Years had long taught Weiss to anticipate when her father would get angry. Of course, with everything that she had done over the last few months, he was angry more often than not. But, the anger that she was looking out for wasn't that kind; it was annoying, but generally tolerable. No, the anger she anticipated was the kind that change a person. The kind that went beyond simple yelling, to the point of violence. It was something that Weiss wouldn't have wished on her worst enemy.

So when she learned that Arktos had been arrested in connection with her accident, Weiss prepared for the worst in regards to her father. He might've been a total jackass, but he wasn't going to let someone damage his heir, no matter what. It was admirable, at the very least.

But when nothing seemed to change in the week following Arktos's arrest and the cancellation of the wedding, Weiss wondered if something had happened that she didn't know about.

School was always a welcome reprieve to the constant drama that the heiress faced in her home life. She could relax, enjoy the world for what it was, instead of worrying about what her father would do next. She could be who she wanted, act how she wanted, all free from the chains her name brought with it.

Plus it had Yang.

Other than some wondering and preparing for the worst, things hadn't changed much after the Flare game. Signal went on to win its next two games comfortably, all but ensuring a playoff spot as the season was nearing its regular end. That unfortunately meant that the blonde wasn't nearly as free as she had been in the past. Yang had to stay after most days, making sure the team was completely ready to handle what might very well be the biggest games of their lives.

Which meant that Weiss was usually forced to head home after her requisite 7 hours of classes were up. Yang tried to spend time with the heiress after school, coming by as if it had been routine for years and not days, but with things as tense as they were at the Schnee household, it was sometimes for the better if the blonde didn't hang around too often.

Still, the two were at least determined to spend as much time together as possible, and there weren't many ways that they could to that with Weiss's current situation. Her leg had been healing well, likely not going to need surgery. But, it would still be a while before her cast could be completely removed, and she would still have to be careful with the leg for a while after that.

So, since Weiss wasn't likely going to be riding Bumblebee anytime soon, there were only two ways the two could spend time together; either Weiss gets a ride to wherever she would be meeting with the blonde, or Yang comes over to her. And since her drivers were stubbornly loyal to their boss, that meant Yang would be headed over.

Among the majority of the student body, the final bell was met with a collective sigh of relief, the mass flowing out of the school with as much haste as they could manage. Weiss, being restricted to her crutches, couldn't move nearly as fast as them, but at least she wasn't holding up traffic, as it were. From her choir class in the back of the school, it was a fairly lengthy trip to her locker, so recently Yang had taken to meeting with the heiress halfway on these days, usually coming into Weiss's vision just as she rounded the main hallway of the school.

Today Weiss was a little slower than usual, Yang at her side a few feet before the corner. The two shared a quick kiss as the heiress smirked. "Have you been behaving?" She teased, the two setting into an equal pace to the heiress's locker.

Yang matched the shorter-girl's smirk. "I've been on my best behavior." She countered easily. "I'd be more worried about you than me, honestly."

Weiss gave the blonde a sideways look, amusement etched on her face. "Oh? And why's that?" She asked.

The blonde flashed a grin. "I'm not the one rebelling against my father." She pointed out, the two sidestepping a fairly large mass of students as they neared their destination. "If anything, you're the bad influence on me."

The heiress giggled at the remark, adjusting her crutches as she knelt before her locker. "I didn't know it was possible to corrupt a sewer." She teased.

"Like I said, I'm practically a flower on the inside."

"A dead one, maybe."

"Ouch. Harsh words from the Ice Queen."

"You'll get over it."

"How romantic."

"I try."

The blonde chuckled as Weiss put away her unneeded binders and grabbed the homework for today's classes. "Speaking of romantic things…" She trailed as the heiress stood up. "The prom's next month."

The white-haired girl nodded once. "I'm aware." She breathed. It wasn't like she couldn't know; it was only a few days after her birthday, after all. "You know you don't have to ask." She added when she could see the question in the blonde's eyes.

