Ughhh... I can't find any motivation to write. I mean, I've got lots for my stories Lyall and The Loner, but this story has all but completely left my mind.

I've decided to explain what I had in mind for this story, and then it's done.

You can ask me if you want to take it up, that's fine. PM me, you know the usual.

So... this is what Mia the Muggle at Hogwarts was supposed to be about.

Mia is linked to my story on Ao3, Memories of Long Gone. If you've read that, then you can guess what she is. But I bet you haven't.

Anyway, Mia is a girl that has been reborn over and over like any other soul, but her memories do not reset with every death.

She's been in every universe you can think of. Even other AUs of Hogwarts. Supernatural, Sherlock, Naruto, Stargate, etc, she's lived through thousands of variations of them.

This life, she wanted one where she could kick back and relax, and so she invented a bunch of stuff that wasn't supposed to exist until 200 years or more in the future. Like many people in other worlds, she creates a fake identity so she can go around doing jack crap without anyone bugging her. This personality is : Maja Zenga, as Mia's first name starts with a M and Zyana's first name starts with a Z. Her sister knows about Maja and Mia, but not about her past lives.

Now, for this world... let me pull out my book and I'll copy word for word what I had in mind.


games - racing, shooter games, MMORPG (DragonNest)

Third year: dementors effect muggles much more so Mia is affected deeply. Mia tells about her lives to a grim like dog (Sirius).

Fourth year: Mia updates her lives. Magical are shocked at the different shit she went through (things like torture, out cast, racist people, all seriously horrible things, with a few and far in between good lives).

Movie Fridays

Day after the First task, Mia plays Harry Potter #1. SHOCK!

Happens to all of the movies.

Often recites lines.

In past lives Mia has been the director for the Harry Potter films and therefore the movies include everything about the books and each movie is over 2~3 hours long.

Mia has been magical! Magic wipes her brain of every magical life. As soon as she regains magic again she remembers it... and forgets once she dies again.

you have a magical life if you kill in your last one.

The more you kill, the more powerful you are.

to gain magic in every life you have to call Death. To summon Death, one must kill someone who has killed over a thousand people and know about other shit. They're in (a) Naruto universe.

Hallowe'en - just before Mia kills the guy, he tells her about the thousands of people he's sensed. Mia knows because her AI, something like JARVIS, has told her ages ago. Mia gets magic!

Harry's owl is Death.

Mia still cannot see the students and teachers of Hogwarts! This all happens in Fifth Year.

sixth year is when Mia is shown to the magical side of Hogwarts. Mia is not surprised and continues on like she knew they were there all along.

Soooooo... yeah. That's basically it.

I'm am so sorry that couldn't keep this going, but I had no complication and jazz. There was nothing to write about.

Bye bye,



One story that I am defiantly continuing (not to mention the writing is a little bit better) is my other story Lyall. It's on Ao3, Wattpad and on here. It would be amazing if you could check it out. It's Marvel Comics X MCU X X-men: the movie X other Marvel movies.