"Daddy.. I'm tired."

"Bed time."

Harry lead his children back to their room and tucked them in again. It wasn't long before their eyes were closed and they were off in Neverland. He sighed and headed back to his own room, curling up on the bed. He ran through his phone contacts and hit the all too familiar number. He waited until it went to voicemail before starting to speak.

"Hey Pete. How you doing? What's it been since we last spoke? Four years? I'm sorry I've been busy. Pierre and I adopted kids. Twins. A boy and a girl. Peter and May. Named after the two most amazing people in my life. I just told them about you, actually, you and Spider-Man. They were in awe. You remember Pierre right? The guy I was doing business with and you caught him flirting with me and I had to grovel for the whole week to cheer you up?

You know... I miss you. It's not the same without you. Everything seems so dark. Even the villains seem to miss you. I mean, fucking hell, Doctor Doom rarely shows his face. Iron Man isn't really a welcome change from you. Especially because he'd rather blow everything up rather than work with the cops. The city misses you.

Natasha and Clint blame themselves, you know. They convinced you to join the Avengers. And now you're... Now you're off on your own adventure. Still kinda pissed you didn't take me, you know. I had plans for us. Big plans.

I was gonna propose to you, you fucking dweeb. I had the ring and everything. It's a dark pale blue color with just a simple gem with the Oscorp and Spider-Man logos conjoined, carved behind the stone in the red on your uniform. You would have loved it.

I'm gonna have to go. I promise I'll call you again soon. Not in four years like this time. I tend to make a habit of that, don't I? Eight years, four years... I'll check in in two years time how's that? But no. I miss you, you dorky camera whore."