Meredy poked her head around the corner. She could only see Megan sitting at her desk. Meredy sniffled and then coughed a little. The cold had been bothering her for a couple of weeks now. Colby and David had bought her some cough medicine, and cold and flue tablets. Meredy hated taking them and tried to avoid taking them.

She carried the results of Charlie's algorithm in her hand. Don was off interviewing a witness. Colby and David were revisiting the crime scene for any clues they may have missed the first time around they were there. Meredy thought she was in the clear from the annoying Colby and David, and her pesky brothers about her cold. She walked cautiously over to Megan.

"Hey, Meredy, did you bring back Charlie's results?" Megan asked.

"Yeah, they're here," she answered, handing Megan the results. She coughed and then sneezed.

"Meredy, have you been taking your medicine?" Megan queried.

"Nope, I hate that stuff. It tastes feral," she replied, screwing up her face at the thought of the medicine that were sitting on her desk right now.

"Colby and David bought you the medicine to make you better," Megan scolded gently.

Meredy sighed impatiently. "Not you too, Megan! Dad's been nagging me whenever I go over there to visit him. Charlie tells me all these percentages about I can get really sick and could die. Don keeps nagging me every five minutes. Don't even get me started on Colby and David!"

Meredy glanced at the cough medicine, and cold and flue tablets on her desk. She glared at the offending objects that were sitting innocently near her computer.

"Glaring at them won't make your cold go away, Meredy," Megan said with a smile.

"Huh," Meredy replied, frowning.

"You're as bad as Don! It won't kill you," Megan told her.

Megan swung her chair over to Meredy's desk and carefully poured the correct amount of cough syrup. She then passed it over to Meredy, who scowled at her.

"I hate medicine, it tastes gross," Meredy refused stubbornly.

"Meredy, it will make you feel better and Colby says you haven't been sleeping very well, that you've been tired and grumpy," Megan persisted. "You keep him awake."

Meredy sighed and her shoulders slumped in defeat. She took the medicine cup from Megan and quickly swallowed the dark liquid, washing it down with a drink from her bottled water that was sitting on her desk.

"There, happy now?" Meredy asked Megan, showing her friend that she'd swallowed the medicine.

"Now for these," Megan said, giving Meredy two cold and flue tablets.

Meredy quickly took those as well and drank some more water.

"Happy?" Meredy said unhappily.

"I am. Now I'll be able to get some sleep," Colby said, leaning against the divider near his desk, watching Meredy and Megan.

"You set that up didn't you?" Meredy accused Colby, advancing on him.

"It got you to take them didn't it? Besides, we were really at the crime scene," Colby replied, his eyes dancing.

"I told you she'd be mad," David said, sitting down at his desk, watching everyone.

"I've hardly slept for a couple of weeks," Colby complained, "Not since Mer got that flue from Charlie."

Colby pulled out a block of dark chocolate and sat in on her desk.

"I was only going to give it to you if you took your medicine," Colby told her.

"I still hate you," Meredy said, opening up her chocolate and taking a bit.

"Not after what you hear I have planned for tonight," Colby said in a low sultry tone, his eyebrow raised.

"We don't want to know, Granger," Megan warned the two lovers.

"Yeah, too much information," David added.

"What do you have planned?" Meredy inquired curiously.

"It's a surprise," Colby replied, going to his desk and sitting down in his chair.

"Colby!" Meredy exclaimed.

She threw a paper ball at him and missed. She hit David instead, who threw it back at her. It started a paper ball fight that lasted until Don returned and told them to get back to work.