"Right well, I'm off." Felicity said, putting a fresh layer of lipstick on, taking her hair out of the ponytail and fluffing it up and got off her desk, clicking a few things even as she pulled away. Oliver and Diggle watched as she quite obviously prepared herself for a date and Diggle shot a worried look at Oliver. "I've set it up so I'll get an alert if you need me."

"So,"Diggle said tentatively. "Hot date?"

"I don't know if it's hot per say, he's taking me out to that little pizza place around the block form Big Belly, you know? And I highly doubt that garlic breath is conducive to hot dates. Unless he has a garlic fetish."

"I'd have though Ray would take you someplace else. Some big five star restaurant you have to dress up for."

"Well you'll have to ask Ray where he'd take me but James is taking me to the trattoria. Seems like fun, it got good reviews on Yelp." She shrugged.

"Wait you're not going out with Ray?"


"But I thought-" Oliver started but trailed off. The whole 'let's never mention this again' thing they had going on would not take well to him saying that he'd seen them making out when he'd come to confess his love to her. That would make thing quite awkward.

"Ray after making out with me passionately and wonderfully pulled an Oliver and copped out. Said he wanted to keep things platonic and not complicate our working relationship. Which is when I stomped on his foot like a flamenco dancer and said that our professional relationship would remain amicable as long s he stopped peacocking around me. He took it quite well actually."

"And James?"

"Is a guy I met at a coffee shop. I was in a rush and forgot my Danish and he caught me just as I was on my way out to hand it to me. He asked me out and seeing as how I'm quite annoyed with getting nothing but subtext in every single relationship of mine, I accepted."

With a fake, fake smile at Oliver and John she swept out in a flurry of blonde hair and pink lipstick. Oliver stared tae hr back with a morose expression but slipped into his grr face when he heard badly smothered chuckles next to him.

"Oh this is just way too funny. None of you get the girl! Instead of the billionaires she goes for the normal guy next door!"

"Thank you for your support Diggle." Oliver said dryly but it only set Diggle even more.

On the roof across from the trattoria where Felicity and James were laughing and having a nice Italian dinner without people blowing things up, stood a hooded man in the shadows. His eyes gazed over her face lovingly before turning venomous eyes to James.

According to her computers, James Morey, was a doctor at Starling City General. He had no police record whatsoever, not even a parking ticket. He was a boy scout, did volunteer work, ran few medical camps. He was perfect.

Not as good looking as him of course, his nose was a bit broken, his teeth weren't the kind of perfect that Oliver's were and he had terrible eyebags as well.

But he had just made Felicity laugh so hard she was leaning to the left because her right side had a stitch.


A slight sound to his right caught his attention. It sounded like a little growl and Oliver slunk back further into the shadows and turned to see, waiting for whoever it was making that sound to show themselves. Out of the dark came a man in a tight blue costume with red accents which looked ridiculous. But he stood in the same way that Oliver did and that was worrying. And then Oliver noticed that this suited up poser was looking straight at Felicity and the Arrow came blazing out, ready for a fight.

Felicity was having way too much fun. For once she was a normal girl going on a normal date with normal things to worry about like whether he'd kiss her at the end even if she had garlic breath. It was nice to worry about that instead of worrying about having a ten million dollar necklace around her neck or worrying about a vigilante needing her help.

And then came a crashing sound and screams filled the air. As she ran out along with James to see what was causing all the commotion, Felicity wondered if she'd ever be able to eat Italian again.

What she found herself looking at was straight out of the comic books her roommate at MIT had hoarded. Two hot guys in skin tight costumes grappling with one another. She would have been able to appreciate it much better if she didn't know that the one in the green was her we-went-out-on-one -date-and-so-that-makes-us-kind-of-exes/vigilante boss and that the other as she recognised from the fact that that perfect shoulder to waist ratio had been up on a salmon ladder a few days ago, trying to entice her, was probably her we-kissed-once-that-makes-us-sort-of-exes/work boss.

"It's the Arrow!" James said in wonder.

"What the hell is he doing here?!" She said loudly. Loud enough for Arrow and the new guy (probably Ray) to hear her and with a few flashy manoeuvres they both disappeared.


Ray sat down at his desk, ready to get on to a productive day of work. He had introduced himself to the Arrow, announced his intentions to clean up the city and avoided answering the Arrow's questions about why he was sort of, kind of stalking Felicity by deflecting and asking the Arrow why he knew Felicity.

Actually why did he know Felicity? Why was the arrow there to begin with?

Could it be that the Arrow was there doing the same as him?

As soon as the thought came to his head he dismissed it.

A throat being cleared jolted him out of his thoughts and he looked up to find Felicity right there tapping her foot on the floor, looking decidedly pissed off. He didn't know why though.

"Hello Miss Smoak." He said as smoothly as he could manage.

She smiled back but it was tight. "Hello Mr Palmer, I see you're not wearing that blue outfit from yesterday?"

He pushed down that little bit of panic that began coursing through him the minute she said those words with that odd emphasis. She couldn't know, of course not.

"I'm afraid you're mistaken Miss Smoak, I was wearing black yesterday."

"In the day at work sure, but last night while looking out over Italian restaurants it was blue. With a bit of red at the hands I believe."

Okay, she knew.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He said nervously and she smiled a shark's smile.

"Hypothetically speaking, if I catch you lingering around any of my dates in a blue and red suit, the consequences you'll face will not be fun for you. So please, don't do anything stupid."

"Hypothetically speaking, what consequences are we talking about?"

"Oh you know the usual, confidential plans floating around the internet, bank accounts drained completely, secret identities being speculated upon with a surprising amount of evidence to back it up. That sort of thing."

"Right, understood."

"Great." She grinned and left.

Just when he thought she couldn't get hotter.


"I was just concerned." He said before she could say anything.

"If this happens even one more time, I shall be leaving the team. And I'll also be telling Thea everything. And by everything I mean everything. And now if you'll excuse me, I have another date with James who asked me out again to make up for the interrupted date instead of just kissing me and then pushing me away like some people."

She walked off, ponytail swinging from side to side.

Diggle chortled. "I love that girl."

"So James, "She said as they sat at the little bistro and gorged on gorgeous soups and salads and tiny sandwiches. "Seeing as how our date was crashed by two men in tights last time, I feel the need to ask you, do you also have a secret identity that I should be aware of." She said stoically. James laughed but stopped when she remained that serious.

"Umm no."

"So you don't go around leaping form roof to roof in tights at night?"

"No. Although there was that one time when my sister forced me to wear her tights but that was years ago and I couldn't move at all in them let alone jump from roof to roof."

"Excellent, want to come back to my place for coffee?"

"They're going back to her place!" Atom told Arrow as they watched the pair from a bit away.

"Shh, were supposed to keep a low profile."

"It's not working." Said the little boy next to them who had stumbled upon the two men in tights (exosuit, the blue one had claimed) and promptly decided to stay put right there.

"They're...I can't believe this." Atom said softly sounding sad. The little boy snorted.

"Maybe if you spent less time on roofs watching her you might have a chance."

"You really think so?" Atom asked, hopefully.

"No." The boy laughed viciously. "You two are going to be alone for the rest of your lives. Maybe you should date each other instead." He said and left.

"Kids these days." The Arrow scoffed. The Atom nodded.