So, this is the first ever challenge I've taken and the fourth Digimon story I'm doing so bear with me. To move away from the chaos of my Children of Time series, I'm doing fluff! I hope you all enjoy and no, there are no couples but a little romanticism here and there. Please leave a review!


"Let's all have a picnic on Sunday!" Izumi smiled. Out of sheer luck and coincidence, only the DigiDestined of class 1-B were in the room at the moment during their lunch period so this brought the girl to believe that now was the perfect time to ask them all.

Ruki scoffed. "Sorry, I heard it's going to be windy and I'm not a fan of such weather, no offense, Warrior of Wind. Besides, my grandma is dragging me on a shopping trip."

Kenta bowed apologetically. "It's the same for my mom. We haven't really gone grocery shopping in a while."

"A picnic does sound like fun," Juri mused, unintentionally getting the blonde's hopes up. With an apologetic expression and her two hands waving in front of her chest, she had to say, "But I have to help out at my family restaurant."

"Tai and I already made plans," Hikari added.

Takeru nodded. "My brother and I are going out that day too."

"The studio has me recording a new song," Nene sighed.

"Taiki has a street basketball match and he's been outdoing himself as usual day after day," Akari huffed in exasperation. "I've got no choice but to tag along with him in case he passes out. I always have to look out for him like that."

Kiriha gave a short laugh at the idea of their lead General losing consciousness in the middle of the street but then turned to Izumi. "Sorry, I'm not a fan of picnics," was his blunt and rather lackluster response.

Izumi didn't call him out on such a lame response but considering the rest of his team wasn't going to be there, it probably wouldn't be so much fun for him. So instead, she turned to the only other Chosen Child in class 1-B who also happened to be her fellow Legendary Warrior, Kouji Minamoto. Kouji simply stared back at her pouting lips and puppy-dog eyes which told him that he was her only hope.

There was a long pause, no one moved, and then… Kouji turned his head to face the window.

"At least look at me when you reject me!" she shouted indignantly.

"Out of curiosity," said Hikari, getting her attention. "Why do you want to go on a picnic in the first place?"

Izumi seemed to give her a fond smile. "Well, I was just looking outside and thinking that the weather hasn't gotten cold enough for us to stay inside all the time. And then I was reminded that I never had an actual picnic before ever since arriving to Japan three years ago."

Kouji remembered something as well. When he and his team were in a race to find the fractal codes against the Royal Knights, they were at Ophanimon's library and Neemon suggested having a picnic on the beautiful flowers outside. Bokomon had snapped the other's pants and proceeded to make a speech about how they needed to hurry and find the fractal code. Everything was happening so fast and Kouji had completely forgotten how those flowers looked like.

He sighed and stood up. "Izumi, how about this? We and the rest of the Legendary Warriors go on a picnic together on Sunday since everyone else seems too busy. It'll be like old times when we were adventuring in the Digital World."

Izumi was surprised that her stubborn friend actually suggested that but she wasn't going to allow him any time to change his mind so she smiled and nodded. "Yeah, that sounds great! I'll go find Takuya and Junpei and tell them right now, you can tell Kouichi! We'll call Tomoki after school!" She was already out the door at this point. "I'll text you guys the details on Saturday!"


Junpei placed the snacks he wanted at Miyako's till so that she could ring them up for him. He glanced at his phone and groaned when he figured that the train ride would probably make him late. He could've just bought the snacks at a convenience store in Shibuya but Miyako was giving him the friends' and family discount which in hindsight, probably wasn't worth it if it meant getting an earful from Izumi.

"Your total comes out to 4530 yen!" Miyako grinned.

"Eh?!" Junpei blanched. "But what about that discount you offered me?"

There was a glint in Miyako's eye that Junpei didn't really like. "I gave it to you, trust me. You just bought a lot of items."

Junpei sighed in defeat. "You're lucky I'm late."

Junpei was lucky too, the train to Shibuya arrived at the station earlier than scheduled than he had anticipated so he was only ten minutes late to getting to the park as opposed to twenty. It also wasn't hard to find them since there weren't that many Japanese people with natural blonde hair like Izumi so they stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Hey, sorry I'm late!" he called out to them.

They all smiled but Takuya was the first to greet him. "No problem! I only arrived a few seconds ago myself!"

"As long as you brought the snacks you promised then it's all good," Tomoki smiled.

"Yup!" Junpei grinned as he held up the picnic basket Yoshino let him borrow. "Courtesy of the Inoue Convenience Store. By the way, if Miyako offers any of you a discount, she's just lying to drum up business."

"Somehow, that doesn't surprise me," Kouichi chuckled.

The six of them were enjoying themselves despite the wind like Ruki had predicted but none of them really cared. The pre-prepared bento boxes that Kouichi's mom had made and the leftover Italian food from Izumi's place were more than enough to keep them warm. Other than eating though, they were reminiscing the times they had in the Digital World when they could relax and just camp out. It was sort of a picnic every day when they had a meal.

