Disclaimer, I do not own either of these particular works, I only own the story line. Also yes this is another Reincarnation fic it honestly wasn't supposed to start a story but well... here we are. I would like to thank Author of Sin for being the beta for this fic as i really do need one.

Now On with the show

In a room filled with lots of gizmos and gadgets, there sat a teenager with shoulder length blonde hair. This girl is Luna Lovegood. She is known around her school as Loony because she sees things the other students do not. Although the students at her school may make fun of her for that, they may never know that she is what most people in the world would classify as a seer – someone who can see the future and also obtain prophecies.

Now, Luna is a low level seer – one who can see things that don't belong in this world. At this level, she would never be considered as one to get a prophecy by older or fake seers. However, being who she is, Luna would be more than likely to give a prophecy when nobody is physically there to neither hear it nor record it. The thing about the seers of this world is that none of them have ever given a prophecy before their twentieth birthday. Luna, on the other hand, is an exception for no other reason than the Greek God of Prophecies, one Lord Apollo felt that the seers of this world need to stop being prejudiced little shits and wanted them to learn that no matter how little seer power one has they shouldn't look down on people. This is the only reason that little fourteen years old Luna got the prophecy that would change the fate of the world and certain people in it forever.

"Legend speaks of the human WEAPONS,

The ones who saved and nearly destroyed their planet,

Unite they will to fight anew with an Evil less than one of their own.

The ones to fight with all their might,

the moody one whose name is opposite to his demeanor,

the one whose evil needs to be repented,

the one who really needs to stop quoting,

and the one who needs to stop moping.

These four WEAPONS with friends new and old,

will save the world from horror untold."

This prophecy that no living person was around to hear would be the beginning of the end for certain people in the wizarding world. However, it is also a new beginning for certain people of the planet Gaia and their reincarnations.

A few hundred kilometres across the country, in a small suburban house, a young fifteen year old male was reliving a second life just hours after nearly having his soul sucked out of his very body.