual victims were him, David, Don, Megan, Larry, Charlie, Amita, and Alan.

4. that she was Don and Charlie's sister and that he should not come between the three of them.

5. that she loved moonlight walks on the beach.

6. that she had a good aim and never missed. He also learnt to beware the aim!

7. that Meredy loved chocolate and to never, ever touch her secret stash of chocolate in the office. Colby learned that lesson very quickly.

8. that Meredy loved her dad Alan, her brothers and her sisters and disliked her mother. He also learned to never mention her mother, Susan.

9. that Meredy loved dogs and cats.

10. that she can text 3 messages by the time Colby had finished one.

11. that Meredy was a great kisser.

12. that Meredy collected teddy bears. She especially loves her Candi bear that Colby gave her, which had surprised but pleased her.

13. that she could chase down a suspect quicker then he could say Bob's your uncle.

14. that Her favorite color was pink.

15. that she could hold down four beers before getting really drunk.

16. that she could speak and insult him in Spanish and German.

17. that she loves horses and Appaloosas are her favorites.

18. that she could cook a mean roast. She loved to cook and feed him his favorite foods.

19. that she loved fashion and looking her best.

and finally…

20. that Meredith Ann Flynn loved Colburn Jay Granger.