Chapter one

Harry potter had always felt out of the picture. Nobody understood him .They all considered him as the saviour of the wizarding world. Even his friends did not fully understand him. Nobody saw beyond all the bravado there was a boy who was abused by his relatives and who craved for love. He clung to love as it was the only thing which kept him alive and without it he could sink beneath his fears never to surface again.

After he defeated voldemort he felt that his only purpose in life had gone. After all people respected him only because he was the one who defeated the dark lord. Those who loved him truly were all dead at the hands of the death eaters. Remus, Ginny, Sirius, Fred, Dumbledore …even his best friends Ron and Hermione were dead. There was no one left to love him anymore. The people from he got love were gone never to come again. He had been left alone again by his friends just like his parents who had died at the hands of the dark lord.

He felt that the wizarding world held no place for him. It was full of the bittersweet memories of his loved ones who gave their life for him so he decided to cut off all the ties from the wizarding world and start a new life far away from the memories of his loved ones. He was convinced he could never find solace in friendship or love ever again.