"What are you doing?" Colby queried.

"I'm watching the rain. Haven't you ever watched the rain?" Meredy asked the new agent.

"No. Why would I want to watch the rain?" Colby inquired confused.

Meredy looked at him. Colby had only been with them for about a month. She didn't know much about him. Her face tinged red 'cause she wanted to learn more about the quiet agent.

"It's relaxing and when there's lighting its beautiful. The lightening is so amazing and very pretty," Meredy explained softly, continuing to stare at the window. The rain started getting heavier.

Colby glanced at the young woman and raised his eyebrow. He couldn't believe that this tough agent thought the rain was beautiful. Colby stood there for a few minutes watching the rain with Meredy.

"What do you think Colby and Meredy are doing in the break room?" Megan asked David, watching Colby and Meredy.

"They're watching the rain. Meredy likes to watch the rain and finds it soothing," David answered.

"It's raining?" Don queried.

"Yup," Megan replied.

"So you went through those files?" Don questioned Megan.

"Yeah. I didn't find much. We are going to have dig deeper and hope Charlie's algorithm works," Megan said, still watching the pair in the break room and smiled.

Meredy continued to stare out the window. She was sure Charlie could tell her about some equation to the rain drops that splashed against the window. She watched with fascination as droplets slide down the window. Meredy watched them form patterns, as the rain continued to fall. The spell was broken when Colby started speaking.

"We can't stand here all day and watch the rain, though we would like to. We have to a killer to catch," Colby said softly, hating to disturb the peace in the break room.

Meredy sighed. "I know," she said. Meredy finished her coffee, washed up her cup and put it away.

"So what else do you like doing besides watching the rain?" Colby asked casually, as they walked out of the break room back to their desks.

"You're an FBI Agent, Granger. I'm sure you have ways to find that out," Meredy replied, her eyes twinkling and a smile spread across her face. She headed over to her desk and Colby watched her, his mouth open a little.

'Was she flirting with me?' Colby asked himself.

Colby shrugged his shoulders and headed to his desk, thinking of ways he could find out things about Meredy Flynn.