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"Come on 'Mione, I want to go!" Christiana yelled.

"All right, hold your horses, I'm coming," Hermione said. "I'm so glad that you got into Hogwarts this year, even though we're going to be a few years apart Ana,"

"It's ok, I think I can manage," Christiana said.

Soon they reached Diagon Alley.

"Where is it, I don't see it," Christiana said perplexed.

"Just follow me," said Hermione.

They walked into a building that Christiana hadn't even seen until Hermione showed her. They walked into what Hermione said was 'The Leaky Cauldron' which looked like a bar to Christiana.

"Come on, I want to see The Alley!" Said Christiana who didn't bother to look around, just raced for the door, and found herself face to face with a brick wall. "Um 'Mione, a little help here?" Christiana called.

"Oops, Sorry, I forgot you don't know the combination," Hermione said, while muttering to herself, "three up, two across, I think that's it.'' "Yes, remember Ana, three up two across,"

"Sure, whatever," Christiana called. She was already in the Alley, looking at all the stores. She peered in the windows of Madame Malkins, Flourish and Blots, and the Apothecary.

"Wait, Ana, you have to get your money changed before you can buy anything. We've got to go to Gringotts," She redirected Christiana to a snowy white building.

"Excuse me," Hermione said to the goblin at the desk, "could I please exchange this for 90 galleons? Thanks," She said stuffing the money into her purse, "Come on," she said, "Now you don't have to window shop anymore,"

"Ok, where do you want to go first?" Christiana asked, "Because anywhere you have to go means I have to go there too, because we have the school lists, with the same things on them. Although, I have to go to Mr. Ollivanders, and the Magical Menagerie, and you don't, so you have to go on an extra trip or two,"

"Why do you have to go to the Magical Menagerie?" Hermione asked.

"'Mione, 'Mione, 'Mione, you don't expect me to go around without a pet while you and all of your friends do have one, do you?" said Christiana, with an air that said she thought very highly of herself.

"Ok then, Flourish and Blots first. What's on your list Ana?"

"Ok, the 'Standard book of Spells grade one', wait a second 'Mione, you have that at home, and in perfect condition, in fact all your books are in perfect condition, so why don't I just use yours and buy only the ones I don't have,"

"Good idea, I didn't think of that,"

They bought all the books they needed, and a few more for Christiana, because she wanted to have some extra reading.

"All right, I choose the store now, and I want to go to the Apothecary,"

"Ok, but I have to warn you, it stinks in there,"

They stocked up on potion ingredients, and then went to Madame Malkins, where Christiana bought her robes, dragon hide gloves, hat, and cloak. They were about to go to Mr. Ollivanders, when the heard a shout.

"Hey Hermione!" Hermione turned around and saw two boys walking toward her.

"Hey guys, guess what? I'm a prefect," Said Hermione happily.

"Well that's going to take the fun out of the rest of our years at Hogwarts," Said the boy with red hair.

"Whose your friend?" Asked the one with the untidy black hair.

"Oh, sorry, guys this is my sister,"

"You never told us you had a sister," said the one with the red hair.

"I'm going to take that as a personal insult," Said Christiana crossing her arms.

"Well, sorry," said Hermione blushing slightly, "It just never came up,"

"Sure," Christiana said sarcastically. "Hmm, four years together, and you never found the time to tell them that you had a sister. Now I find that suspicious," She said, shaking her head in mock anger. "What are you hiding?"

"You know what Hermione, she looks like you, but she sure isn't acting like you," said the red haired boy.

"I'll take that as a compliment right now," Hermione said.

"So, aren't you ever going to introduce everyone?

"Oh, yeah, sorry. Ok, this is Christiana, my sister, and Ana, this is."

"Harry, and Ron, I know, I know," Said Christiana, rolling her eyes.

"How do you know?" Asked Ron, peering at her.

"Oh, it's only been Harry and Ron this, and Harry and Ron that, all summer, so I'm sick and tired of hearing your names," She said. "No offence," She added.

"Ok, ok, I'll leave and let you talk about your extremely boring summers," Christiana said. Hermione was looking daggers at her, and it was better just to do what she said. "Just give me 40 galleons, and I'll go get my wand and my pet,"

Hermione gave the galleons to Christiana, and said "Meet us at the Ice Cream Parlor at 12:30. You have an hour, is that ok?"

"Sure, it's over there, right?" she said, pointing at it.

"Yep. Bye Ana!"

"Bye 'Mione!"

