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She pursed her lips, refusing to face him just yet. She had put herself out there, showing more vulnerability than she was ever going to be comfortable with, and she didn't want to look at him until she knew for sure if he was going to reciprocate her feelings or not.

If he didn't she was determined to leave with her dignity intact. She also didn't want him to feel bad in case he didn't want to give her a chance, she couldn't exactly blame him after her behavior. And she was determined, whatever was going to happen between them, not to let her feelings affect their working relationship. Her job used to be just a mean to an end when she accepted it, but she had realized she had been thinking about QC as something important to her too for quite some time. She wanted to see the company thrive and she wanted to be the one helping Oliver make it successful.

"Felicity, I- yeah, okay."

She looked up at him, eyebrows raised in surprise at his chocked voice, her brain struggling to grasp at the meaning of his words. "Yeah, okay?" She repeated numbly and he nodded, his smile widening in a broad grin and Felicity felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her chest.

"You know," She said, her eyes shining, a little with mischief and a little with barely contained emotion, "I expected a bit more. I mean, my confession was a good one and I get a yeah, o-"

He cut her off pulling her towards him and gently pressing his lips on hers. It was a bit complicated to kiss while both of them were smiling so widely and Oliver huffed a laugh against her lips.

"I'm sorry I didn't meet your expectations." His low and intimate tone made a thrill go through her, making her feel warm and slightly fuzzy, and she sat down on his lap, her fingers gently carding through his hair.

"There's always room for improvement."

This time when he dragged her mouth down on his neither of them was smiling anymore. Oliver kept her head firmly in place as he slanted his lips on hers, making her gasp when he nipped at her bottom lip and tremble in his arms when he boldly tangled his tongue with hers.

Felicity was breathless and shaky when he ended the kiss. She knew her cheeks were flushed and her chin felt suspiciously chafe-y but the only thing she cared about in that moment was Oliver's adoring smile. Probably she was biased, but she thought that right there was his best look. Happiness suited him, made him softer, lighter and she loved that she could do that to him.

"How was that for improvement?"

Felicity laughed, happy and carefree and shook her head at him. "I guess it was all right. I mean-"

"All right?" He sounded slightly offended and Felicity couldn't resist teasing him a little more.

"Well, I have standards."

"Oh, you have standards. I see."

She squealed when he gripped her hips and tossed her on the bed, trapping her under him before he started tickling her, taking great enjoyment in her laughter and her futile attempts to escape him.

"God, you are perfect."

She stopped tossing, trying to catch her breath, and looked at him, surprised, tiny tendrils of hair tickling her nose with every breath she took. Oliver tenderly brushed the hair out of her face and cupped her cheek, his thumb tenderly stroking her jaw. There was a new intensity in his eyes, so strong it made Felicity squirm under his scrutiny, but she couldn't look away, trapped in his serious gaze.

"You are perfect and I'm in love with you."

Felicity gave him a little, tremulous smile, his whispered words overwhelming her. "I- I think I'm in love with you too."

"You think?" He asked softly, looking hopeful, his blue eyes boring into hers, and she laughed a little.

"I know. I know."

"You are not just saying it right? Because I would understand if you are not-"

"Oliver." She said firmly, cupping his face with her hands to make him look at her, to make him understand how much she meant it. "I do. I do love you."

He looked at her for a long moment before he pressed his lips on hers again in a soft, lingering kiss that left her breathless. "Good."

Felicity bit her bottom lip before kissing him again and arching into him, her hold on him tightening. She was eager to feel his weight pressing her down into the mattress, his hard, warm body a delicious contrast to her soft one.

Oliver seemed just as eager as he groaned and started kissing her jaw, his stubble scratching her skin. He reached her ear and nipped at her industrial piercing, making Felicity whimper and shift restlessly under him. She couldn't handle the teasing anymore. Her whole body was on fire and she felt like she had wanted this man forever. She was done waiting.

She got her hands under his shirt, her fingers digging into the strong muscles of his back before swiftly trailing towards the front, but when her knuckles lightly skimmed over his lower stomach Oliver caught her wrist, his ragged breath hot against her ear.


He gave her another passionate, way too short kiss and got up, holding a hand out for her.

"What are you doing?"

She looked at his hand in confusion, his rumpled shirt and messy hair making him too delectable for his own good.

"I'm taking you out."

"Why?" She wasn't pouting, she honestly wasn't, but just one minute ago she was laying on the softest sheets she has ever touched with the man she loved on top of her and she really didn't think going out of the room could improve a pretty much already perfect situation.