Yang let out a short breath. "Well, I know that, but…" She looked down at the cast on Weiss's leg. "Didn't the doctor say you'd have to wear that for two months at least?"

Weiss let out a long sigh. "Yang, I'm not going to let a cast keep me from going to the prom with you." She dismissed simply. "Yes, dancing might not be exactly easy, but if it's anything like last time there probably won't be a lot of dancing anyway."

That got the blonde to flash a smirk. "I dunno. I clearly remember you 'dancing' quite a bit last time."

"And you say I need to work on my flirting."

"If you don't like it, why are you still around?"

"I ask myself that every day."

"It's 'cuz you love me too much."

"No, I don't think that's it."

"Like I said; Ice Queen."

"Hot head."

"Nah, just hot."

"Not as hot as you think, dear."

"You wound me so!"

"You'll get over it."

The two shared a short laugh as they made their way to where Weiss's driver was usually parked. After a moment, though, the blonde took in a breath. "Has your father still not said anything about what happened?" She asked quietly.

The heiress huffed heavily. "Not really. He's been oddly quiet." She answered, adjusting her stance slightly as she made her way down the short staircase in the front of the school. "Knowing him, he's planning something, but until he actually says something, I don't know what's going on."

Yang nodded. "I see." The two neared the nondescript vehicle that Weiss's driver drove, their pace slowing as they did. "You don't think there's a chance he forgot about us, do you?" She asked with a small, slightly hopeful chuckle.

Weiss mimicked it. "As amazing as that would be, I don't think so." She said as they finally reached the car. "Well, I guess this is where we part ways."

Lilac eyes locked with turquoise. "So it would seem." She breathed. "I'll be over as soon as I'm free."

A brief nod. "Okay."

The two leaned together, their lips meeting for a few moments. The kiss was kept slow and chaste, enough for now, but with the longing for more. When they broke apart, the blonde was the first to speak. "I love you."

"I love you too, Yang."

The blonde nodded once, allowing the heiress to take a step back and begin the (longer than she cared to admit) process of getting into the backseat of the driver's car.

However, Weiss noticed something unusual as she was sliding into the car; her sister was here as well. "What's going on?" Weiss asked gingerly, not bothering to give the other girl a proper greeting.

The sky-haired girl huffed, her backpack resting on her thighs. "I don't know. Father had 'him' pick me up from classes early so we could get you." She informed, nodding once to her driver. "Said something about heading to the office."

The heiress frowned as she shut the door, her crutches laying over the two Schnees awkwardly in the backseat. "Ter-fucking-riffic." She breathed, the expletive drawing a mild smirk from her sister. "I guess he's already formulated a plan to move forward regarding the Arktos situation." She added, not bothering to hide the annoyance in her words.

Winter shrugged, the younger girl reaching into her backpack. "Well, whatever it is, he either didn't tell him," She again nodded to the driver, who, if he cared about being talked about, he didn't show it. "Or he told him not to tell us." She finished, fishing out her 3DS and unfolding it. "I take it you were going to have Yang meet you at the house?" She asked as she started the device.

Weiss huffed, leaning into the seat with a small sigh. "Yeah." She answered flatly, pulling her phone out and typing up her quick message.

*fathers dragging me 2 the office so I wont be home*

There was a brief silence between the sisters as the heiress's phone buzzed.

-well that blows-

*I agree*

*but I don't have a choice*


-just let me know when ur headed home 4 real this time-

*youll be the first to know*


-luv u-

*luv u 2*

Weiss pocketed her phone, looking out of the window as the scenery outside whizzed by. Generally, the heiress didn't mind the silence; it was a time for her to think. But, since she was headed to her father's office, her thoughts were focused on what he might do, and that wasn't exactly something she wanted to think about.