"Wow, you should've told us," Said Harry.

"Well, she sounds exciting," said Ron.


Christiana entered Mr. Ollivanders, a little spooked out. There was no one in there, so she rang the bell.

"Ah, Miss Granger, I thought I'd be seeing you soon. It seems like only yesterday your sister was here, buying her wand. Lets measure you," Said Mr. Ollivander, while a tape measurer flew toward Christiana and started to measure her, with no help from Mr. Ollivander at all.

"All right, try this Willow, holly, and dragon heartstrings, 7 1/2 inches" Christiana raised the wand, but Mr. Ollivander grabbed it out of her hand almost right away.

"No, no, how about yew, dragon heartstrings and holly 5 3/4 inches?" Christiana raised it, but he snatched it out of her hand again.

"Oh, now this just might work, Unicorn hair, Willow bark, and phoenix feathers, 8 1/4 inches," Christiana was skeptical; because none of the other wands had done anything, but when she held this wand, she felt a wonderful sensation, and amazingly colored sparks came flying out of the tip of the wand.

"I think we found the wand that you need Miss Granger," Mr. Ollivander said. "I think that you will not only follow in your sister's path, but you will find something more,"

He wrapped up her wand, and she paid him 8 galleons for the wand.

She left the store, and decided she wanted to go get her pet. She walked inside, and saw an old lady helping someone find the right newt. 'Yuck!' Christiana thought. She looked at the toads, rats, and cats, but nothing she saw grabbed her interest. Then she moved on to the owls. There were eagle, brown, tawny, barn, and miniature owls, but still nothing she really wanted. Then, a snowy owl with green eyes landed on her shoulder. 'How peculiar,' Christiana though, 'I always thought that owls had yellow eyes.' She decided to buy the green-eyed owl, and named it Emerald.

"I still have a half hour," Christiana said out loud. "I'd better go buy something for 'Mione, her birthday is soon.

Christiana went exploring, but couldn't seem to find anything Hermione would really want.

"Lets see, people always get Hermione books. Books, Books, and more Books, that's what her whole room is full of. I bet she gets tired of getting books, but what else would she like?" Christiana asked thin air. She sat down on the steps of Gringotts, wondering. What Hermione really wanted, was something no one could give her. Christiana sat with despair. "I don't know what to do,"


"Hey, you guys getting hungry?" Harry asked.

"Yes, but Christiana isn't here yet," Hermione replied.

"We only said we'd meet her there, we never said we'd wait until she came to eat," Said Ron.

"True, let's go,"


"Wormtail" a voice hissed

"Y-y-es my lord?" Answered a little man in black robes.

"What have you found out yet?" the voice hissed again

"Ab-b-out what?" the voice stuttered again

"About Lily Potter,"


Christiana stood up. She had thought of something. Hopefully Hermione would like it. It was 12:15; she headed to the Ice cream Parlor.


When she got there, Harry, Hermione and Ron were already eating.

"Thanks for waiting 'Mione!" she said.

"We were hungry!" She shot back

"Yeah, well you said meet us there at 12:30, which really means 'if you get here earlier you're going to die!' I sat there for 15 minutes without anything to do," Christiana said exasperated.

"You're a lot different here than you are at home 'Mione. You're better like this, you're more outgoing. But I did like it when you challenged me to read all of your school books in one week," Christiana smiled.

"You read all her school books in one week? Which year?" asked Ron, very surprised.

"Yep. I read all of them year 1-4. All of them one week over the summer. I think I have them all memorized, I read them at least three times,"

"In one week?" Ron looked amazed.

"Yep, It's not that hard really,"

"Ok, I take that back, she's a lot like you," Said Harry

"But my favorite book is about Harry. Actually, It's about all of you, but mostly about Harry," Said Christiana.

"What?" all three of them said together.

"Oh, you don't know? 'Mione, you snoop through my books all the time, and Harry, living with the Dursley's should know, I mean they're muggles. Oh, I'll just show you on the train, if I'm granted your presence," She rolled her eyes. "I'm hungry, Excuse me, could I please have a brownie sundae? Thank you," She said to the waiter.

"What are you talking about?" Hermione demanded.

"You'll just have to wait like everyone else," Christiana's sundae came and she ate it all in record time. "What, I was hungry," She said, as they were all looking at her.

"Oh look at the time, mum and dad were going to pick us up at 3:00. See you guys on the train, Bye!" Said Hermione. "Come on Christi. Let's go,"

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