Grammar is my weakness. I can't speak english fluently but I hope everyone who read this fanfic could understand my story.

It was morning, most of the villagers have started their day. They saw a white headed youkai walked in to the village with his loyal servant. He walked regal and none of the villagers afraid of him because they know this youkai wouldn't harm them. They know he came just to visit his adopted human daughter. He walked toward a hut and the he heard a little girl's voice from that hut.

"Kaede-sama. Good morning. I've done do my chores and I make you herb tea, I follow your recipe"

"Good morning, Rin. Thank you. You're such a smart girl" an old lady's voice. Rin's giggle.

Sesshomaru stop in front of the hut, and called for the little girl's name "Rin".

Rin gasp, her lord came to visit her again. It has been months since he last visit.

"Sesshomaru-sama! Welcome! Master Jaken, how are you? Are you doing fine?" she running out from the hut greeting Sesshomaru and Jaken.

"We're fine, we're fine" said Jaken waved his hand. Rin smiled.

"Do you wanna to come in Sesshomaru-sama?"


"Oh, okay"

"How did your study with miko Kaede?"

"I've learn so much from her, Sesshomaru-sama! When I grown up, I'll be like her. Help villagers with my knowledge of medichine and my wisdom!" Rin's eyes sparkle. She seems really wanna to follow Kaede's footstep.

"I see" Sesshomaru smile lightly "Do your best" he took a kimono and hair pin from his armor and gave it to her "At your age human's children growing up fast. I bring a bigger one, incease you growing up more faster than other human's children"

Rin smiled "Thank you Sesshomaru-sama" she took over the kimono and hair pin.

"Hi, big brother" Kagome came over them. Sesshomaru glare at her but she didn't care "Morning, Rin. Where is Kaede-baabaa?".

"Morning miss Kagome. She's still dressing. Wait here, I'll call her" Rin going into the hut.

"Long time no see. Are you doing fine, big brother?" Kagome smiled at him.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes "Don't call me that or...".

"Or what exactly, Sesshomaru?" InuYasha appeared, jump and landed between Sesshomaru and Kagome, protecting his mate from his full youkai brother.

"I will kill her with no hesitate. Mark my words" Sesshomaru step forward to InuYasha "So you will teach your mate to not adress me with that name, ever".

"Okay, enough, please" Kagome hold InuYasha's hand when she saw InuYasha was about to touch tessaiga "I will not call you big brother anymore, Sesshomaru".

"It's LORD Sesshomaru, you filthy human!" Jaken pointed his finger at her and then InuYasha kicked him away.

"You little jerk! Never call her that" he shouted while he chasing Jaken who started to running away.

Sesshomaru saw InuYasha chasing his servant. He sigh and then turn away from Kagome. He didn't hate her, he just didn't want to get any closer with his brother or his brother's mate. They were just married a few months ago, and they were like sharing scent ever since. No wonder, since they were married they slept together every night, but he didn't like their scents.

InuYasha walked toward Kagome after knocked out Jaken. Sesshomaru looked at him. InuYasha has changed. When that miko has gone four years ago, he saw in InuYasha's eyes a loneliness althought his friends was around him. When she came back, he saw InuYasha more happy. Now everytime he saw happiness in InuYasha's eyes he felt kinda jealousy.

'What is this? There is nothing to be jealous with this hanyou' he thought, try to snapped that feeling.

"Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin came out from hut with Kaede and run toward him "Are you leaving?"


"Oh, okay. See you Sesshomaru-sama. Please always take care about yourself".

"I am Lord Sesshomaru, a powerfull demon, you no need to concern about me".

"I know you're so strong, my lord" she smiled "Its just, this four years, I never seen you happy, you always looks lonely" she took a breath and started talking fast "When you're unhappy and lonely you couldn't concentrate in the battle, and then you could get hurt. Last time Kohaku came home he have injuried, not a fatal injuried, he was fine, but he scared me to death! Kaede-sama has told him to stay and rest but he was gone yesterday to defeat more bad demons! can't believe him! Slayer freak!" she paused a moment try to calm herself "By the way, so when Miss Sango asked what happened, Kohaku said he wasn't concentrate because he was felt unhappy and guilty about his past..."

Rin kept talking while Sesshomaru didnt really heard her. He was thinking, does he really feel lonely? He did realise something has missing. But what was that?

"Rin" suddenly Rin stop talking when Sesshomaru called her name "I leave Jaken here. He will look after you" He really wanna be alone right now.

"Okay Sesshomaru-sama. I'll look after him as well".

He flied away, left Rin under InuYasha's protection. After they defeated Naraku, he left rin with Kaede. He knows if Rin with Kaede she will be safe, InuYasha will look after her, and Kaede will teach her about many things. Besides, Kohaku and Sango and Miroku and Kagome living there as well. They can protect his precious daughter.

As he flied he felt the wind, he remembered about someone. A demoness, wind user, created by his enemy's flesh. She was beautiful, red ruby eyes, porcelain skin, cherry lips, black smooth hair, nice body. The most of all, he adore her courage and her free spirit. All she wanted was to be free from his creator. In the end she rebelled, no longer obey orders that she never wanted to do. She was died, killed by her creator. Make sure she wasn't died in vain was his goal. He let a boy who was protected by her in to his pack and he killed her creator, avenge her, make her wish come true.

The wind always reminded him of her. When she died he felt sad and anger, he thought it was sympathize. But after heard what Rin said before he didn't sure anymore. If it was a sympathize then why he still remembered about her almost every seconds in his life? Why when he remembered about her he felt sad and regret because he couldn't save her? Why sometimes he wish she was there, look at him with her ruby eyes and talk to him as if they were commensurate.

"Kagura" he said. Sesshomaru landed in a tree. He closed his eyes and recall there was something happened to him at that moment. When he saw her body disappeared, he felt something in his heart. Not only an anger and sadness but also something has missing, a piece of his heart has gone with her "I just realise now when I lost you. I love you".