Broken Arrows Chapter 1 – Broken Arrows

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Summary: After five years missing in Australia, Oliver Queen is coming back to Starling City with no memories of his previous life. How will his family react to this new Oliver? And more importantly, will he remember the love of his life, the woman he meant to marry five years ago? OLICITY. SMUT. ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE. HEA.

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No, I may not be the same but I've got a heart of gold, yeah
Like a telephone
Connection ain't clear
But hold me in my soul
You gotta know

The best of intentions
I lay at your feet
And I need you to see past the worst part of me
And I'm tired of taking my aim
When I keep on missing
There's gotta be a better way
There's gotta be a better way

Seems like every little word I say
Keeps getting twisted
Coming out wrong
So baby hold on
I'm tryin' to hit the mark
But I'm shooting with broken arrows
It's like I'm shooting with broken arrows
It's like I'm shooting with broken arrows
It's like I'm shooting with broken arrows
(Broken arrows)

Oliver Queen leaned against the metal wall of the steel elevator, patiently waiting as the floor numbers changed in front of him, going up to the top floor. He looked at the different people that came inside the elevator; faceless people, employees, all with warm smiles and nodding at his presence in recognition. At the young age of 24 years old, Oliver, the heir of the empire of Queen Consolidated worked right next to his father, CEO Robert Queen. Right after he finished his bachelors in Economics at Berkeley University, he soon enrolled and got his MBA in Business, and then stepped up as Vice-President of Queen Consolidated. While many people would got scared and tried to run as far and fast as they could from the family business – like his best friend Tommy, heir of Merlyn Global for instance, who chose to move to New York and live off his trust found for as long he could - Oliver embraced his position as VP. It made him happy to the see the pride and confidence that his father had in him. So yes, Oliver enjoyed his job, and he was pretty good at it too. This allowed his father to plan his early retirement at the age of sixty years old, a date that would come in the next five years. Robert Queen planned to spend the rest of his life enjoying his life alongside his wife Moira Queen traveling the world. Maybe they would even move away to France or some exotic place. They could have their own vineyard, and enjoy the small pleasures that life could provide.

As the elevator doors opened and closed, people would come in and out of it, but only when they reached the IT Department floor did Oliver actually pay attention to who was coming inside the steel box. He smelled her perfume before he actually saw her. She always smelled like fresh rain and the most delicious flowery scent, like she had just walked out of a flower garden. Oliver looked at her from head to toe, from her blonde hair pulled back in a high ponytail, to her professional white, pink and dark-gray polka-dot pattern dress, and finally to the bright fuchsia pumps on her feet.

More people walked inside the elevator on the next floor, slowly moving her body closer to his. So close and yet so far away. Her scent was much more powerful in such close proximity, and Oliver resisted the urge to move his hands and touch the tip of her ponytail and see if her hair was as soft as it looked. When they reached the next floor one of the other occupants of the elevator bolted out suddenly as if he had forgotten it was his floor. This in turn made it so she was pivoted and shoved towards Oliver, her back to his front.

"Sorry," she immediately whispered, turning her head to look at him with an apologetic smile in place.

"It's ok, Ms. Smoak," Oliver replied with a tight smile, trying not to let his bodies instant reaction to her show.

She moved farther away from him, their bodies not touching but still inches apart. Oliver almost could feel the heat of her body in the small space. And even though the elevator was filled with low chatter between one person and another, they rode in silence for the next eighteen floors. As people left the elevator she put a respectable distance between them till there were only two older men, him, and Felicity Smoak.

When Oliver reached his floor she moved out the elevator first, tightly holding onto her tablet, and going straight to Mrs. Anderson's desk, Robert Queen's EA. Oliver followed. She avoided looking in Oliver's direction, clearly not enjoying being taken away from the safety of her office in the IT Department. With once last glance Oliver moved slowly towards his father's office, watching as his father seemed to end a business call.

"Oliver. How was your meeting with Ray Palmer?" Robert asked, looking up from his computer and towards Oliver, who now sat in the white leather chair in front of him.

"It went well. Palmer seems really interested in our Applied Science Division. I think this deal may be easier than we were expecting," Oliver said, remembering how worried his father was about dealing with Palmer Industries.

"Good. It will be beneficial for both our companies if this deal works out. The clean energy project is vital for us. We finally have a chance to beat Wayne Industries if we join forces with Palmer," Robert said, his voice tired. It had been a long day.

"It will work out dad, I am sure of it."

