"What's going on?" Felicity said noting the relative silence in the foundry. She had been gone for the weekend for a tech seminar and had expected something other than Roy and Diggle sitting around her screens, if Oliver was patrolling they didn't usually stick around and if he was out on a mission they would be there as back up.

"Oliver's interrogating the hacker." Diggle said turning back to the screen. "His name's James Corvin."

" The name sounds familiar actually but why aren't you both there?"

Roy shrugged. "Sarah went with, I'm not good at this stuff."

She turned her attention to Digg who hadn't taken his eyes off the scene playing out in front of him, Sarah and Oliver prowling around while the James was tied up to the chair. He had been working for someone else siphoning off money and information from company servers when Felicity's program and caught him allowing him to steal a tracking bug in the form of financial plans.

"The location came up an hour ago but the boy's good, he's holding up. Shouldn't be surprised though he's been picked up by almost every security agency except A.R.G.U.S."

"That just means he's not that good a hacker, I mean have you seen FBI's firewalls? Getting caught cracking that is a mark of stupidity."

Felicity shooed Roy off a chair ignoring his protests and went about looking up the hacker's activity, fist pumping when she found something of interest and put in her own bluetooth comm into her ear.

"Oliver, tell him Hecate is watching."

"Hecate?" Oliver said confused and the hacker's face bloomed with utter fear, a reaction they'd been looking for .

"Tell him Hecate is watching and she hasn't forgotten."

Oliver repeated those words despite the odd look Sarah gave him and James sang like a canary giving up every single detail about his employers and Felicity twirled in her chair, victorious.

Give her a knife and she'd cut her finger on it, give her a bo staff and she'd drop it on her foot, give her something to punch and she'd break her knuckles but give her a keyboard and she could throw the world into chaos and no one would ever know it was her.

But the rest of the team didn't seem to realise it at all. Oh they knew she could ruin their lives but they thought that she lacked the motivation to, that she was innocent and removed from it all. They didn't seem to realise that she had been hacking long before Oliver was even on that damn island. Her past was just as chequered as theirs but she'd managed to erase it and rewrite it to her own liking in ways they couldn't.

"Who's Hecate?" Roy asked.

"She's the Goddess of magic, crossroads, moon, ghosts, necromancy, poisonous herbs and all that cool stuff."


"And it's also a name I went by in my old days. I've actually run into Corvin before and kind of ruined him. He was harassing a friend of mine." She shrugged.

Roy leaned back in awe.

"It's like you have superpowers." Diggle said indulgently, as if he hadn't just seen a man crack completely because of a mention of her pseudonym. Her name had inspired more fear than the Green Arrow and they still weren't taking her seriously as a threat. She supposed it was one of the side effects of being named something that literally mean 'happiness'.

"Yes, I could be IT girl and use my keyboard to wield justice!" Felicity said dramatically. "I could have some lame catchphrase like Oliver does."

"I don't have a catchphrase." Oliver said over the comm. A strangled laugh escaped Sarah.

"Sure you do, 'You have failed this city!', that's your catchphrase." She stilled putting a finger to her forehead. "Shh, my IT senses are tingling."


"With great technology comes great power."

"Come on."

"It's the technology we need not the technology we deserve."

"This is ridiculous."

"You have failed this OS!" Diggle and Roy sniggered at that.