"Soooo... we're trying to be inconspicuous and all... I get that...but why the hell did we just fly on our brooms throughout London where anyone can and probably did see us?" Sephymas questioned.

"Apparently Harry it's because it's easier to fly to where we need to go...as there less chance of getting attacked out in the open (Foreshadowing and sarcasm)...plus we can get tracked through apparation and we need ministry approval for a portkey... so yeah...to be honest I don't know why I didn't just rent a car and get you that way," Remus replied moving across the street to two houses on Grimmald place, "now come on we need to get to the headquarters which you will find on this piece of paper." he stated holding up a piece of paper.

"Would this headquarters that you have happen to be at number 12?" Sephy/harry asked not even looking at the paper.

Moody's answer to that was a lot of spluttering and questions about how he knew that.

"Well it's fairly obvious to people who look, I mean seriously look at the other houses in this area and count the house numbers, it goes up with the next number right next to the other except for the numbers eleven and thirteen. I would get the missing number if you were in a country like Australia but seriously, where is number 12, therefore through deduction your headquarters is in number 12." Harry explained.

Moody was both angered and awed at Harry's deduction. Everyone else however was just awed, except for Remus who was told by Nanaki that Sephiroth was always that good at deducting things like this.

"Enough chatter, we need to get inside before anyone sees us, so just read the paper and get in there," moody grunted breaking out of his stupor.


Taking the piece of paper and reading the loopy, cursive writing harry heard what he assumed to be number 12 Grimmald place appearing out of nowhere.

Making his way into the house Harry was attacked by a big blur of red and a hug. Now harry being a neglected child and Sephiroth also being neglected as well as a general in a war with freaking Ninjas tensed ready to fight or flee. Remus seeing this and knowing what harry was capable of now placed a hand on Molly Weasley's shoulder.

"Molly let him in the door we just got him here safe; we don't need him dying of suffocation." Sirius stated appearing in the doorway to what harry would later find out was the kitchen.

"Yes well, Harry dear you'll be rooming with Ronald, it's just up the stairs and to the right, also dinner will be a bit late, everyone else the meeting will be starting soon." Molly stated pushing Harry towards the stairs.

"What meeting, is it to do with the inevitable war?" Harry questioned.

"Nothing you need to worry about dear" Molly stated expecting him to argue.


Everyone stared after him as he left up the stairs.

"…bet you didn't expect that."

"Shut up Sirius"

Walking up the stairs Harry wondered how he would handle his friends, especially after the lack of communication that happened over his time at his Relatives. Stopping at the door to the room he was meant to share with Ron he calmed his nerves with a deep breath.

'Well it's now or never…would stabbing help me with dealing with this… no the last time I tried stabbing things to solve my problems, a chocobo killed me… no stabbing then.' With that decided Harry opened the door.

"Harry, mate how have you been?" this was (stupidly) the first thing out of Ron's' mouth when he saw the door open.

"Oh you know, locked in a room all summer with my relatives, unable to go out, and the first time I'm really allowed out of the house I get attacked by two mother damned dementors, on top of the fact that I've had no real contact with my 'best' friend….I may or may not have invented another personality and could now be officially classified as insane like the Prophet is making me out to be." Harry/Sephy Stated calmly staring at Ronald.

A giggle turned their attention toward Hermione.

"And do not get me Started on you –"

"Or what Mr Grumpy, you'll stab me from a great height?"

"…Technically that was not me, that was a clone… and I was being controlled the whole time," Harry tried (weakly) to defend himself "in any case it's good to see you, I feel like I haven't seen you in years."

Both Harry and Hermione smiled before going in for a hug. It was a nice warm hug with three set of arms, one of the hands nicely settled on Harry's arse…wait a minute…three sets of arms.

"George I swear if you don't remove that hand, I will personally remove it from your person, permanently, understood" Harry growled.

"He he … understood General Hotness" the hand was swiftly removed.

"What the Bloody Hell are you all doing!" Ron Exploded rudely interrupting Harry, which is a bad idea if you don't wanna become a human Shish-kebab.

"Hey Vincent …Vincent… you there Vincent…Gaia Damn it, would it kill you Ancients to warn people when you pull them into the lifestream?" Cloud asked regaining his bearings.

"Yes" "Possibly" "Maybe" "Hell yeah"

"I do not understand, it should not be able to harm you in any way as you are already deceased," a being whose only discernible features where electric blue eyes and really long wings stated.


"…Okay…well ignoring him we have pulled you into the lifestream (without warning cause it's fun) to tell you that Hojogotoutofhiscageandnowyou'llhavetofacehimagain."

"Could you repeat that…slowly"

"Ummm, Hojo got out of his cage and now you'll have to beat him again?"

"…Was this a Hojo proof cage?"

"Yes…don't blame us… blame him and his timeline… their prisoner is the one that made it possible to escape" Ilfalna tried to defend herself.

"How did his prisoner make it possible for Hojo to escape?"

Everyone turned towards the blue eyed thing.

"…Don't look at me…I didn't start this thing…"

"Gentlemen Behold! Within these walls nobody can hear your bird calls"… o.O

"Even if the morrow is barren of promises…oh my merlin Blaise I can't stop it… stop chasing me…that hurts" Lucius Malfoy was confused… why was his sons best friend chasing his son.

"I swear if you do not stop it you're going to lose more than a few strands of hair"

…yeah he was not getting in the middle of that.