"It better, tons of jobs depend on it. I'd rather we keep all these families fed and clothed. The quicker we get through this deal, the sooner I can have some peace of mind. Anyway, are you ready for our trip to Australia tomorrow?" Robert asked him, noting that through the glass walls of his office Felicity Smoak was sitting in one of the armchairs outside. He almost forgot he needed her input on a new project before he left for their business trip.

"Yeah, but dad I am not so sure about AmerTek. I mean…I know you want to get into military contracts, but something doesn't feel right about this deal they want to make with us," Oliver admitted, running his hand over his blonde hair. A nervous habit he had gained over the years.

"Oliver, I know you don't trust them, to be truthful neither do I. But we need to go out there and check their company before we make any judgments or decisions. I also know that you'd rather we focused on the clean energy project rather than the military industry. But sadly, wars make a lot of money," Robert said, knowing that his son still believed in working to make the world a safer and better place. Oliver still was naïve enough to believe that he could not go into the war business.

"I know dad. I promise to try to keep an open mind," Oliver said.

They were interrupted by Mrs. Andrews peeking into the office, "Mr. Queen, excuse me. Felicity Smoak is here to see you, as you requested."

"Thank you Karen. Send her in please," Robert said, as Oliver turned to watch as Felicity came towards the office.

"Ms. Smoak," Robert greeted, as Felicity walked to the room.

"Mr. Queen," Felicity said looking at Robert and then at Oliver, "Mr. Queen."

"Ms. Smoak," Oliver said with a tight smile, watching how uncomfortable she seemed to be.

"Mr. Queen, how can I help you today, sir?" Felicity said, holding her tablet tightly in her hands, her eyes quickly finding Oliver's and moving away to look towards Robert.

"Ms. Smoak, I need your input on some technical issues I saw in a program we are developing. I need to work this out today before I have to leave tomorrow. This program is part of a main project that will cost us a lot of money so I need it to be fully functional before I give it the green light. That's why I need help in."

"Me, sir? Shouldn't you ask for my supervisor?" she quickly asked without holding her tongue, feeling like an idiot for saying that in front of Robert Queen.

Robert gave her a warm smile that rivaled the one that Oliver Queen frequently used, "Already cleared, Ms. Smoak. Also I am aware that many of the main ideas for new projects and concepts in the IT Department have come from you. I also know you were one of the top students of your class at MIT. So I think you are capable enough to help me. Aren't you?"

"Yes, sir," she responded quickly, pushing her glasses up her nose in a subtle nervous gesture.

"Good," Robert said firmly.

At that moment Oliver's phone beeped. It was a message from Tommy asking him to meet him for coffee and that he was waiting for him at his office.

"I've got to go dad," Oliver said, getting up from his chair, interrupting Robert and Felicity's discussion over the updates and measures that needed to be done on the new software.

"Ok son, will I see you tonight?" Robert asked him, watching as a grin spread over his son's face, "Oh I see, I guess that you have other plans?"

"Dad, I will be gone for two weeks. I have some business to attend too before I leave Starling City," Oliver said, making Felicity blush at being the one in the middle of such a private conversation.

"I will see you tomorrow then. Don't be late. The plane to Australia leaves at 10 a.m. sharp," Robert said, looking back down at the project in front of him. Not noticing how Oliver's eyes seemed to wander to Ms. Smoak.

Oliver walked into his office only to find Tommy sitting in his chair, a cup of coffee already in his hands and his expensive Italian shoes on the top of his glass desk.

"Could you have taken any longer? I was dying of boredom in here. Thank God Louise was here to entertain me," Tommy said, giving his million dollar smile to Louise – Oliver's fifty year old secretary - and putting the empty cup on top of the desk.

"Tommy," Oliver said, smiling at his best friend and coming closer to give him a friendly hug.

"So, who is she?" Tommy asked him as they separated, knowing Oliver well enough to know that there was someone in his life before he even opened his mouth. On top of that, the world was under the impression that Oliver Queen wasn't the kind of man that would spend too many lonely nights.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Oliver said with a smile, now sitting in his own chair as Tommy moved to sit in front of him on the other side of the table.

"Come on Ollie. I have been back from New York for the past few months and I have not seen you out once. And no, having dinner with me doesn't count. You haven't been partying. No arrests. No TMZ photos. It's almost like you're a monk," Tommy teased, making Oliver laugh out load.

"Ok, you are mistaking me for the 'college Oliver' version. You know I don't do those things anymore. I'm too busy helping my dad at QC," Oliver said, knowing very well that Tommy wasn't buying it.