After what felt like a much too short trip for where they were going, the car came to a stop in front of the tall, blue skyscraper that housed the SEC main offices. As they stepped out of the vehicle, one of their father's personal assistants stepped out, motioning for the two to follow him inside. They did so at Weiss's pace, which was to say very slowly. Much slower than Weiss could actually move with her crutches; over the last few days, she had gotten very good at maneuvering with them, to the point that she could probably walk just as fast, if not faster, than without them.

But, she didn't need others to know. Winter did, though, the younger sister wearing a knowing smirk as they slowly made their way to the elevator that would take them to the highest levels of the building. The assistant didn't seem to share the younger Schnee's amusement, an exasperated sigh leaving his lips the moment the doors closed. "Your father has asked for your immediate audience." He breathed.

The heiress let out a flat huff. "Well, as you can clearly see, I am in no condition to be hurrying." She countered, her voice taking on a perhaps 'bitchy' tone. The man didn't seem to care about her tone, but he remained silent for the rest of the ride up, so Weiss considered that a win.

They reached the Schnee offices a moment later, Weiss being greeted by the familiar snowflake logo of her family's company. She never liked coming here. Everything was too…bland. Too sterile. There was no life, no emotion. The only sounds that could be heard came from the heiress's crutches, the metal making a clicking sound every time they were pushed into the floor. However, eventually even that was swallowed by the silence, and in its stead came the familiar, uncomfortably empty atmosphere that was the SEC.

They were led to their father's office, overlooking the river several hundred feet below, and directed inside. The man was busy on his laptop, scanning over what appeared to be reports from one of the many different offices the SEC had across Remnant. After sparing a quick 'thank you' to his assistant, the man turned to the girls. Specifically Winter. "I understand that this is a bit sudden, but I would like for you to look over some finance reports we got in last night." He explained, handing the younger Schnee a folder with several papers inside.

It was something Weiss had become very acquainted with in the last few years. Most of the time, the reports were already looked over by someone in the company, and the heiress was simply going over the originals as a way to test her knowledge. There was the occasional time where she actually worked on one that hadn't been seen yet, but most of the time she was simply being tested.

The younger sibling took the folder and nodded. "Yes father." She replied simply, remaining where she was as she quickly scanned the contents of the folder.

Her father leaned in his chair, the plastic creaking at the action. "I also would like for you to sit in on a meeting that I'll be having at 5." He continued, is attention still directed towards Winter. "I believe that you will learn a lot from it."

Again, the younger sister only nodded. The action was enough for her father, the man nodding in reply. "Alright. There's an empty office a few doors down that you can use for now. I'll send Kiefer over when the meeting begins." He finished, the younger girl nodding one final time before departing.

Once she was gone, her father's expression became a bit sourer. "As for you…" He droned, turning to face the heiress.

Weiss huffed. "What about me?" She countered easily.

The man's eyes narrowed. "I have been looking over potential candidates." Weiss groaned at the words, but her father continued unhindered. "Many of them are young men that you have refused in the past, but recent developments have forced me to reconsider them."

"Has it ever crossed your mind that I should be the one responsible for choosing who I marry?" The heiress half-groaned, her voice taking on an annoyed timbre.

To that, her father chuckled. "Which is exactly why you will be the one to choose." He informed, sliding a small folder towards the heiress. "This has a list of every one of the candidates that I have selected." He continued evenly. "I expect to have your answer by your birthday."

Weiss didn't even bother touching the thing, crossing her arms with a mild scowl. "My answer won't change between here and now; Yang." She said bluntly.

The taller man let out a long sigh. "How typical." He breathed, again leaning back in his chair. "I am giving you the option of choosing your husband. Is this not what you wanted?"

"What I wanted was the option to choose who is best for me."

"Which I've given you."

"The best person for me is Yang."

A growl. "That girl has nothing of worth to her name." He breathed dangerously. "She will bring nothing to this company. These men will bring millions, if not billions."

Weiss huffed. "Not everything is about money."

