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So this is the story of Russia (Ivan) and Romano (Lovino). All these will have the country's human names. There will be more chapters coming up soon~


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Lovino sat with his head in his hand as he listened to Ludwig talk. He looked at his fratello. Feliciano was humming to himself softly and doodling small images of pasta on his paper. Lovino smiled.

"We should still have a huge superhero hug the Earth and protect it from global warming!" a voice rang out. Lovino looked and saw Alfred F. Jones standing up. Everyone in the meeting groaned.

"Alfred! That's not gonna bloody work!" Arthur said, pulling the American back into his seat. The blond glared at him.

"Come on, Iggy! It would so totally work!" Alfred argued. Lovino rolled his eyes and tuned their arguing out.

Ludwig sighed and sat down heavily into his chair. "Gott...bekommen wir nirgendwo..."

Feliciano stood and walked over to him. Freeing his seat for Spain. Antonio quickly took it and smiled at Lovino. Said person glared at him. "Go away pomodoro bastardo..."

Antonio just smiled. "And why should I Lovi~" Lovino's eyebrow twitched.

"I told you not to fucking call me that!" Lovino yelled slamming his hands down onto the table. Everyone quieted down. Antonio looked around and tried to get Lovino to calm down.

"Lovi-" Antonio started.

"Just leave me the fuck alone!" Lovino yelled as he left his seat and walked out of the conference room.

Antonio blinked after him. He felt an arm on his shoulders. He looked and saw Gilbert standing there. "Kesee! I'd go after him."

Antonio nodded and rushed after him. But lost him as soon as he entered the hallway.

Ludwig sighed again. "Then I guess ve vill resume next meeting..."

Lovino grumbled as he walked down the streets of Germany. "Stupid bastard...he always has to be fucking near me...I'm not a stupid child anymore..." Lovino kicked a rock as he walked down the street. Not watching where he was walking. He shivered as a cold chill ran down his back. He looked up and squinted at the snow that hit his face. Lovino shivered again and walked to a tree.

Damn it...where am I?' He thought as he slid down and curled up to keep himself warm.

Ivan hummed slightly as he walked home. He noticed a blob of brown against a tree. He stopped and stared at the blob. He shivered slightly as he saw Father Winter walking towards the blob.

Ivan quickly walked over and noticed that the brown blod was actually Lovnio Vargas. Ivan bent down and noticed how bad he was shaking. He heard a crunch of snow and Ivan whipped out his pipe at Winter. "Вернуться! Он не поддастся вам Зима!"

Lovino shivered. He felt himself being lifted up. He opened his eyes slightly and saw a tan coat. He looked up and saw Ivan Braginsky carrying him. "I-I-Ivan?"

Ivan looked down and frowned slightly. "Save your energy, да...Winter still wants to claim you..." Lovino nodded. he closed his eyes then passed out cold.

Translation time~!

да - yes (obviously Russian)

Вернуться! Он не поддастся вам Зима! - Back! He will not succumb to you Winter! (Russian)

Gott...bekommen wir nirgendwo... - God...we are getting nowhere... (German)

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