Tommy gave him a look before smirking and saying, "She must be something really special then."

"Tommy, trust me. If the time comes you will meet her," Oliver said with a charming smile, a spark in his eyes that Tommy never had seen before.

"Holy shit! You love this girl," Tommy stated, shocked.

"Tommy, I really can't talk about this now," Oliver said, looking at the huge pile of papers and documents that Louise had left for him to sign before leaving tomorrow.

"Oh I see. You are banging an employee. Oliver Queen you dog!" Tommy said with a laugh, making Oliver look pissed.

"It's not like that. And that's exactly why I have been keeping this relationship private," Oliver said frustrated.

"Oh, why so serious?" Tommy joked before putting his hands up in defeat, "Ok, ok. I apologize for my crude words. But I need to get to know this girl. It's not every day that my best friend, former playboy Oliver Queen, falls in love."

"I promise you will be the first one to know, ok? Now let me be. I need to finish all this paperwork before I leave to Australia tomorrow," Oliver said, grabbing a pen and opening the first page of the document that needed his signature.

"Tomorrow? Oh, well then I need to ask you something. Not ask actually, it's more like inform you. That's why I asked for you to come down for coffee but already had some. But, considering all the things that you just said to me, I don't think it's going to be a problem," Tommy said nervously, scratching the back of his neck with a worried look on his face.

"Tommy, you are rambling. What is it?" Oliver asked, curious at what could make Tommy Merlyn so nervous.

"As you know, I came back from New York a few months ago. And I've kind of been seeing this girl. A girl that you kind of dated in the very distant past," Tommy said, trying to lighten whatever it was that he was trying to say.

Oliver leaned back in his chair and curiously looked at Tommy, "Dated? Or hooked up? You will need to be more specific than that Tommy. Plus, you know I haven't dated anyone since before I left for college. No one serious I mean. Besides the woman I am seeing now."

"I know," Tommy said in a guilty tone. Realization suddenly hit Oliver.

"Wait a minute. Are you saying you are dating Laurel?" Oliver asked him, having too much fun at how his best friend seemed to be nervous about it.

"Yes. We kind of ran into each other a few months ago. We went for coffee to catch up and then it turned into dinner. And before I knew it there was a drawer of my things at her place," Tommy finally confessed, in a way feeling guilty but also not willing to give her up; not even for Oliver.

Oliver's shoulders relaxed as he gave his best friend a smile, "Tommy, Laurel and I dated back in high school. We have been done for the past six years. Trust me when I say that there is nothing left there. I'm glad for you guys. You both deserve to be happy."

"Oh, good. Who knows, maybe we can go out on a double date when you get back from your trip?" Tommy said, relieved that he had told Oliver but still fishing for information.

"Yeah, I think I would like that," Oliver said with a large smile.

"So, aren't you going to tell me her name at least?" Tommy asked as he stood from his chair and put his jacket on.

Oliver gave Tommy a fond smile, clearly thinking of the woman he had been seeing.

"Meghan. Her name is Meghan."

Oliver parked his red Ducati in front of the familiar seven story red brick building. He removed his helmet and used his keys to get through the buildings front door. He went up the flight of stairs, till he reached his goal on the fifth floor: Apartment 21B. He was about to put his key into the keyhole when suddenly the door opened from the inside.

"What took you so long?" a female voice asked him, before grabbing his hands and pulling him inside the apartment, closing the door behind them.

Without hesitation she pushed him against the purple hall wall, her hands pushing his grey suit jacket off his body and towards the floor, as her mouth found his. Their lips danced against each other in a familiar rhythm, moving softly one against the other, tongues and teeth clashing together. His hands found their way towards her ponytail, softly tugging the hair there, before removing the band and letting her blonde locks fall down her back.

"I missed you," he moaned, deepening the kiss.

"I missed you too, Mr. Queen," she said, removing his shirt from his suit pants.

"Tommy was at the office," he said against her lips, as her hands gripped his broad shoulders.

"What did he want?" she asked, pushing her hips against his as he began to suck and nibble down her neck, teasing.

"He wanted to know who was the goodness that bewitched me," he whispered in her ear, softly kissing her earlobe before touching her industrial piercing with the tip of his tongue.

"Oliver, I am done talking about Tommy," she groaned out as he grabbed her over the curve of her ass, softly pushing her aching hips tighter against his own in understanding.

