Sasuke didn't know what he loved the most about Sakura. But he did however, know what he hated the most- when she cried.


"Yes!" Sakura cried, looking down at his kneeling down, the diamond ring shinning in its black velvet box. Sasuke was both relieved and happy she had said 'yes' his to question.


"Sasuke do you... do you love me?" Sakura asked hesitantly, her jade eyes filled with fear. Feeling his heart clench, Sasuke pulled her closer to him, his fingers combing through her short pink hair.

"Sakura, I love you with all my heart."


When Sasuke's heart stopped beating, Sakura felt time stop. Her own heart constricted painfully in her chest and her throat closed up making it hard for her to breathe. Tears blurring her sight, she ran blindly towards his body, falling to the hard ground beside him.

She sent chakra to her hands, and clasping them together, she placed them on his chest. She began pushing down, directly over his heart, sending her chakra into him in short sharp bursts, trying to shock his heart into beating again.

Counting to thirty, she pinched his nose close and breathed two gasps of air into his mouth. Around her, other healers shook their heads, muttering that she 'wouldn't be able to revive him' and that he was 'already dead.'

Spurred on by their lack of faith, she kept on beating his chest. She was determined not to lose her love again. Breathing oxygen into his lungs, she noted his closed eyes flickered slightly. Filled with new resolve, she kept on beating on his chest.

After five minutes of painful, hard work, she was rewarded with a gasp of air from Sasuke. Sakura stopped for a few seconds, feeling his newly working heart beating strongly under her palms. She sighed in relief, allowing herself to relax.

Sasuke opened his eyes, believing that he had died, and had gone to heaven. But looking into his girlfriend's green ones, he knew that she wasn't dead, meaning he too had somehow survived. Punching his chest, but not too hard as he had had a massive fight a few minutes prior, and had nearly died, she yelled,

"Don't ever do that to me again!"


Sakura yawned, stretching her arms and legs. Turning her head to the right, she saw her boyfriend smirking at her, his head propped up on his left hand. He was effortlessly pulling off the sexy bed hair look, and Sakura only just managed to supress the longing to run her fingers through his black locks.

"So, you wanna do it again?" He asked casually. His blunt question resulted in her blushing, something her loved.