Her father groaned at the words. "And you think you can run this empire with an attitude like that?" He countered flatly. "Do you truly believe that your so called 'love' is enough to pillar the largest organization this world has ever seen?"

The heiress let out a breath. "I am more than capable of running this company. You've said so yourself."

"That was before you became soft." He countered.

"So caring for another person is soft?"

"Forgoing your birthright for one is."

Weiss had to let out a long breath to calm herself. So far, her father hadn't gotten angry, but he was being very difficult. She had to admit, though; his wits were as sharp as ever. "I have told you countless times." She began, her voice forcibly even. "I have never forgone my birthright. I have simply taken exception to being forced to marry someone I have no intentions of." She reminded.

The older man huffed. "So tell me how you expect to pass the company on after your time has passed." He inquired, though the words weren't phrased like a typical question.

The heiress gave him a curious look, but when he didn't relent, she let out a sigh. "I haven't given it much thought." She answered honestly. She would be lying if she didn't think about what it would've been like to (eventually) marry Yang. With her father trying to force her to marry, and with the very recent revelation of Fade and Leah's marriage, the thought had been something that danced around in her head, usually on nights where she had difficulty falling asleep.

Another thing she had thought about, if only in similar situations, was the possibility of having children. She didn't want to say that she was against the idea, since she wanted her legacy to continue after her, but, if she did marry Yang, having children would be difficult. Not impossible, since there were ways she could have a child, but they had their complications.

Her father gave her a smile that said that he knew he had won. "Exactly. You aren't thinking about the consequences of your present actions." A huff. "And, before you suggest it, no bastard will be running my company." He added darkly.

Weiss brought her hands up to rub her face. "If I were to marry Yang and have a child, it wouldn't be a bastard." She countered evenly. This was starting to get annoying.

The older man chuckled. "Perhaps it wouldn't be, but I will not allow anything except for a child of the blood of both parents to take over this company." He rectified, a dark smirk on his face. "I have given you more than enough time to make the right decision, but if I do not have your decision by your birthday, then I will name Winter as the heir."

The heiress let out a long breath. "So you would really throw away all those years of work?" She asked, almost sarcastically. "Besides, why is it so goddamned important that you have to decide who I marry? Shouldn't that be my decision?"

The man shook his head. "You have your choices right here." He countered, pointing to the folder that Weiss had yet to pick up. "Or have you actually found a potential candidate on your own?"

Weiss almost let out a scream. He was being extremely thick. "When are you going to get it that I'm not going through with this convoluted, completely archaic plan of yours?" She breathed, trying with all of her might to remain calm. He always tried to get her to snap, and she wasn't going to let him.

"Convoluted?" He parroted, the words sounding almost amused. "My plan is very simple, Weiss. You marry one of these men, or you forfeit the right to take over the SEC."

Weiss didn't dignify that with a response, instead leaning back in her chair. "If this is the reason you dragged me down here, I might as well leave." She huffed, eyeing the world outside her father's window.

A few moments passed in an uncomfortable silence before her father finally let out a sigh. "There was a report that I wanted you to go over." He said, his voice falling into a businesslike tone almost instantly. It was unbelievable; one minute he was completely livid at her, and now he was acting like she was a regular, if lesser, human being. "I came in from one of our branch offices in town."

Weiss watched the man grab the folder, place it atop the folder with his 'choices,' and slid both to her. "That's all?" She breathed, grabbing the folders. "Paper pushing?"

Her father smirked with what could only be described as sick amusement. "Until you make the right decision, you'll be assigned tasks deserving of your…predicament." He answered simply. "That is all." He then waved her away, returning to whatever work he had been doing previously.

The heiress sighed, grabbing her things and heading out with as much haste as she could manage. She kept silent as she headed to the small office that she had been given long ago, complete with computer and desk. It wasn't decorated, the office also used as a place for conference calls and other important functions. Still, it had a nice view of Vale below.

