"This is an important deal. If you close it-" Felicity suddenly stopped in her tracks, noticing that her boss wasn't paying attention to her, at all.

She eyed him, slightly annoyed. He was sitting at his desk, legs stretched in front of him, tie hanging loosely around his neck and a deep frown on his face.

He was watching the documents of the new deal he was supposed to sign and Felicity couldn't understand what was wrong with him. She had spent half of the day clearing all the doubts he could have and everything had seemed pretty straightforward to her. Their CFO was ecsastic about the final terms of the deal and the only thing left to do was finalizing it in person.

"Oliver are you listening to me?" She raised her voice slightly, placing her hands on her hips in an imposing manner and leveling him with a glare. After two years working together they were way beyond formalities. He had taken over the company after his father's death and since he had majored in dropping out of college, as he liked to joke, he wasn't the most qualified person for the position so he had gradually started to lean more and more on her and after a rocky start now she got to boss him around in a quite satisfying way.

"Does the name Richard Wright mean anything to you?"

"Yes." she frowned at him. "It's the business man you have to meet to close the deal."

Oliver finally tore his eyes from the papers in his hands so he could look at his EA. She was eyeing him warily and he found her expression quite endearing. The first time they had met he had tried to hit on her, partly because it was his way to relate to any young woman and partly because with her short skirt and colorful lips he had found her damn attractive. But after he had gotten the cold shoulder and had been scold by his father for his unprofessional behavior he had decided to move on to more easy conquests and he had ended up enjoying their easy banter and their kind of professional relationship.

He shook his head slowly, trying to hide his little smirk.

"No, I meant something else." She blinked at him, still unsure of what was up with him.

"Don't worry." He flashed her his Oliver Queen signature smile and looked like he had decided to drop the subject.

"Is everything arranged for the trip?"

"Yes." She pushed the files she was holding towards him and started to give him the details about their trip to Central City. They were going to meet with a new investor, Richard Wright, magnate of the hotel management business.

He had made a big fortune in the last twenty years, opening luxurious hotels all over the country and in Europe and now he was looking for something new and challenging where he could put his money. They hoped that something new was going to be one of Queen Consolidated's latest projects.

It had been complicated for the company since Robert Queen's death. He had gone on a boat trip to China, but unfortunately it didn't go as planned and they got caught unprepared by a terrible storm that had caused the boat to shipwreck. Sadly there were no survivors. Not him, not any members of the crew and not Isabel Rochev, the young woman he had taken with him.

Needless to say the investors weren't particularly pleased with the change of CEO and the nasty gossips which followed the man's departure didn't help at all.

Moira Queen with all the dignity she could muster had avoided coming to the company to shield herself from the scandal and with her younger daughter still in high school the only Queen who could take over Robert's role at the top of the company was her son, Oliver.

After two years things were starting to look up but they weren't in a position to pass at any offer, especially one from a man like Richard Wright.

So the next day they were flying to Central City and Oliver was supposed to charm the business man into sealing a deal with them and he couldn't do it without his trusty EA.

"I'm seeing you tomorrow at eight. Don't be late!" She smiled at him and turned to make her way out, ready to call it a night. It was already seven thirty and she hadn't packed any of her stuff yet.

"You know me, I' m never late" She heard him, his voice light and teasing and she glanced over at him, shaking her head and earning a playful grin.

Felicity glanced at her watch sighing, 8:30. No matter how much her boss had changed over the last year or how responsible he had become he still couldn't be on time, ever.

She was the opposite, always the responsible girl. Even if to be fair she would have loved to bend the rules, to have fun without worrying about the consequences for once, but that would have more likely ended with her becoming a cocktail waitress like her mother so she had resolved to be the straight A student and to build a life for herself she could be proud of.

She saw the pilot giving her a sympathetic look and she smiled. At least they could use the corporate jet.

"Hey!" She turned to glare at Oliver, who seemed totally unfazed by the situation, as usual. He grinned at her and she couldn't help but smile back at him. He had a way to lower her defenses, especially when he was carrying a steamy cup of coffee from her favorite place.

After a short flight they decided to stop directly at the company to meet Mr. Wright, sending their luggage to the hotel.

"It's going to be fine." Felicity said, eyeing her boss, who had been fidgeting with his tie for the whole car ride. "I know." He smiled while he walked out of the car and extended an hand to help her out, before marching into the large building in front of them.

"Ollie!" they heard an excited squeal coming from the lobby and they both pivoted to face a red head young woman, clearly dressed to impress.

Felicity watched from the corner of her eye Oliver stopping mid step, his smile freezing.

The woman made her way towards them, swaying her hips and batting her eyelashes at her boss, barely noticing her.

"When daddy told me he had to meet with the head of QC I knew I had to swing by. I knew if you wanted to come here in person there had to be a special reason." She said winking suggestively.

Felicity laughed under her breath. Ex girlfriend, obviously. Than something ticked in her memory and she remembered that the previous day Oliver thought the name Richard Wright sounded familiar. And so it should have been, since apparently it was the name of one of his former flames' father. But probably since he couldn't remember some of the girls' names he wasn't likely to remember or know their parents' either.

