Four warriors. Two elders. One deputy. One leader.

That was all that was left of the once-great ShadowClan.

As for where the fire started, the one that killed almost all of the Clans, no one exactly knew. All they knew was that while So many great, kind cats died. Bramblestar, the young leader of ThunderClan, got trapped in his den when the fire started, and lost all of his lives at once as the fire consumed his camp.

Some cats fleed the forest. Half of WindClan did, including their leader, Onestar. The rest of them stayed, believing they were safe. They weren't.

RiverClan was in a bad way. Their medicine cat, Mothwing, died, leaving young Willowshine to treat all of the burned and injured cats. She worked her hardest, really. Jayfeather, ThunderClan's medicine cat, was the only other medicine cat left. He helped Willowshine, but eventually RiverClan all but died out.

ShadowClan was the only Clan unlucky enough to lose both its deputy and its leader. Blackstar already only had two lives left, and he lost both of them, one to fire and his last to greencough. Rowanclaw died saving his Clanmate Dawnpelt from a falling tree.

After the great fire, supplies, food, water, and shelter all but disappeared. All the water had dried up, all the prey had died or fled.

Then came the deadly outbreak of greencough, with only two medicine cats and hardly any catmint.

All of the Clans were almost dead. No Clan had more then ten Clanmates. They lived in a wasteland. Everyone had lost hope.

One cat in particular.

Olivenose had never planned on being leader; she just wanted to be a warrior. To spend the rest of her life with her love, Scorchfur.

The fire changed all that. Scorchfur's name came to pass when he died by the flames. So did Blackstar and Rowanclaw. The remaining ShadowClan cats searched for a sign, something, anything, to say who was leader, until one day Redwillow found an olive-green leaf on a tree full of dead brown ones. The Clan, desperate for leadership, accepted the sign. Olivenose tried to talk them out of it, saying she wasn't cut out to be leader, but it happened anyway. She appointed faithful Crowfrost to be deputy.

Olivestar woke up one morning to a cry of, "HELP!"

She sprinted out of her den and into the barren, dry part of the ravine all four Clans now called home. She looked around, and saw that all the other warriors doing the same. In the middle of the clearing stood Lilykit and Seedkit, the only surviving kits, frozen with fear. In front of them were six fully-grown foxes.

All of the warriors rushed in to help them. The foxes reared and slashed. Olivestar leapt on one, raking her claws down its side until it yelped. Then she turned around and slid under it while it was distracted and clawed its tender underbelly. It ran into the woods barking with pain.

Eventually, all the foxes were dead or had ran, but the Clans were also at a loss. Three warriors were severely wounded, almost all of the cats had injuries, and Shrewfoot of ShadowClan and Petalfur of RiverClan were dead. Lilykit and Seedkit had been cowering back in the nursery. Olivestar approached them. "Thank you for warning us," she mewed softly. "That was very brave."

Seedkit brightened. "It was?"

"Yes," affirmed Brackenfur, padding up to them. "It was."

The two kits bounded off to play and Olivestar turned to Brackenfur. "Your kits seem wonderful," she told him honestly. "I'm sorry their mother died."

"Yeah. I miss her so much, but... I still, um..."

They awkwardly held each other's gaze for a moment.

"Would you like to- maybe- hunt with me sometime?" Brackenfur asked.

"That sounds great," Olivestar replied happily, edging a little closer to him.

Maybe there was hope after all.