He moved them away from the wall and towards the closest flat surface, which was a modern looking turquoise couch in the living room. They fell against the soft cushions just as she finished unbuttoning his white dress shirt. He finally found the zipper of her dress, and lowered it. He roughly pushed the dress down her arms and her hips until he found nothing but black sheer lace underneath it.

"Fuck, one of these days you are going to end up killing me," Oliver moaned, watching as her pale skin flushed pink and how perfect her breasts looked in the lace. She looked amazing in her lace garter belt and silk stockings.

"But what a way to go," she teased, moving her hips up and into his, the friction making both of the groan.

He pushed the dress to the floor, leaving her in nothing but black lace and those fuchsia high heels. He kissed the skin of her neck, and down her collarbone, sucking the pale skin at the base of it until he was sure the soft skin would turn purple. He loved to mark her. It was primal and even a chauvinist tendency, but he couldn't stand the thought of being away from her for two weeks and not leaving something behind that would remind her of him. Plus she told him once that it made her toes curl…her cute polished toes.

"You will pay for that," she promised with a moan, feeling the tip of his teeth's scraping her skin teasingly.

"Yeah? What do you plan to do about it?" Oliver asked as he began removing the stockings from their small belts and down her legs. His large hands grabbed a hold of the back of her thighs and brought their bodies closer, close enough that she could feel his growing need for her against her core. Her eyes widened and darkened with lust.

She tightened her thighs around his waist and pushed his body back. He pulled her with him, effectively landing her on his lap and Oliver on his back. She removed his hands from her thighs and held them down against the couch so he wouldn't be able to touch her. Oliver got the message and let his hands relax against the sofa as she explored his body with her hands. They ran from the top of his firm pecs down to the definition of his muscle abs, and towards his happy tail. Her red nails dug into his flesh, making him groan in pleasure as her tongue followed the path of her fingers, stopping to lick and softly bite his right nipple.

"Fuck," he moaned, his fingers digging into the couch cushions, holding tight and trying to resist the urge to grab her and just fuck her senseless.

"Behave," she chided against his skin, licking his six pack as her fingers found the zipper of his trousers, releasing him from his confined prison.

"Baby, please," he begged as she quickly tugged the pants down to his ankles followed by his black boxers. He was hard, thick and long, the tip glimpsing with pre-cum.

She pulled back and tugged him to sit with his feet planted on the ground. She slipped down onto her knees in between his parted legs, her flesh digging into the plush canary yellow carpet and her hands pushing his thighs further apart as she found her place between his legs.

She looked up at him as she ran her hands up his thighs. She knew exactly what she was doing to him. When they reached the top of his slacks she looked down. Her hands took a hold of his aching cock, stroking him, using the moisture of the tip to make her movements easy and precise, making Oliver's moan out each time she tightened her hand and swiped her thumb over his tip. With every whimper and moan she moved faster and faster, one hand on his aching member and the other softly playing with the skin of his balls, making him close his eyes and moan out her name. She knew it was driving him insane; it served him well too for teasing her today like he had. Leaning forward she took a long lick from the tip of his cock, flattening her tongue and moving it over the head. She licked him from the tip to the base, enjoying how his thighs seemed to tremble with each movement of her tongue against him.

"God, please," Oliver moaned, using all his willpower to not grab the back of her head and fuck her mouth with his cock.

She liked hearing him beg, it made her feel powerful, desired, in control. Oliver always drove her mad, in and out the bedroom, so it was always a rush for her when she was the one that made him lose himself. She used her left hand to softly caress the skin of his hips and thigh, as her tongue danced and licked over his flesh, tasting his long shaft. He tasted salty and she couldn't get enough of the sounds that were leaving Oliver's lips at every caress of her tongue on him.

"You want me to suck your cock, baby? Is that it? You want to cum in my mouth? To feel your cum running down my lips. Is that it, Oliver?" she murmured against his shaft, using the tremble of her lips to drive him even further towards the edge.

"Fuck," Oliver moaned, his hips moving up from the couch, seeking some form of release.

She knew how hard he was fighting to not take her in his arms and just fuck her like there was no tomorrow. She knew how hard it was for him to give up his precious control. This made her want to make him lose all control whatsoever, and soon her pink lips were over his large head, lapping at it eagerly. She pulled him in her mouth, moving down the shaft and sucking him in. The length that she couldn't fit in her mouth she gripped with her hand, moving the skin up and down in tandem with her mouth.

"Oh God, fuck yes," Oliver groaned out as his eyes closed and his head bent back, lost in pleasure.

