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"Annabeth! Annabeth!"

"Oh, little hero. You thought you had won?"

Percy twisted and turned, forehead matted with sweat, breathing harsh.

"Why didn't you tell me before? We could've prevented this mess!"

"Come on, Seaweed Brain!"

Voices swirled through his head, bringing back the memories he was so desperately trying to bury.

"You aren't worth the trouble. Why bother?"

"Percy, I…love...you…"

They grabbed him, pulling him away, his arms covered in blood.

"I'm sorry, Percy, I tried my best. I really did."

Percy awoke with a pained gasp. Hands were shaking him. Faintly, he heard voices. "Percy! Wake up! It's just a dream!"

Gradually, the world came back into focus. He was on his bed, and his two closest friends were next to him, expressions worried. Percy sat up, shaking his head, trying to get his latest nightmare out of his mind.

"You okay now?" Clint Barton, known as Hawkeye, asked anxiously.

Percy nodded multiple times, the movement miniscule. "Yeah...I'm good now."

"Was it another…?" the question was left unfinished by Natasha Romanoff, better known as Black Widow.

Percy didn't even need to answer that. By Natasha's expression, he knew that she already knew the answer. Despite what most people said, Natasha actually did have feelings. She just only showed them around certain people.

"I'll be fine," Percy got out of bed and checked the time. 6:30.

Knowing that Percy hated talking about it, Clint tactfully changed the subject. "We've got another mission. It's an infiltrate and intercept. Bring weapons."

"We'll let you get changed," Natasha said. The two of them were already in gear. Five minutes later, Percy joined them outside his room. Even at this time in the morning, agents were bustling about. Some gave them nods, while others greeting them with "Good morning, Agent Jackson!" or "Hey, Hawkeye!".

They met up with Phil Coulson in the hallway. "You'll receive your briefing in conference room 7. Good luck on your mission." Giving Percy a smile and a pat on the back. "You'll do well." After SHIELD had recruited Percy, Phil had become his mentor and friend. Percy nodded back. "Thanks."

This was Percy's new life now. After leaving camp, he had joined SHIELD and quickly rose to become one of their best agents. But even though it had been a few months now, he couldn't help but remember his life before this. Before it happened.

Shaking his head out of his thoughts about his past life, Percy asked, "Where are we going this time?"

Natasha flashed a smile. "Budapest."

Really short prologue chapter, but the famous Budapest mission now involves Percy! The next chapter won't be the mission, though, because there'll be a time skip. I promise the length will be longer.

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