She glanced sideways at him. She just hoped this girl wasn't going to be a problem and whatever stupid decision he had made years ago wasn't going to ruin all the hard work they had put in the deal.

She looked at the girl scanning her from eyes to toes. She was beautiful, really, like movie star like beautiful, in a b series movie, possibly x rated, judging by the outfit.

She raised her eyebrows looking at the deep v neckline of her red dress which let more than a glimpse of black lace bra showing, probably for Oliver's benefit. She had high black hills that flattered her long lean legs but she really didn't leave anything to the imagination.

Her long red hair were arranged in a complicated hairdo and her light green eyes were marked by black make up. Her lips were painted in a dark red and currently curved in a sly smile.

"Hey Carrie." He was clearly uncomfortable and was shifting on his feet while slightly loosening his tie.

After a moment Felicity saw her gaze sliding slowly on her and her perfect smile turning a bit colder while she took in her appearance, from her simple navy dress to her matching hills, focusing than on her face.

Felicity, feeling self conscious, raised an hand to push her glasses on the bridge of her nose and smoothed imaginary wrinkles from her dress.

"And you are?" "Felicity Smoak." She promptly answered, stretching her hand for the other woman to shake, "I'm mister Queen's EA."

"Oh?" She gave a little laugh and added in a mean tone "aren't secretary supposed to be at their desk at the company?"

Felicity lowered her hand slowly and thought that she could very gladly use it to hit her. She had always been an hard worker and being mocked by a woman who probably had never worked a day in her life was so not in her plans for the day.

"I'm an EA." She stated, trying to keep her tone neutral.

"Fancy term for secretary."

"Carrie." Oliver said in a low voice and the redhead turned so she could face him and placed one of her hands on his chest. Than she addressed Felicity again, not looking away from Oliver. "So you can clear Ollie's schedule for today and we can catch up, for old time's sake."

Her tone was suggestive and it made Felicity raise her eyebrows, "wow, desperate much?" She mused.

Than with her great horror she saw both Oliver and Carrie turning to her, her boss with an amused expression gracing his face, his eyes sparkling and Carrie with a furious one, her cheeks slightly red.

She realized she must have said it out loud and clapped a hand on her mouth, terribly embarrassed.

"Oh my god!I'm so sorry!"

She waved her hands around, trying to collect her thoughts and started babbling helplessly.

"You weren't supposed to hear that!it was supposed to stay in my head, here." She pointed towards her head. But probably that wasn't the best thing to say so she kept going trying to fix the situation.

"I don't think you are desperate" she laughed, nervously, "not at all." "You are still young and pretty. Not just pretty! Beautiful! Really, really beautiful!"

"And you have your bra all out because men like that." She said gesturing towards Carrie's chest, who was eyeing her like she was a crazy person. "I can't understand that because I am a woman. And you have no intention on hitting on me. I would be flattered but-"

"Felicity." Oliver finally stepped in to save her, trying unsuccessfully to hide his grin.

She blushed even more, while her brain caught up with what her mouth had just blurted out and cast Carrie an apologetic look.

"I' m sorry, by the way."

Carrie quickly gathered herself and gave a little fake laugh.

"Anyway Ollie" she turned to face him once again.

"I' m taking you out for a tour in the city."

"I am here to meet your father. We have a deal to discuss." Oliver seemed quite determined to avoid spending the day with his former flame and Felicity wondered how a six feet tall man could be so frightened by a woman. But he was and judging by the situation he wasn't going to get lucky today, or he probably was, willing or not.

"Oh I know! But when I told him that I wanted to spend a little time with you he decided to reschedule." She batted her eyelashes innocently.

"I would have never imagined that you would have become this serious business man. Although I have to say it' s kind of sexy." She lowered her voice, tracing slowly the lapel of his jacket with one perfect manicured finger.

"I, we were really hoping to see him as soon as possible."

She shifted irritated, obviously getting the hint but not feeling like budging.

"Well you can meet him for dinner if you insist." She stated, her tone a lot sharper now. "Your secretary can make reservation for the three of us."

"Four." Apparently he wasn't going to be brave enough to face the night alone and he searched her face, silently trying to apologize. "I need Felicity there."

"Of course she needs to bring you your notes." She casually dismissed. "Can we go now? And Felicia, something classy would you?"

"It' s Felicity." She glanced at the woman, her gaze steady and a tight smile on her lips. She was a professional and she wasn't going to pick a fight with that woman, it wasn't like her. And more importantly she wasn't going to fight over her boss.

Carrie let her annoying laugh out again. "Of course, that's what I said."

Than she proceeded to ignore her completely and tugged Oliver's sleeve, taking him towards the exit.

Her boss had quite a desperate look on his face and was watching her clearly asking for help. That made Felicity genuinely smile and she shot him an innocent look slightly shaking her head. It seemed like he was finally going to get payback for all the hearts he had broken in his younger years and while a part of her was feeling guilty for abandoning him, as a woman she couldn't say she didn't feel like it was a little bit deserved.