She kept her movements deep and steady, using her tongue to caress the sensitive skin. She went as deep as she could, not going too far back to gag, but enough to 'rock' Oliver's world. She could feel that he was getting closer to the edge with every movement; the sweat glistening over his perfect skin, his legs seeming to shake. She reveled in the fact that he was tightly holding on to the back of the couch.

"I'm fucking close. Oh God, Felicity," Oliver warned her in a low groan, and just like that she moved away from his member, that now was glistening and aching. "What the hell?" Oliver practically whimpered, confused as to why she had stopped when he was so fucking close.

"I told you, you were going to pay for that," she said, pushing herself up and depositing herself on his lap. His hands went to the back of her head and pulled her in for a hungry kiss, tasting himself on her tongue. Taking his hands she placed them on her chest, silently demanding that he touch her. His talented fingers took a hold of her breasts. His thumbs running over her nipples before pinching them and making her moan against his lips.

Her hips ground down against his hardened cock, making him moan at the contact. His hard flesh was against her clothed pussy. His hands quickly moving towards her center as she titled his head to the side and began pressing hot kisses down his neck. She was hot and wet; he could feel it through the lace of her black panties. He pressed the heel of his hand against her, eliciting a moan from Felicity.

"Oliver," she cried out in pleasure before pulling her panties to the side and giving him the opening he needed. His fingers were pushed inside of her then, fucking her just the way he knew she liked.

"Oh, you are so wet," Oliver moaned, biting the pink hard nub over the sheer lace of her bra.

He pushed the sheer lace cup down, finding her heated flesh beneath it. He licked the perky nipple, kissed it, gave small nips, and then sucked what he could of her breasts into his hot mouth.

"Oliver!" Felicity wailed as she pressed his face closer as his right hand continued to work between her legs. She squirmed on his lap, making him groan and finally dislodging her high heels to the wooden floor with a thump.

Oliver let go of her breast only to move the damp material of her lace panties down her legs, controlling his urge to simply rip them apart, knowing that Felicity hated when he trashed her expensive underwear. As soon as the dark material was on the floor, Oliver moved his fingers back to her skin and to her oversensitive clit, circling the nub and inciting moans from Felicity.

She nipped his stubbled jaw, his soft stubble caressing her skin, before moving in and kissing him, tongue joining his. His scent was always so powerful to her, all male and delicious; a mixture of leather and the ocean breeze. She couldn't get enough of the feeling of his skin against hers. In an odd way she liked that even after their shower they would spend enough time together for her scent to linger on him and his scent on her.

"I need you so much," Oliver said in a husky voice, the tension was getting too much.

"You have me, I am all yours," she whispered in a husky voice against his lips, her hands moving to his hard cock. She pumped him three times and then positioned him at her entrance. Without hesitation she sank down on him, making them both moan and cling to each other further. She was tight and wet, and she needed a few seconds to get used to the deep penetration. No matter how many times Oliver was inside of her before, it always took her breath away to feel him inside of her.

"Oh Felicity," he moaned, his head falling back to the couch as his hands held tightly to her thighs.

She placed her hands on his shoulders for leverage and began to pull herself slowly off his length before sinking down, letting her tight cunt get used to his size. Oliver's hands held onto her hips as she rode him, taking all of him before moving all the way out, only to dive deeper in her than the time before.

Her body started moving faster, up and down, taking him deeper at every move of her hips. Oliver pushed his body to meet hers. The rhythm became frantic as they both lost themselves in each other. Never had Oliver felt like this before. No other woman ever made him feel what Felicity did to him. She was truly remarkable. The one for him. His equal.

He was hitting the right spot inside of her that made her insides clench around his aching cock, and she wanted more, she needed more. And only Oliver could give it to her. So she moved even faster, going down harder, making their skin slap against one another every time Oliver bottomed out. Their bodies were covered in sweat. She could feel the fire building inside of her, getting ready to explode.

"Shit!" Oliver moaned, his eyes closed, his jaw tense. His hand came up to grip her ass as he thrust up into her while his other hand held tight on her hip. He kneaded her ass and held it so tight he feared he would bruise it.

"Don´t stop Oliver," she moaned against the skin of his neck, her nails digging into his broad shoulders, her pussy clenching around his cock. She was almost there. She needed to feel him pulsing inside of her.

He moved one of his hands over her clit. The extra stimulus was exactly what she needed, and soon she was milking him. Her walls began to clench around him, making him moan out loud.

"Oliver!" she screamed out in a breathy voice, her mind washed over with pleasure as her orgasm hit her in an explosion of colors, making her feel like she was flying.