Once Weiss was inside her office, she let out a long, frustrated sigh, which eventually morphed into a half-restrained scream. Her father was not going to be letting up; that much was certain. She even knew that he would not be easily swayed, but a small part of her held on to a hope that he might come around.

That didn't seem like a possibility now. He had already made his decision, it seemed. It wasn't official; it wouldn't be until Weiss's birthday. He knew she wasn't going to be choosing one of the men that he had selected for her. But, he was at least going to give her the chance to 'do it his way,' if not for him than to protect Winter.

And that was what frustrated Weiss the most; the fact that her sister had to be used as leverage in this. Weiss wasn't going to stop seeing Yang anytime soon; she'd sooner give up the SEC than do that. But, that was part of the problem. She didn't want to give up the SEC. She had been groomed to be its successor for her entire life. She wasn't going to give that up just because her father had grown tired of her defiance.

A few moments went by in a brooding silence before the heiress grabbed her phone and pulled up her conversation with Yang.

*hey can u pick me up at the office?*


*yes now*

A short pause.

-what happened?-

*my father's made his choice*


*well not officially*

*but pretty much*

-but r u sure leavings a good idea?-

*its better than staying and possibly killing someone*

*probably my father*

-id pay to see that-

*r u going to pick me up or not?*

-I can in a few minutes-

The heiress let out a long breath, setting the phone down on the desk and leaning back in her chair. She wasn't sure why her father had all of a sudden decided to change his plans, even if the plan to marry her and Fade was no longer an option. That wasn't something that she expected from her father.

As she thought, she grabbed the folder with her father's 'choices,' opening it and seeing a list of names nearly forty long. Many of the names were familiar, being men that her father had forced her to date a various times in the last few years. Next to each name, there was a note, what appeared to be her father's opinions on each of them. Near the bottom, Weiss saw Cardin's name, with the note 'Highly Suggested' next to it.

Letting out an annoyed sigh, the heiress closed the folder and threw it in no particular direction, the pages fluttering in the air as they scattered. She then grabbed the other folder, with the 'work' her father had given her. Inside, she saw several complaints filed by various disgruntled customers. Since the branch offices dealt with people paying their electric bills, they handled customers who weren't happy that their lights were turned off, even if they hadn't paid on time.

It was the work of a secretary, not the potential CEO of the SEC.

But, it all but confirmed what her father had decided.

Setting the folder down with more care than the previous one, the heiress stood up and made her way over to the large window. The view was always enjoyable, a sight not many people got to see. In particular, Weiss was looking to the east, which meant she was looking in the direction of Signal and Yang's house. She couldn't see either from where she was, at least not directly. She could probably see the large open area that Signal covered, and if she had binoculars, she might be able to see Yang's large oak tree, but neither was discernable at this distance.

A few moments passed in quiet contemplation before the heiress's phone buzzed again, the wood desk vibrating loudly in response.

-wheres the office?-

*the tall blue building downtown*

-u mean the dildo?-

*does ur mind have any setting other than perverted?*

-I thought we both agreed that it doesn't :P-

-besides u have to admit-

-it does look kinda phallic-

*just get ur ass here now*

-yes maam-

With that, Weiss returned to her seat, taking a moment to think about her plan. Her father wasn't going to compromise with this; it was either Weiss marry one of his selected men (or someone that he found worthy of the Schnee name), or Weiss forfeits her position as the heiress of the company. Since she wasn't going to go with the first option, that meant she had to face the second one.

But, the thing was, she didn't want to. She wasn't going to give the company up, not after being groomed to take it over since she could remember. So, if she was going to take over, she'd have to fight for it.

Such a fight was inevitable at this point. She figured it would be, though she always expected it to come a bit later. Like, after she had graduated from high school later, at least. But she knew she'd have to. Which meant she'd need a plan. A real plan.

