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A/N: This is just a sample of a fanfic I just thought up today. The concept was, what if evidence existed of all the murders X committed. How unsettled would the world be when this was brought to light, especially if a Purifier agenda was attached to it? (There is a reason they received the evidence but I can't reveal it right away.) I just wanted to see how people reacted to the concept and the beginning. Tell me if you think I should continue it. And if I do continue it, she will have a lot to deal with from many mutants just wanting to hand her over to other people, some very unexpected, willing to risk everything to save her. (may include Deadpool later on) Please let me know what you think.


Watching the riot swarm outside the building only made the anxiety in the room grow, but it seemed all anyone was able to do. Logan looked to the girl in the middle of the room, the one all this was about. Her eyes remained locked on the television, watching the breaking news that now played on every channel on a loop.

"Laura!" He called.

She didn't look at him. She didn't even acknowledge him.

He exchanged a look with Remy, who responded with a simple nod before wadding through the crowd of students and staff filling the room. He reached Laura and put his hands on her shoulders, turning her away from the television.

"You should let me go." Laura commanded.

"What?" Remy asked.

"Yer not goin' anywhere, kid." Logan spoke loud enough so that she at least glanced at him before looking away.

She pushed Remy's hands from her shoulders and stared back at the television once more. "I am a danger. If I stay, you will all die."

"If you go out there, then they'll kill you. I'm not letting that happen." Logan walked over to her and stood in front of the television. "We're not letting that happen."

Laura stared at him now, her green eyes burning with so much emotion that he knew it was trying to swallow her up. "You once told me that these are the people we sacrifice our lives for, that our lives are not as much as theirs. Now the entire world wants to kill me, and the Purifiers are willing to kill anyone in their way to get me. Instead of sacrificing me to save these people or letting me sacrifice myself, you are putting them in harms way to keep me safe. I do not understand."

Logan didn't know just what to say at the moment. He knew she listened to him, but he didn't realize how far she would take those words he'd said in a moment of anger. "Laura, I was wrong when I said that. Yer life is every bit of important as anyone else here. We are supposed to sacrifice ourselves to protect the innocent, but right now, yer the innocent one we're protectin'."

"I am not innocent." Her words sounded hallow even as her eyes fell to the television behind him and watched the video reels again.

BREAKING NEWS: Mutants Called to Explain Their Use of Weapon

A dark haired woman sat behind her desk, an anti-mutant button pinned to her lapel. She smiled to the camera and a picture of a beautiful Laura Kinney appeared on screen to the upper right corner. "The X-Men are being called into question after being revealed to be hiding perhaps one of the world's greatest weapons. This young woman, named Laura Kinney, codename X-23 or Talon, has been trained since birth to be the world's best killer. She reportedly has a kill list that rivals many senior assassins and mercenaries. We recently obtained many hours worth of footage showing the girl's extensive training and skills, including footage of her mercilessly slaughtering hundreds of people."

At this point, short clips and pictures showed to the woman's right, providing evidence of her slayings. "You may wonder now what the X-Men have to do with this. The girl has been protected by them for many years since leaving the facility where she grew up, and they have even used her in their battles. They are not the only ones guilty of this either, she attended the Avenger's school for some time, and there are many reports of government agencies having her in custody at one point or another and letting her go. This girl is a murderer. A cold blooded killer. We have evidence of what she has done to us non-mutants. She has killed parents and children. She has decimated entire rooms full of innocent people. The Avengers swear to protect us. The X-Men swear they mean no harm. The government promises we are safe. How are we supposed to believe them when they let this abomination live? She is still out there on our streets, living next to you, plotting her next attack. Are you going to stand for that? Just look at what she's done!"

A video played of Laura killing all the people inside a church attending a wedding. "This murderer is still out there, and they are protecting her. What will you do to stop her?"

The broadcast shared more footage and pictures of the killings, and the broadcast is repeated on a loop on every channel.