He kept meeting her with short and quick thrusts…one, two, three, four, five times and then he spilled his seed inside her while his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

"Oh, Felicity!" he moaned, his eyes closed and his mouth slightly parted, as his orgasm rolled over him. He leaned forward to bury his face in her throat as her hands came around his neck to hold him close.

"Welcome home, baby," she softly muttered against his lips.

Later that night, Oliver and Felicity laid together on her bed, the white furniture contrasting with the bright yellow and oranges of the pillows and covers, and the mint green of the walls. His head was resting on her chest, softly tracing the small tattoo that lay beneath her left breast: a small and simple arrow. Oliver loved that tattoo ever since the first time he saw it. He was fascinated by it, such a simple and yet powerful symbol marking her pale soft flesh. But that was what Felicity was to him, she was a surprise from the moment he met her to the moment he realized that he had fallen completely in love with this amazing woman.

"What are you thinking?" she asked him, as she ran her hands over his blonde hair.

"How lucky I am to have found you," Oliver whispered, softly kissing the small tattoo.

"Oh, tell me more Mr. Queen," she said with a smile as Oliver moved his hands over the skin of her tight abs.

"Maybe I shouldn't, you never know what your ego could do with you," he teased, softly tracing small invisible patterns on her skin with the point of his fingers.

"Says the king of the largest ego I ever met," she teased back, remembering how cocky Oliver was when they first met. She would have never believed that one day they would be where they are today.

"No, that was my 'Before Felicity' time, my own personal Dark Ages. I think we can say I've come a long way since then," Oliver said, making her laugh.

" 'Before Felicity', hum? Ok, I think I can live with that," she said with a small laugh.

"You know it is true. I just can't imagine my life without you in it. It wouldn't be a life, it would be simply existing," he mused with a grin, but she knew how serious he was.

"So that's why you asked me to marry you! You just can't live without me! Everything just became incredibly clear right now," she said with a smile.

"And here I was thinking that I proposed because you are the love of my life. The woman I love. The future mother of my unborn children. Something like that," he replied with a smirk, making her hit him with one of her bed pillows.

"Oliver Queen, the eternal romantic. Oh if all your past conquests could see you now," she teased back, making him move quickly on the bed, pushing her down on the mattress with him on top of her. She laughed at him as he tried to hold her still.

"FE-LI-CI-TY," Oliver said, nipping the skin of her shoulder with every syllable.

"Ok, ok," she begged, tears of happiness forming in the back of her eyes, as his fingers moved to tickle her sides.

"How can you laugh about my dying love for you?" he teased.

"Because I love you just the same. Which probably is the reason why I am wearing this beauty here," she said, pointing to her Tiffany diamond engagement ring – according to Oliver it was a four-carat cushion-cut diamond in a platinum band, surrounded by small diamonds down on the sides. All Felicity cared for was that it was from Oliver. He moved to kiss the ring on her left hand and she couldn't help tease, "That and your incredible abs."

"Ha ha. But seriously…I love to see this ring on your finger," Oliver said, enjoying the sight of it, something that was not usual these days.

"So do I," she said with a smile, admiring how perfect the ring felt on her finger.

"Then maybe it is time for you to wear it more often around your finger and not on a silver chain between your breasts," he finger trailed down in between her breasts.

"Oliver. Come on, we already talked about it," Felicity said, frustrated and not wanting to get in the same old argument that they had since they started dating.

"No. You talked and I listened. We have been together for a year, Felicity, engaged for almost a month. And yet no one knows about us. And frankly I am tired at trying to hide it. I am proud to be your fiancé, and I can't wait for the whole world to know it."

"Oliver, it's easy for you to say that. You are the future CEO of a multimillionaire company, born in a gold crib, well maybe born in a gold crib. You know what I mean," she waved away the raised eyebrow he gave her, "I am an IT girl from a simple family that is still paying for her student loans from MIT. You know how people will see it. Any accomplishment that I have made at Queen Consolidated will be considered something that happened because of my involvement with you and not because I'm a smart woman, a smart blonde woman to top it off."

"So you expect us to stay in the closet forever? How do you expect us to move on with our lives, to build a family together? I love you Felicity and for me that is all that matters," he explained.

She pulled him close, "Oliver, I am fighting for a promotion in the IT Department. I think this project that your dad wants me to work on is the key to actually getting it. I need this. I need to be me, Felicity, IT expert before I can be ' Felicity, Oliver Queen's fiancé."