A fight with her father over inheriting the company wouldn't be easy. First, he had first say in who took over the company. If he named Winter the heiress over Weiss, all that would have to happen for it to pass was the board of directors, which would happen if at least a third of the members voted for it. Barring some miracle, that would happen, since nearly half of the board was handpicked by the man.

Since stopping that would be nearly impossible, Weiss decided to forgo that in favor of simply calling forth a not so well-known bylaw. It stated that, if an heir or heiress had no desire to take over the company, that, with approval of the current CEO or a two-thirds majority of the board of directors, they can step down, and then, barring override by the CEO, the previous heir or heiress would be renamed, so long as they were willing to take over themselves.

It was Weiss's only option, but it wouldn't be easy. The only thing that Weiss had going for her was her grandfather, the man a member of the board of directors. He understood Weiss's predicament and supported her, knowing his son could get stubborn. But, he was just one man, and influential as he was, he could only do so much.

After a few moments, the heiress let out a breath and stood up. She knew that, once she stepped foot out of the office, her father would take that as her 'decision,' and would probably name Winter the heir by nightfall. But, she had already made her choice. The battle would be long and arduous, but she had prepared herself for it.

After a few more moments of contemplation, Weiss started towards the reception area, where the elevator was located. The receptionist at the desk gave her a small smile, but when she saw where Weiss was headed, it became curious. "Is there something wrong, ma'am?" She asked, her voice professional.

Weiss shook her head once. "No, everything's fine." She answered simply, calling the elevator up.

The woman frowned. "I was given explicit orders not to let you leave." She informed, her voice quiet but direct.

The white-haired girl chuckled softly. "My father say that?" She asked, getting a tentative nod from the receptionist. "You can tell him that, if he wishes to get ahold of me, he can contact me himself." As she said the words, the elevator arrived with a ding. She made her way inside, the lone occupant giving her the room necessary as she adjusted and pressed the ground floor button. Once she was inside, she pulled out her phone and typed up a quick text for her sister.

*heads up*

*fathers probably gonna be really mad in a few minutes*

/whatd u do this time?/

*im currently on my way out of here*


/thisll be interesting/

*u know hes already made his choice*


/so whatre u gonna do now?/

*ill be fighting him for it*

/on your own?/

The elevator reached the bottom level as the message came, the heiress unable to answer as she made her way over to a nearby bench and sat down.

*ill be alright*

/r u sure?/


*im sure*

/alright if u say so/

A few moments passed in silence, the heiress taking the time to think. However, for once her mind was practically empty, and time blurred together right up until her phone buzzed again.

-alright im here where r u?-

*im inside gimme a minute*

Weiss exerted herself as she stood up again, making her way to the front entrance with as much haste as she could manage. Of course, she had to keep herself from moving too fast, else she'd end up falling flat on her face. Still, the desire to get as far away from her father as possible outweighed any risk that she faced, the white-haired girl making record time out of the offices.

She had barely made it to the sidewalk when she noticed the blonde, Yang's hair easily standing out in the bland, monochromatic sea that was downtown Vale. The taller girl gave the heiress a smirk, bowing once as she approached. "Your chariot awaits, m'lady." She teased, doing her best (but terrible) medieval impression.

Weiss let out a short, sighing groan, flicking the blonde in the forehead as she passed, continuing to where she assumed her 'chariot awaited.' "Are you done?" She droned, though a small hint of a smile bled into her words.

The blonde chuckled, jogging to catch up the heiress. "Please, you know you love it." She countered easily, falling into pace at Weiss's side immediately. "So…what's the deal with your father?" She asked as they rounded the corner.

The white-haired girl let out a long breath. "Well, he's given me a clear-cut ultimatum; I either marry a man that he picked out for me, or he names Winter the heiress." She informed flatly, taking a moment to collect her thoughts. "But, he has Winter sitting in on a meeting, something that he's only ever done for me."

