Chapter One: Whispers

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no POV~~

Rumors were always going around at Seiyuu. It was very normal to see students everywhere whispering, telling everybody and their brother the newest one floating around.

In the cafeteria, although there were "groups" they all heard the same rumors constantly. At one side there was a certain group of boys that were fairly popular. Amount them was a very blonde boy named Tadase Hotori. A girl came up to him and smiled. He smiled back because he had no clue who she was. "Tadase-sama! Did you hear the news?" To Tadase, all the rumors were kind of pointless. He'd heard every one and barely any were even slightly true. But he shook his head, knowing she was going to say it anyways.

At the other side of the cafeteria, were the table of people everyone else called "the rejects" but they all had the best times together. A tall boy in dark clothes sat at the end of the table, silently rolling the cafeteria mush around on his plate. Another boy sat across from him. "Ikuto. Guess what's happening tomorrow?" Ikuto looked at him. "I don't care." He said before his friend could say anything. "But listen-" Ikuto shook his head. "There's going to be a new student though!"

Ikuto said nothing as though it didn't matter, but this was new. Usually it was some stupid story that a kid shot someone, or somebody had sex with somebody else, this girl is pregnant again, this boy has AIDS, they had a fist fight with a teacher, ETC. Bit a new student was a new one. Ikuto started listening to the rest of the cafeteria. This new student thing was going around everywhere.

"I wonder if it's a boy or a girl?"

"Do you think she's rich?"

"She might be famous?!"

"Oh I bet she lives in a mansion!"

"We should be friends with her!"

"But I wonder if she's pretty?"

"She'll probably be really beautiful!"

Ikuto smirked. Just like that the whisper about a supposed new kid, had turned into this.

"A new girl is coming tomorrow and she's rich and possibly famous. And everyone is saying she's beautiful and lives in a mansion!" The girl said. Tadase frowned. "Really? Well that's strange we don't really get new students do we?" The girl shook her head and blushed. The whole reason she's come over here was to ask Tadase out, but she'd panicked. "Uhm T-"

She was cut off by the loud gravelly voice of the principal coming over the intercom. "Would the two guardians please come to the office immediately."

Their eyes met from across the room. Ikuto's held no emotion but you could see the smirk if you looked close enough. And Tadase's were full of disaste. These two didn't like each other in the least. They were polar opposites and yet they were chosen to be the schools guardians. Tadase walked quickly down the tiled hallway towards the office, and Ikuto walked behind slowly, hands in his pockets.

~~Tadase's POV~~

Ikuto came in behind me and sat in the chair without acknowledging anyone's presence. The principal looked at us, and I smiled.

"You boys know how the guardians work. There needs to be a guardian for every basic subject. Ikuto, you are music because of your violin skills. Tadase, you are because... Well actually because of popular demand." He coughed.

"And I gave you guys a week to find one or more guardians for the other basic subjects."

I nodded and brought out my stuff. I looked over and saw Ikuto had stuff out too, which was surprising. He usually didn't bring anything out unless he had to. I was curious so I let him go first.

He put a picture of a boy with brown hair and a huge grin on his face, and a sheet of grades.

"Souma Kukai. Sports. All A's." He said quietly.

Then I went. I put my picture and grades on the table.

"This is Fujisaki Nadeshiko." She would cover dancing, and theatre, and anything related to that. She also has perfect grades."

The principal nodded. "Which one of you will make the announcement?"

That really wasn't even a question. Ikuto wasn't going to do it. I stood up and went to the intercom. Souma Kukai, and Fujisaki Nadeshiko. You are now part of the guardians and will be needed at the end of lunch for the guardian meetings from now on." Then inert down the speaker and sat back down in the chair.

"I have a question."

Both the principal, and I looked at Ikuto, confused. Ikuto never wanted to talk of free will.

"They're are five guardian slots. If Tadase is king, Nadeshiko is queen, Kukai is jack, and I am ace. That leaves joker. Who is going to be the joker?"

I hadn't thought about that. I looked at the principal again. He was smiling.

"I have a certain person I'm going to start watching."

~~Ikuto's POV~~

The intercom went off this morning, calling an assembly. The entire school slowly started shuffling into the cafeteria. All the tables were folded up and there were no chairs so we all stood, moving around and looking at the stage. I heard more whispering. Always whispers. The sound of a microphone turning on silenced the whole of us. The vice-principal was on stage. I'd liked her because there was no excess talking she got right to the throat of the matter. Today was no exception. "I'd like to introduce you all to the new student. Hinamori Amu.

My eyebrows raised. This girl had pink hair. And since we went to one of the only schools that didn't have a dress code, she was wearing a black shirt with red around the neck and sleeves. And black shorts with a studded belt on. Immediately everyone started talking. But I frowned. This girl didn't smile, didn't blush, didn't do anything except cross her arms and stare straight ahead.

"Would you like to say anything?"

"Not really."

I was actually shocked. No one had ever reacted this way. Usually there were nervous giggles and blushing and a long winds ramble about, "Hi, so nice to meet everyone, I hope we can all be friends." I looked at her, focusing on her face. Trying to depict anything. But there was nothing this girl was as good as me.

The teacher gave her paper that said things like her locker number, her schedule, and her first period teacher's name.

~~Tadase's POV~~

"She's in this class?" My first period was for advanced students. Not many people made it in. Ikuto, myself, a boy named Kairi, Nadeshiko, Kukai, A girl called Rima, and another girl called Yaya.

This new girl was definitely sparking the interest of everyone.