He placed his palm on her cheek and gave her a chaste kiss, "I know. I'm sorry. I know how hard you have been working for this. I'm just so tired to have to hide it. I love you and I want everybody to know it."

"They will know it. I promise you, just give me a month. It's all that I need. Then we can tell the entire universe that we are engaged. Come to work and tell everyone with megaphones," she said, softly kissing the palm of his hand.

"I love you, Felicity," Oliver said with a large smile, softly kissing her again.

"I love you too, Oliver," she replied happily.

He let out a little annoyed huff and buried his face in her neck, "How will I survive without you for two weeks?"

"The same way you did during the 'Before Felicity' age. I mean, without the random sex with endless women, the excessive drinking, fighting and acting like a spoiled brat," she said with a smile. Oliver lifted himself up again and let her see him rolling his eyes.

"I am pretty sure that those techniques don't work after a certain age, especially when you are engaged to an amazing, smart, beautiful woman."

"Good answer," she said, kissing him once more, her hands getting lost in his soft hair. She pulled back all of a sudden, "Oh, wait. I have something for you." She pushed him off of her and jumped off the bed before walking naked towards her white dresser. His eyes trailed after her.

"You know, I don't know if I want it. It made you move out of this bed and is probably giving Mr. Jones, from next door, a great show. That man is way too old to have such a sight like a naked you walking around," Oliver complained, as he moved to lay down against the large bed pillows.

"Don't be such a buzz kill," Felicity gave a small snort before moving back to the bed carrying a small black box in her hands.

"What is that?" he asked, watching as her fingers softly moved over the black box.

"Open it," she said before handing him the small box.

Oliver slowly opened the small box. He took what was inside into his hands; shocked to find a platinum arrow pendant attached to a silver chain long enough that it would rest low on his chest.

"An arrow?" Oliver asked, looking at Felicity's smiling face.

"Yes, so that even when we are apart I can always be close to you," she answered, taking the chain from his hands and placing it around his neck. The long chain felt cold on his skin as the pendent fell down to his ribcage. Looking down at it he couldn't help but smile. It was perfect.

"You really are remarkable, Felicity Smoak," he said with a large smile, touching the tip of the arrow with his fingers, happy to have such a private and yet clear token to remember Felicity by when he missed her. Now every time he looked down, or even felt the pendent against his skin, he would remember the woman he loved. A constant reminder of what he had waiting for him back home.

"Thank you for remarking it. Now, we both have something to hold on too," she said, gently using the pendent to bring him closer to her body. She wanted to lose herself one more time in the man she loved before it would be time for him to go. He met her halfway.

The trip to Australia was as exhausting as Oliver had assumed it would be. The deal with AmerTek was still making him feel uneasy, but their location and manufacturing were ok, yet something felt off to him. Oliver never liked the idea of working with the army and that was probably what made him have all these doubts about the AmerTek contracts that would bring a lot of money to the company. So after days and days of inspections, demonstrations and meetings, they were ready to go back to Starling City.

Robert had decided to spend their last day in Australia enjoying the city of Perth. So they had a nice lunch at Matilda Bay Restaurant, a modern Australian cuisine restaurant, with a contemporary menu and an extensive wine list situated on the banks of Swan River. After enjoying their sea food, Robert felt like enjoying the sunny day and the ocean breeze so they rented a small yacht, the "Lazzara 80 Sky Lounge." It was built more for speed rather than luxury, a very different version of their own yacht the 'Queen's Gambit'.

Oliver relaxed in his chair next to the captain's chair as his father piloted the yacht, using almost all the power of the engines, enjoying the rush of the speed. They drove for hours, going south of Perth and down the coast, enjoying how the sunset seemed to color the waters as it did with the sky. Oliver gently ran his hands against his arrow pendent, felling the edges of it, holding tightly to it. God, how he missed Felicity.

"It's getting late Oliver. We'd better head back before it gets too dark," Robert said, changing the course of the boat.

"Yeah, you're probably right," Oliver whispered, not looking at him.

"You look kind of blue son," Robert said, looking in Oliver's direction.

"Yeah, I miss home I guess," Oliver said with a shrug, not taking his eyes of his pendent.

"Missing home or missing someone at home?" Robert asked him with a smile.

After a long beat Oliver took a long deep breath. "Missing someone," Oliver replied with a smile, happy to finally admit that there was someone special in his life.

"Really? Who is she? I was starting to think that you had lost your touch son," Robert said with a smirk, making Oliver laugh.

"No, I just met someone really special. She is everything I ever wanted."

"It seems serious."

"More than you can ever know, dad."