Yang nodded once, slowing her pace as they neared their destination; the blonde's father's car. "And I take it he didn't ask you to join?" She asked knowingly, getting a curt nod from the heiress. "Okay. I guess he's made up his mind."

Weiss huffed. "That or he's trying to get to me." She breathed, maneuvering to the passenger side of the car. It was the first time she had ever ridden in the front seat of the car, and it was a slightly unusual perspective than she was used to.

Yang helped her wherever she could, putting the crutches in the backseat and ensuring that Weiss was secure before heading around to the driver side. As she was sliding into the seat, she gave the heiress a nod. "So what's the plan?" She asked simply, turning the key over and starting the car.

The shorter girl frowned slightly. "Well, unless my father is only bluffing, he'll probably take my leaving as 'my decision to give up the company.'" She began, her voice even. "If so, he'll name Winter heir soon enough."

A pause. "If I'm going to fight him, I'll have to make sure I get as much support as possible in the company." She continued, her voice a bit stronger. "My grandfather's always supported me, so he'll help. And there are some board members that don't like my father too much." A hard sigh. "I'll probably also have to find support outside of the company."

The blonde hummed. "Like getting your competitors to support you?" She asked, getting a nod from the heiress. "That sounds…hard."

Weiss chuckled mirthlessly. "That's only the beginning of it." She mused, leaning back in her seat. "I hate to be presumptuous, but do you think I could stay the night with you?" She asked suddenly.

A blonde eyebrow raised slightly at the words. "I'm not gonna say no, but do you really think that's a good idea?" She countered curiously.

The heiress sighed heavily. "At home, I'll just have to deal with my father when he gets back from the office." She informed simply. "If I'm going to do this, I need to prepare everything as far away from him as possible."

Yang remained silent a moment, contemplating the answer, but after some silent internal deliberation, she nodded. "Alright, if you say so." She then gave the heiress a small smile. "You're actually going to do this, aren't you?"

The heiress gave the words a moment. She actually was going through with this. She had long wanted to stand up to her father, but wanting to do something and actually doing it were two completely separate things. This was going to be hard, there was no question about it. No one had successfully stood up to her father before. That alone was going to make this a challenge.

But, while many people had tried, they all lacked something that Weiss possessed; she wasn't afraid of her father. At least, not in the ways everyone else was. Everyone else was afraid of her father's power, not knowing that it was a false power. He only had power because people were afraid of him. And people were only afraid of him because he had power. It was a paradox, but just like any other paradox, it could be resolved. Not being afraid of him took away any power he had over you.

It was the only thing that Weiss had going for her right now. And she knew she'd have to use it.

So, with a small smile, the heiress nodded. "Yeah, I am." She mused, leaning back in the seat. She was about to go up against the most dangerous man in all of Vale, if not the entirety of Remnant, with nothing more than a simple, inelegant plan of attack. Most people would call it suicide; others, insanity.

For Weiss, though, it was simply her duty. She had always been told to never stand down, no matter what stood in her way. If she had something she wanted, she was to take it, by whatever means necessary. 'A Schnee should never be denied anything,' she had always been told.

What amusing irony that she should use her father's words against him. That she would challenge him armed with the very ideals that he had instilled into her for the last ten years.

And, of course, she would also have the blonde by her side throughout all of this. That alone was enough to keep the heiress focused on her task. So long as Yang never left her, she could do whatever she put her mind to.

In the end, having Yang supporting her was all that mattered.

And here's another chapter! Perhaps not as long as I would've hoped, but I still feel pretty good about how it came out. Like I said about the last chapter, everything that happened over the last few has been building up to the big arc of this Volume. What is that? Well, if I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it? :P

Also, today is this story's second birthday, making it completely the longest running story I've ever written. You guys have been awesome, and extremely patient with me. I want to thank everyone who's read this story, favorited it, or otherwise supported it in whatever way possible. It means a lot to me.

Well, that's all for now. I'll hopefully see you guys again soon!