It has been brought to my attention that this story strongly resembles another story on here (I see a darkness by Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands)

The beginning especially has the same theme and ideas.

I promises you this was 100% unintentional. My only explanation for how this could have happened was I had read their story (or skimmed it) and remembered aspects or phrasings of things while writing this story, but I did not go about to intentionally mimic their story.

The plots do diverge and they are not the same story (which is why I did not take this story down- if they were the same exact story just worded a different way I would obviously take it down the second I realized).

This story also has a part 2/sequel, which is being written now, which further differs from their story "I see a darkness"

I just wanted to say I'm soo sorry for anyone who thinks this was intentionally plagiarized- this website and all its stories are just for fun and not meant to cause anyone distress