Hermione sat in the common room attempting to study, watching Harry and Ron play a game of Exploding Snap. The portrait hole opened, and Fred walked in, a dark look on his face. He sat in a chair across from Ron and threw his bag on the floor. Ron sent him a concerned glance before returning to his game. "What's wrong, Fred?"

"What's wrong, little brother, is that McGonagall has just informed me that I've to serve my detention with the oh-so-delightful Umbridge."

Harry made an involuntary action to cover his hand, but stopped himself in time, trying to pass it off as trying to scratch his hand. Fred frowned at him for a second before running a hand through his hair. Ron winced in sympathy and gently patted Fred's knee. "It was nice knowing you."

Fred rolled his eyes and threw a balled up piece of parchment at Ron's head. Harry laughed, earning him a glare from Ron and an evil grin from Fred. "Just for that, Potter, we're getting you too."

Harry grinned in response. "You just try, Weasley."

Fred and Ron shared a look before attacking Harry with everything they could reach; quills, spare parchment, cards. Hermione watched in amusement, jumping slightly when she heard a voice at her ear. "Can't believe they started without me."

She turned in her chair and saw George leaning against the back of the chair, before he pulled out his wand and cast a shield charm over Harry. All the objects being thrown started bouncing back to Fred and Ron, who were bewildered for a second before spotting George grinning in the corner. "So, brother mine, what's this I hear about you getting a detention without me?" He tried to look indignant, placing his hands on his hips as Fred grinned at him. "I was just protecting a dear lady's honour. And jinxing that scumbag, Malfoy." He leaned back in his chair.

George nodded knowingly. "Ah yes, of course. Perfectly acceptable then."

Fred laughed, before checking his watch and swearing. "I'm going to be late. See you all later." He got up, frowning again, and walked swiftly out of the portrait hole.

Harry and Ron stood up not long afterwards. "We're going down to the kitchens Hermione, see if there's any good food. You coming too?"

She shook her head, tidying the cards up, waving as the boys left the room.

"So," said George, sitting down in Fred's recently vacated chair. "You and my brother?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "For the last time, there's nothing between Ron and-"

"No, no," he said, cutting her off. "My other brother. You know, looks exactly like me and is therefore devilishly handsome? I'm still better looking, of course."

Hermione laughed softly, blushing slightly. George grinned at her. "Ah, so there is. Well, as long as you don't mess him around, I don't care. Just make sure I'm not in the room when you're getting all up close and personal." He wiggled his eyebrows as Hermione exclaimed, "George!"

He just laughed at her, getting up and getting ready to leave. "Well, best of luck, Hermione. Have fun."

Later that evening, Hermione was still in the common room, waiting on Fred's return with a bowl of strained Murtlap tentacles. She knew exactly how Fred was going to be when he returned, and was going to do whatever she could to help him. Not ten minutes later, he came through the portrait hole, clutching his hand and swearing under his breath.

"Fred. Come here." She ordered, startling him when he tried to walk past.

"What are you doing, Hermione?" He asked, but took a seat next to her, unable to disobey.

"Give me your hand."

He did as she asked, and she placed it in the bowl, watching as relief washed over his face.

"Wow. Thank you. What is this stuff?"

She smiled weakly. "Strained Murtlap tentacles. Harry had the same problem, so I know what I'm doing now. That woman is vile."

Fred nodded, watching her face as she spoke.

They sat in a content silence for a whole, before Fred spoke again. "That's loads better. Thanks again, Granger."

Hermione didn't reply, but got a cloth and gently wiped his injured hand dry. She tried to let go afterwards, but Fred held onto her hand and used his other hand to tilt her chin up. "Seriously. You're a lifesaver. And that's one of the things I like about you. You're reliable, dependable, amazingly smart, not to mention incredibly beautiful." He smiled at her, looking into her eyes. "Is it okay if kiss you?"

She smiled at him before saying, "After a speech like that, of course, you idiot!"

Fred laughed before closing the distance between them, doing what he'd wanted to since he heard she'd punched Draco Malfoy in the face. Kissing Hermione Granger.