Chapter 17: August 17, 2014 – Nurses

Challenge: for the livejournal 2014 August Fic-a-Day Challenge.

Timeline: season 1, episode 9 for Heroes; end of Meet the Parents.

Warning: AU ending for MtP.

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Airport, Long Island

While he waited to be interrogated for losing his cool, Greg reconsidered his relationship with Pam. He did love her – there was no question about that – but honestly, what kind of life would they have if she did accept his proposal? Between her family and his, and the Grand Canyon-size gap between their respective values, their life would be a constant series of compromises and struggles that neither side would be satisfied with.

As much as he loved Pam, he didn't think he wanted to marry into her family. He just wasn't sure where that left him.

Just then, a short, blonde woman came in and sat down across from him. "Hey, not sure if this is the best time or not, but I was wondering if you'd be interested in a job overseas."

"Are you supposed to be back here?" Greg asked with a look of bewilderment on his face.

"Ehh," she shrugged. "There's not a lot they can do to somebody with my clearance."

Greg's eyes narrowed and he growled, "Are you one of Jack's associates?"

"I have the vague feeling of being insulted, despite not knowing how you mean the word 'associates' in that sentence. Can't say who Jack is, but my name is Buffy Summers and I'm the Headmistress of a boarding school and we need another school nurse. I've checked your background and think you'd be a great fit for us."

"Can you get me out of here before they arrest me?" Greg asked hopefully.

"Sure," Buffy answered.

When he saw Jack open the door and walk in, Greg nodded and said, "I'm willing to discuss it more if we can leave right now."

Buffy saw the guy approaching them and Greg's reaction, so she decided to play a little. She winked at Greg and whispered, "Play along." She stood up and moved around to the other side of the table to release his hands from their cuffs – thank you to her new hires for showing her how to quickly pick a set of handcuffs.

When she made eye contact with Jack, she quirked an eyebrow and snapped, "Who are you and why are you interfering in my investigation?"

"This man is my daughter's boyfriend, and I'd like to speak to him," Jack snapped back.

Buffy glanced at Greg. "Would you like to have him present during our talk?" she asked.

"No. I don't think that would be to my benefit," Greg replied, trying hard to hide his smirk when it became clear that Jack wouldn't be able to bully to get his way with this woman. He might not end up taking the job at her school, but he definitely would enjoy this moment for years to come.

New York City

Peter felt like he was going crazy. His life the past year sure suggested he was. And now on top of everything else, his long term patient, Charles Deveaux, passed away.

To make matters worse, the painting Charles owned was sold to a guy in Las Vegas. He needed that painting to know who the girl was that he needed to save so he could save the world.

A knock at his door broke him out of his tumultuous thoughts. "Coming!" he shouted.

He felt a surge of something when he opened it and found a young, blonde woman on the other side. "Can I help you?" he asked politely.

She smiled at him, hoping to put him at ease since she knew her words probably would freak him out. "I hope so. I've heard rumors that you are used to strange things, and you happen to be a nurse as well. Both those things are a huge plus for a job offer I have for a boarding school in Scotland."

Once she finished explaining about magic and Hogwarts, Peter sat back in his chair, considering what he should do. "Would it be possible for you to help me save somebody's life first?" he asked.

"Is this a test or do you have somebody specific in mind?" she wondered.

It was his turn to explain about Hiro's visit and the cheerleader that needed saving. "But I don't know who or where she is because the painting that would tell me her identity has been sold."

"Well, we have a couple options. One is to pull the memory of the painting from your mind so we can study it. Another is to find the painting and get a look at it with or without the owner's permission," Buffy mused.

"You can do that to my memory?" Peter asked, half-amazed and half-horrified.

"Not me personally, but one of my people," Buffy clarified before smiling. "And I didn't mean for that to sound so mobster-ish…sorry."

After contacting Minerva and retrieving the memory, they found the high school. From there, they went onto the internet to find the cheerleader in question. With permission from the American Ministry of Magic, they apparated to Odessa, Texas. Turns out that the cheerleader they came for wasn't the cheerleader they needed to save, but they saved her anyway from some creep who wanted to split her head open.

He was holding her by the throat in the girls' locker room. Buffy raced back into the school, past Peter and Minerva, activating her collapsible sword as she ran. He had just started to cut her forehead when Buffy punched him in the ribs, breaking several in the process. Not wanting to risk either of the girls, Buffy quickly swung the sword and decapitated the man…praying this wouldn't come back to bite her in the ass later.

Fortunately, as she found out from the American officials who conducted her interrogation, the man was a suspected serial killer. Given that he was in the process of adding another victim to his tally when she killed him, they didn't give her too much grief over carrying a sword.

That actually bothered her more than if they had arrested her.


"Madame Pomfrey, may I introduce you to your two new assistants, Greg Focker and Peter Petrelli. They are Muggle nurses, but they are more than willing to learn about potions. And if I don't miss my guess, Peter may be able to use magic once he's been here long enough," Buffy added with a knowning smirk.

A/N: Did anyone guess these two?

Tomorrow…Let's go with Muggle Studies.