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Chapter 4: Stupid Mutts


"Dude I have so much to teach Bella!" Emmett was still going on about how Bella didn't know about the 'latest games'. I swear he is just a big man child.

"You and me both." Edward commented. I rolled my eyes and blocked my thoughts. I love my brother and I'm happy we can agree on things, but like any other female, I need my privacy.

I sat down my sketchbook and pencil and sat at the window. My thoughts went right to Bella. She was such a sweetie from what I could tell, and she seems shy too. That wonderful body thats curvy and muscular in all the right places. That blush too. I wonder if I can get her to do a full body blush. And that pouty bottom lip just begging to be sucked. My head jerked back when I realized what I was thinking. Bad thoughts! Bad Alice! I mentally chided myself. Carlisle came downstairs with a book in his hand.

"Has anyone seen Bella? I would like to talk to her." Leave it to Carlisle to get excited about another mythical creature.

"I think she went for a walk or something." Rosalie sighed and closed her magazine.

"Come to think of it, wasn't that like 2 hours ago?" Jasper pointed out from Edwards side. The bronze vampire nodding his agreement.

"Maybe she's on her way ba-" Esme's sentence was cut off by the smell of blood. Very familiar smelling blood. We all jumped up alert, because the smell was accompanied by the stench of those filthy La Push wolves. We rushed outside and saw an unconcious Bella being carried by one of the reservation mutts.

I growled at him, the sound rattling around in my chest. I was surprised by the sheer force of the growl. Jasper grabbed my shoulder and a wave of calm washed over me. Mumbling a quiet 'thanks' to Jasper, I looked over to Carlisle who was studying Bella's limp form.

"Bring her inside." The mutt wasted no time in passing by us and into the living room. He was about to lay her on the couch, but Carlisle stopped him and told him to take her upstairs. I could her Esme sigh in relief from having her couch saved before she flashed upstairs to assist Carlise. The others and i followed them upstairs.

"Ugh the stench in here is unbearable." Rosalie commented, shooting a look in the direction of the dog in the room. Esme gave her a stern look that said 'not right now', though her nose still scrunched slightly. The dog laid Bella on Carlisle's table. he quickly went to work on assessing the damage done.

"Now what happened?" Carlisle asked the boy that brought Bella in.

"I was out patrolling the area and went to get some water. There was a lion there that I tried to avoid, when I caught the smell of a lee- vampire. I growled. You know, a knee-jerk reaction, and she lunged. I fought back, but I didnt know it was a perso-" he didn't get a chance to finish. I was across the room in an instant, charging into him. His back hit the wall in Carlisle's study, causing it to crack under the pressure. My forearm pressed into his throat.

"Alice!" Esme scolded as she and Rosalie pulled me back. Rosalie a little reluctantly.

"He could have killed her Esme." I retorted as I jerked my arm in her grasp.

"He didn't know Alice. And Bella is just as much to blame. Please keep your temper in check. I would like to avoid a war with the shifters." Carlisle said calmly. I growled once more at the mutt before feeling the hands on my arms release me.

"Now I've wrapped her up, but she's going to be unconcious for a couple of hours. I could look over you if you want um..."

"Jacob, and I'm going to have to decline her offer." His jaw was clenched.

"What he isn't good enough for you dog?" Rosalie sneered. I snorted softly from her side.

"Ok Alice, Rosalie I want both of you to go downstairs right now." Esme said in a tone that left no room for argument. Rosalie huffed and left that room and I followed after. We sat in the living room and i noticed another wolf shifter in the room. He looked younger than his friend upstairs.

"Um hi. I'm Seth." Rosalie scoffed and proceeded to read a car magazine. The kids eyes lit up like christmas.

"Is that the issue featuring the new Shelby? The 67?" Rosalie lifted one perft brow.

"You know cars?"

"I dabble." He shrugged. I tuned out their pointless conversation about cars. I was too worried about Bella being attacked by that damned dog. And there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. The hen comes in here and refuses to at least get checked by Carlisle with his fucking 'holier-than-thou' attitude. I should rip that mutt a new one. A loud snap broke me from my thoughts. I looked down and in my hands were the arms from Esme's chair. Woops. Jasper let a wave of calm envelope the room.

"Ooo pixie! Esme will kill you!" Emmett teased. i flipped him off and poked my tongue out like the mature 93 year old vampire that I am. Carlisle, Esme and Jacob walked down that stairs just in time to catch this.

"What happened to my chair?!"

"I'm sorry Esme. i'll get you a new one." I promised.

"Are you sure you'll let me know as soon as she wakes up?" Jacob asked Carlisle.

"You have my word." Carlisle told him with a friendly pat on the shouled. Jacob nodded.

"Come on Seth." he ordered the younger boy with a snap of his fingers. Seth mumbled something under his breath about Jacob being an asshole which caused me to giggle. Jacob scowled at me.

I glared at him in challenge. "Problem?"

He just grabbed Seth by his elbow and dragged him out of the house. My 'parents' both gave me disappointed looks.

"What? He started it."

"Can you please not encourage it though?" Carlisle asked.

"Fine." I sighed. Everyone went to do their own thing. Jasper and Eddie walked over to me.

"Can we talk to you outside Ali?"

"Sure." They led me outside and we ran until we were outside of hearing distance of the house. We were at a small clearing. Jasper and I sat on a log while Edward leaned against a nearby tree. After a moment of silence Jasper spoke up.

"So...Bella huh?" I groaned.

"Am I that obvious?" He and Edward laughed.

"I heard some thoughts you let slip earlier." My mouth dropped open. I was utterly mortified. Edward heard that?! " Sure did." He grinned.

"And when that Jacob kid told us what happened, your emotions went haywire. Love, anger, protectiveness."

"What am I gonna do guys? What if she doesn't feel the same? I mean, she probably doesnt even like girls. I dont think I could deal with that. Plus she's been through so much. The last thing she needs is a lovestuck vampire for a mate." My expression went from sad to indignant when I saw my brothers rolling on the gound, laughing their asses off.

"Alice calm down she is your mate. She may not feel as strongly about it as you do, but the feelings are there. Trust me. Just be patient." Jazz always made me feel better.

"I helped too! What am i? Chopped liver?" Edward exclaimed playfully.

"No you pointed out that you heard my borderline indecent thoughts. It's horrible that you heard those things."

"They were quite entertaining." He winked at me. I tackled him to the ground and we wrestled with Jasper laughing at us the whole time.

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