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To tell you the truth, Percy wasn't too surprised by Loki's escape. The god was too clever to be imprisoned for long. The question was, what were his plans now?

The three gods/demigods had come back in from the cool night air to tell the Avengers of the news. Natasha kept her face carefully blank, but Percy knew her well and could see past the facade. But based on the other Avenger's reactions, they hadn't been expecting it.


"How did he get out?"

"Don't tell me he's back on Earth and planning to take over the world again."

"My brother would not be so foolish as to make another attempt on Midgard so soon."

Clint was silent, though his face tightened and his fists clenched together. Percy put a consoling hand on his shoulder and sat down beside him. Bruce had left the room, and Percy assumed that he had went into his reinforced bedroom to Hulk out.

"We suspect that Loki had outside help," Sif replied. "We do not know of his intentions."

Percy didn't say anything, just sat back and watched as the Avengers continued to discuss the sudden news. Natasha noticed and slid into the seat next to him.

"You seem calm, Percy" she noted.

Percy shrugged. "Number One: I've gotten used to this kind of stuff. Number Two: I was kind of expecting it."

"And you didn't tell Fury," Clint said.

"Even if I did, there wouldn't have been anything we could have done to prevent it," Percy explained. "Though that does remind me of the original reason I joined the Avengers."

"So it wasn't for your water abilities, huh?" Clint looked mildly surprised.

"It has to do with my mission during the invasion," Percy answered vaguely.

"What were you doing on the mission?" Natasha asked.

"I was...investigating someone. I'll tell you later, when the whole team can hear it. Bruce isn't here, and they aren't exactly listening right now." Percy gestured at the other Avengers who had started to argue loudly, though it was mainly Tony and Steve while Sif watched, bemused. "We should probably stop those two before something explodes."

He got up and faced the two quarreling Avengers. "What is it this time?"

"They are disagreeing on what course of action to take," Thor explained.

"We should notify Fury," Steve said.

"Are you kidding me? I don't trust SHIELD. Remember Phase Two?" Tony argued. "We should take this matter into our own hands."

"We can't do anything right now! For all we know, Loki is on a completely different realm!" Steve countered.

"Friend Rogers is correct. There is nothing we can do but wait for Loki to show up somewhere," Thor agreed.

Tony looked back and forth between the two. "Why does everybody always side against me? First with the movie, now with this-"

"Tony, shut up." Percy gave him his wolf stare.

Tony, however, just looked impressed. "Wow, your glare is almost better than Natasha's." It was only when Natasha glowered at him as well that he shut his mouth.

Percy rubbed his face with his hand tiredly. "Just decide on something."

Sif frowned. "Finding Loki does not have anything to do with you mortals unless he is on Midgard." She glanced at Thor. "I think you should come home to Asgard to help with the search, then return here."

Thor nodded. "I shall do that."

"You can stay here in the Avengers Tower tonight, then leave tomorrow," Tony suggested.
"Very well then. I shall stay in this avenging tower you speak of," Sif said seriously. Percy had to smother a smile. Clint didn't have as much success, sniggering.

"What is so funny?" Sif asked Clint.

"Sorry. It's just that you said 'avenging tower'-" Clint broke down laughing, earning a slap from Natasha.

"I do not understand." Sif frowned.

Tony sighed. "Thor, can you show her to her rooms? It'll be on the floor below yours." Thor nodded, leading Sif away.

"Are we telling Fury or not?" Percy demanded. "Who thinks we should?"

Everybody raised their hands except for Tony, who groaned. "As always, I'm by myself. This isn't even a fair vote. We don't have the whole team gathered here."

"Even if the whole team was here, you would still lose," Clint told him. "Do the math, Tony. I thought you were a genius?"

"Well, if you count Sif-" Tony began.

Simultaneous glares from Percy and Natasha ended that particular argument.

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