"Then why have I not met this woman already? Are you ashamed of your old man, Oliver?"

"No, I guess we can say she's a little bit shy. But I really want you and mom to meet her. I think that even Thea will like her."

"Even Thea? Then she must be really special, you know how much your sister hates the women you date."

Before Oliver could answer to his father, a loud noise and a huge impact was felt, making Oliver and Robert fly towards the boats panel. The impact was caused by the front of the boat crashing into a large rock formation that was hidden by the high tide. The impact had destroyed the front of the expensive boat and within seconds water was filling the inside of the luxury boat. Oliver felt his head pound as he moved from the floor, blood dripping from the top of his forehead. He felt disorientated and his vision was blurry, and as the power of the boat went out, he could hear the sounds of the water invading the lower deck. He moved on the floor, looking for his father only to find broken glass and debris from the boat.

"Dad?" Oliver shouted, trying to find his father.

The boat was sinking faster than Oliver could move; his right leg hurt, he had cuts all over his torso and his head was aching. But he needed to find his father. Looking up, he could see that the cabin glass was shattered and had smears of blood. Oliver felt the air leave his lungs.

"Dad! Dad!" Oliver shouted, as he looked around frantically to only find his father not moving, blood all over his skin and clothes, his body stuck between the indistinguishable iron and wood panels of the front deck.

He ran to him as fast as he could, moving over the glass of the cabin shield, until he reached his father. Oliver moved to his side, softly shaking his body. "Dad, wake up. We need to get out of here. Dad, please," Oliver pleaded, his shouts echoing in the empty air.

He tried to move Robert but he couldn't remove the iron structure, it was too heavy. He wasn't strong enough. Water began to flow all around them and the sounds of the metal writhing were the last thing he heard before everything turned into darkness.

A couple walked hand in hand on the white sands of the Peppermint Grove Beach, enjoying the starry night, the last night of their honeymoon before they would have to go back to their regular life's at Capel. The waves were agitated and even though the sky was clear, Slade Wilson felt chills down his spine, a feeling that he only had back during his time in the Australian Special Forces. He held tight onto the hand of his wife, as he brought her body closer to his. Her presence was the only thing that made him forget the terrible things he had seen over his military career before he retired with honors after a serious injury that stolen the sight of his right eye. They walked in silence, enjoying each other's presence and the cold breeze.

"Honey, what is that?" his wife pointed at a dark form strewn against the rocks, the water moving on and off of it.

"Wait here, Shado," Slade said alert, not wanting to put his wife in danger.

"Be careful," she said after him, watching her husband as he walked towards the rocks.

Slade moved carefully through the sand and towards the rocks. The sea algae was growing all around the rocks and in the middle of it lay an unconscious man. Slade approached carefully, trying to see if the man was a threat only to find endless cuts and bruises scattered across the man. His blond hair was pressed down on his face alongside cuts and bruises and a long gash on his forehead. He was pale and looked weak. The man looked like he was in his early twenties. And he didn't look like the kind that would lie drunk or drugged on the beach.

"Hey, kid. Can you hear me?" Slade moved closer to him, and went down on his knees, trying to wake the unconscious stranger. But he wouldn't respond. Moving his hand to his pulse point he found out his heart was beating, even if his pulse was weak. What the hell had happened to this kid?

"Is he breathing?" Shado asked, tired of waiting and running to his side.

"Shado! I told you to stay there," Slade said, frustrated.

"I am a doctor, Slade! If he is hurt my job is to help him!" Shado said, moving to find the stranger's weak pulse. He was in bad shape. "Come on, help me get him out of here. He needs a hospital."

"Ok, just keep your distance. We don't know who he is or what's happened to him," Slade said as he began to move Oliver with Shado instructing him, taking care to not hurt him even more.

"Careful," Shado said as she held his neck steady and Slade turned him over slowly.

A groan made them both stop and they watched as the stranger seemed to recover consciousness for a few moments, his blue eyes unfocused and tired.

"He's awake," Shado said in shock.

"Hi there, kid. Are you ok?" Slade asked, watching how confused the blonde stranger seemed to be.

"Who are you?" the stranger asked, his voice raspy and trembling.

"Don't try to get up. You're really hurt. I am Shado and this is my husband, Slade. We want to help you. We are going to take you to a hospital, ok?" Shado said, trying to not let him move.

"What happened to you kid? What's your name?" Slade asked.

The blonde stranger seemed to mull over the question for a second before answering.

"I don't know. I… I don't know who I am."

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