He shrugged, looking a bit embarrassed. "Because I want to do this right."

She couldn't be annoyed at him, not when he was so determined to treat her right, to prove he respected her, so she took his hand and let him pull her upright, lingering a little with her body pressed against his before fixing her hair and following him outside, her small hand comfortably tucked into his bigger one.

"What are we doing here?" Felicity was stunned as Oliver parked his sleek Mercedes in front of Queen Consolidated. As far as romantic spots that definitely wasn't what she had in mind but Oliver looked excited, if not a bit uncertain so she decided not to say anything.

"I have to show you something, come on."

Felicity let Oliver lead her to his office gently pressing a hand in the small of her back, than turned to face her, took a big breath and smiled affectionately at her.

"I think I have always known you were too smart to work as my assistant."


"It's true. I've been selfish because I needed you. I still do, but it isn't fair. You are brilliant and you deserve better. I can't keep you as my assistant anymore."

"Oliver, that's- I appreciate it but I also appreciate having a job."

"I know. That's why I have a proposition for you."

Felicity nodded, but still looked at him warily, not completely comforted by his candid smile.

"Walter Steele was very impressed with you and your resume and I might have suggested you could be the person he could work with directly. The referent forour company."

She opened her mouth and he rushed, raising his voice before she could stop him. "And if this project works out as we are all hoping it will you could consider accepting a permanent position in the applied science division. An executive one."

"Oliver!" She finally exploded, than just gaped at him, at a loss. This was, it was everything. It was the opportunity she had ever wanted, the real reason she had taken the executive assistant job in the first place so why was she fighting this?

"You don't ought to do this. Not because I have helped you during these years and not-" She blushed, shifting uncomfortably on her feet. "Not because of what happened between us."

"No! Felicity, I swear this isn't the reason why I'm doing this. You are brilliant, the smartest person I know and employing you in the field you were always supposed to work in might be the one good idea I have ever made as CEO."

She shook her head, but she was smiling now. "You should give yourself more credit sometimes." Felicity's sweet smile turned teasing now. "Not all the times. But sometimes you should."


Felicity extended her hand towards him, her back straight, determined and relaxed. "Yes. I accept your offer."

Oliver smiled widely and took her hand, squeezing it gently. "I'm glad." He tugged her towards him and Felicity let him, freeing her hand to wind both her arms around his neck.

"This means a lot to me Oliver. Thank you."

"You don't have to thank me, you earned it. And you mean a lot to me."

Felicity laughed lightly, a little moved by the easy, open affection he was showing her and she raised on the tip toes to peck him on the lips and he kept her there, gently cupping her cheeks.

"Wait." She drew back to look at him. "No kissing in the office."

Oliver raised an eyebrow, smirking at her, his usually bright blue eyes dark and intense. "Oh, really?"

"Yup. Don't even try, that look doesn't work on me." She said a little breathless and a lot flustered, because she was only human after all and that look totally worked on her.

"Not today though. Today we are celebrating." He said, his eyebrows raised in challenge and she nodded. Felicity dragged his head down and he went willingly, gently sucking at her bottom lip and holding her close in a way that made her feel like her whole body was on fire.

"This wasn't- this isn't happening."

"Oliver." She chastised him in a hushed voice, keeping him still at her side with a firm grip on his arm.

Oliver was watching, rather horrified, his mother who was smiling brightly as she talked with Walter Steele, her hand lightly laying on his arm while, from what she could see, he looked absolutely smitten with her.

"That is my mother, Felicity."

"I know. That is your, at times, slightly terrifying mother. And I vote for keeping anyone who can make her look so relaxed with us forever." She raised her eyebrows at the frown he directed at her. "I'm serious, Oliver, Mr Steele is never allowed to leave."

She tried not to laugh at his obvious distress and she also did her best to fight the urge to cuddle him right there. She found grumpy Oliver incredibly adorable but she was a professional and despite everyone knowing she was dating the CEO she didn't want her private life to be exposed to everyone's scrutiny, especially at the office.

"It's just- how? How didn't I notice?"

"Oh, Oliver."

She looked at him amused and exasperated. He had never noticed not only because he had always actively refused to think about his mother's private life, but also because he had spent the last month basically living in her apartment, attending the mandatory family dinners only because she dragged him to them.