"It's too bad we didn't get the chance to enjoy ourselves when we were fighting the Royal Knights though," Koichi sighed. They had almost forgotten that he wasn't there for most of the adventure and when he was, they were either too busy fighting Cherubimon or trying to take down the Royal Knights to slow down.

"Now I kind of wish we had that picnic Neemon suggested," Tomoki said. "I mean, Crusadermon and Dynasmon didn't even reach Ophanimon's library for hours and even then, we wouldn't have found the fractal code no matter how long or hard we searched."

"We sort of found it upon arrival though," Takuya added before mentally slapping himself. None of them needed the reminder that Nefertimon was killed and the fractal code had been taken anyway. "Sorry, that sounded really bad."

"We know you didn't mean anything by it," Izumi replied. "But I kind of wish we would've slowed down a little and at least looked at those pretty flowers outside. I don't even remember how they look like anymore."

Junpei remembered that day pretty well, everyone was in such a rush that they didn't have the time to breathe in the flowers but he did. He was nervous and scared that they were going to lose another area to their enemies so when he saw those flowers, he had relaxed significantly. It also inspired him to perform a new magic trick and although it wasn't perfect; he still showed it to Tomoki on that day. That's when he remembered what he had placed in the bottom of his picnic basket.

Junpei raised his hands and everyone turned their attention to him just as the first rainbow colored flower was produced out of thin air. He started pulling more out of seemingly nowhere and started dropping them wherever the wind blew them, surprising them all.

"Wow, they're beautiful!" Izumi smiled as she held one delicately in her hands.

"I didn't know you did magic tricks," Kouichi chuckled.

"That's right, you weren't there when he first showed us," Koji laughed.

"They're really pretty Junpei but how did you do that?" Takuya asked.

Junpei grinned coyly as he held a flower in each hand. "Ah, a good magician never reveals his secrets."

"You showed me this trick before," Tomoki said, remembering that it had cheered him up after feeling depressed. "Well, except that they were white but I like it better like this. How did you get them to look like this?"

"I took one of those flowers home with me," Junpei explained. "I wanted to recreate them out of paper and I spent a lot of time on them. Back then, the trick I showed you was imperfect because I didn't have the time to color them."

"They look just like the real thing," Takuya smiled. "I wonder how they're all doing right now."

The happy atmosphere seemed to drop a little as they thought about the digital friends they had made in the other world.

"I'm sorry," Junpei said when no one said anything. "I didn't mean to remind everyone about certain things…"

"No," Izumi shook her head. "I'm glad you showed this to us. I didn't really get the chance to look at those flowers so I'm really happy I did even if it is just a paper replica." Everyone else nodded in agreement and Junpei couldn't help smiling himself.

It wasn't long after that that they started drifting off to sleep, many of them looking as if they were having good dreams. Tomoki curled up into a ball, making him look even younger than he already did; Izumi fell asleep beside him, and the twins were resting peacefully side by side.

Only Takuya and Junpei were still awake at this point but the peaceful atmosphere was starting to get to the younger boy as well as his eyes fluttered close. Their unofficial leader ended up leaning against the oldest member of the team, his head resting on Junpei's shoulder. Junpei didn't mind though, besides, he was too full to complain.

Junpei glanced down into the picnic basket and noticed how there was still a chocolate bar left. He almost burst out laughing as he remembered how his old self used to carry tons of them in his loose jumpsuit, making him look bigger than he actually was. The team was rather surprised when they discovered he wasn't as chubby as his outfit made him out to be.

The Warrior of Thunder picked up the candy bar but paused when he found another flower underneath it. He picked it up and stared at it, turning it in between his fingers with a reminiscent look on his face.

"The last flower," he muttered.

Junpei had actually developed this trick to show Izumi in order to win her heart. He had planned to show her first before anyone else so he didn't mind showing Tomoki the imperfect version. But it took him a long time to actually finish painting one hundred small individual paper flowers so he had forgotten. He only remembered when Izumi had mentioned having a picnic.

He smiled at the naïve foolishness of his thirteen year old self, wishing he could go back sometimes. But content with what he had now.

Well, it was too late to succeed in winning the blonde's heart now. Not only was he planning on staying just friends with her but the first person he showed this trick to, wasn't her. It was to his five best friends in the entire world. He couldn't even imagine his life without them.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew the last flower right out of his hand. He watched it as it was carried away with the wind and then looked down at their picnic blanket. He noticed that all around it were his flower replicas. They were certainly beautiful but no match for the original version. But still, it really felt like they had a picnic on those gorgeous flowers they had seen on that day.

For just that one moment, Junpei had never felt happier in his entire life.