He argued that they had to make up for the lost time and she didn't have the heart to fight him when he spoke those words in her skin, teasingly kissing her neck, making her feel loved, making her feel like she was the most important person in his world. So she let him stay at her place, gave him some space in her wardrobe and tried not to melt when every morning she looked at their clothes mixed together.

Weirdly enough this reluctance to share her with his family didn't extend to her own. In fact he invited her mom to stay over for a few days, telling Felicity he wanted to do something special to celebrate her promotion, when in reality it had been a whole weekend of her mother gushing about how perfect the two of them looked together and how handsome Oliver was much to Felicity's mortification.

Weirdly enough Oliver seemed comfortable with Donna's overfamiliar manners and he listened politely when she excitedly told him about all the awards she had won at school and how smart her baby girl had always been. He even seemed as excited as her mother was when she showed him Felicity's baby pictures, smiling affectionately at the baby who had her chubby hands stuffed in her first birthday cake and grinning at the grumpy teenager who didn't seem to like being squeezed in her mom's tight embrace.

"Felicity. Oliver." Walter greeted them pleasantly and Felicity answered with a wide smile hoping to make up for Oliver's still grim expression. "It was a pleasure working with both of you and I hope this will only be the beginning of a successful partnership."

"Likewise." Oliver answered, shaking his hand quite firmly, but it was clear he genuinely appreciated Mr Steele's value as a business partner and he respected him.

"It was our pleasure. I hope we'll have a chance to meet again soon." Felicity said warmly, shaking his hand too.

"I'm glad to hear you saying this Felicity." Moira stepped in, giving the three of them a perfunctory smile. "I think this is the perfect occasion to organize a family dinner. We have to celebrate the company's success and Walter, we would be honored to have you join us."

"Of course." Walter agreed easily and Moira slid her eyes over to Oliver and Felicity, squashing with one look any protest Oliver seemed ready to voice and stopping for one second longer on Felicity, who clearly got the message. It was her responsibility to make sure Oliver was going to show up for dinner.

"Did you get all the boxes already?"

"This is the last one."

Oliver dropped the box on the wooden floor of the living room and bent a little to accept the kiss a beaming Felicity was offering him.

She scrunched her nose adorably as she drew back, lightly pushing at his chest. "Ew, you are all sweaty!"

He shook his head but let her step back, following her in the kitchen, his eyes glued to her ponytail that was swinging left and right, catching the morning light and making him smile. She was his very own sunshine.

The kitchen was bright, the large windows giving a perfect view of the garden. Everything was perfect, expect for the weird smell coming from the stove. "Felicity?"

"Yes, I know." She said, blushing lightly. "I burned the eggs. I swear I can make them, I just had stuff to do. Unpacking and-"

He smiled, hugging her close and kissing her hair. "That's fine. I can make breakfast."

"Thank God!" She said, her voice muffled by his shirt. "I have something to finish in the living room. Come to find me when you are done."

When Oliver joined her with two plates of scrambled eggs and two steaming cups of coffee Felicity was standing in front of the mantle, her hands on the hips, watching straight in front of her in deep concentration.

"That's- wow, Felicity, it's perfect."

She beamed at him as he watched the photos she had carefully arranged that morning. There was one of him and Thea the day she had graduated from high school, one with his mom and dad standing proudly behind him, a recent one with Donna in the middle of them hugging them tightly to her and three with just the two of them.

In one he was holding her in his arms, her small frame engulfed in his big arms, in another one he was kissing her cheek while she smiled, her hair free and wild, but the third one was his favorite one. It was a candid shot he remembered Thea took and used to mercilessly tease him.

Felicity was tucked under his arm, both her arms around him and she was laughing, unabashedly and freely and he was watching her with an adoring look that said she was everything to him. And she was.

If six months ago someone told him this was going to be his life he wouldn't have believed them. He was happy, his sister was attending college and in a steady, healthy relationship, his mother was with a man who respected and treasured her in a way he knew his father never did and he had the love of his life by his side. Standing in their living room, in the house they had bought together Oliver felt he was the luckiest man on the planet.

"Hey." Felicity slipped her small, soft small in his, watching him with concern. "Are you all right?"

He turned to look at her and tugged her to him, kissing her, hard. "I'm great. Everything is perfect."

She smiled, kissing him lightly. "Good. Come on, Mr Queen, breakfast is getting cold."

He kept her close to him when she tried to step back, his eyes still fixed on her vibrant pink lips. "Breakfast is better cold anyway." He whispered hotly in her ear and walked her back towards the plush, white couch. Scrambled eggs could work for lunch too.