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So, this is just an idea that crept up on me the last few days and I felt like writing it down. This could be one of the best pairings in literature and yet it is hardly done at all or right.

A young man snorted in amusement as he took in the sight of different building in front of him. Of course, it was the only building on the island, so the owner's didn't have to fit in with others, but still a giant T-shaped building was out of place anywhere. It was an odd bunch that lived here, and judging from the faint explosions issuing from town, the dwellers of the building were out at the moment. It did not matter though as he would meet these Teen Titans eventually, until then, Harry Potter sat down to wait.

Harry Potter was always a curious individual who devoured any book for the knowledge contained within. As heir to the Potter family, but the forgotten older brother of the arrogant boy-who-lived, Harry was left alone quite a bit and he spent much of his time perusing the treasure trove of knowledge that was the Potter family library. By his third year in Hogwarts, in which he was sorted in Ravenclaw, Harry had discovered the longer forgotten secrets of his "light" family. What he wouldn't give to release his findings to the Daily Prophet and destroy the image that the rest of his family had crafted. Unfortunately, that would put a damper on his political clout when he took over and that was not a smart move. And Harry was anything but not smart. The connections he had crafted with the older pureblood families from Slytherin proved that, especially the alliance with the Greengrass'.

Harry Potter also had a gift. Like the little third year Ravenclaw, Luna, he could see the present. However, unlike the dreamy blonde, Harry was firmly grounded in reality, not that Luna couldn't do so herself, but she seemed to enjoy the oddities of all three time periods. And this gift is what brought Harry across the pond and to Titan's Tower today. Voldemort was preparing to rise again and since nobody of the light would listen to him, the present was getting darker every day. But, there was hope, and it all rested on his soul mate. Strange things were indeed afoot.

Once the first half hour passed by him, Harry was quite bored waiting for the Titans to show up, he was glad now that he had the foresight to bring his Rune notebook with him. By the time two hours had passed Harry was idly tracing runes in the air with his wand and giving them power which was supposed to be incredibly difficult. Harry was so engrossed in his own theories that he had completely missed the Titans approach the tower and stare dumbfounded on his workings.

With a clearing of his throat, Robin tried to gain the attention of the mysterious guy on their doorstep. What he wasn't expecting was to be completely ignored. Trying again, Robin was once again supposedly ignored and now he was getting rather mad. Approaching the young man with the glowing symbols around him Robin almost touched his shoulders, when the pale hand of Raven stopped him.

"Raven?" Robin asked, "What are you doing?"

"I know you don't know much about the mystical world Robin, but you do not mess with anyone working with runes, especially someone who is writing them in midair! One mistake and its bye bye Titan Island! He probably heard you the first time you cleared your throat, but to change anything he was doing would be disastrous."

Even BeastBoy heard the command and worry in Raven's voice and settled back to wait for the guy on the doorstep to finish whatever he was doing. They did not have to wait long. "Beautiful and smart, the fates have smiled on me at last," Harry said as the glowing runes faded, shocking everyone, but only two showed it.

"Dude!" Beastboy exclaimed. "That was so awesome! What was that? What did it do? Are you magic? Is there magic? Can you teach me?" BeastBoy barraged him with a litany of questions similar to those.

"In order," Harry replied with a slight smile on his face, "Runes, nothing, yes, yes, and we'll see. Now, before you ask any more questions I think I must answer questions from Robin before he loses his head."

With a barely restrained snarl, Robin did ask a question, "Who are you, and why are you here?"

"Excellent questions and the fierce glare would work better without a mask." At that, the rest of the team had surpass various smirks and giggles. "Anyways, I am Harry James Potter," At his last name Raven visibly perked, "Scion of the House of Potter. As for why I am here, well, I am here to help Raven with a problem of hers, claim something, and then ask for your help. And," Harry said turning to Raven, "I take it from our reaction to my last name, you at least know of our little world."

"Indeed, I think this will be a rather interesting tale, so why don't we all come inside where it is far more comfortable."

"Raven are you sure we can trust this guy?" Cyborg asked warily.

"Trust me Cyborg, with his family magics, we will be safer than we could possibly ever be."

With a barely audible snort form both Robin and Harry the six entered the tower and walked to the living room. Once all were situated, Harry started to talk before an interrogation could begin. "Very well, before we begin does everybody know of the hidden world of magic?" Gaining four simultaneous shakes of their heads, Harry pressed on. "Then a quick overview is in order. I'll go more into depth later on.

"Across the world, in every country is a hidden country to put it bluntly. In this world, the fantasies of wand waving and potion brewing are reality, along with dragons, phoenixes, and sphinxes. This world, at least in Europe, has stagnated and stuck itself in the Dark Ages, we still use quills and parchment to write with for crying out loud. However, this hidden world, like the rest of the world, is plagued with problems. The biggest problem is racism, but this racism is not on the skin color, although there is a small bit of that, but the supposed purity of blood. What that means is basically tracing your lineage of magical heritage through both of your parents through a number of generations. I'm not quite sure on how many generations you have to go back. Those of first generation heritage are generally looked down upon and muggles, or non-magiacal folks, are thought to be best subjugated. In fact it was this idea that lead the outbreak of World War 2.

"Now, some thirty years ago a mad man fashioned himself as a dark lord and called himself Lord Voldemort and waged war against all who stood in the way of his beliefs in magical Britain. He almost succeeded in driving out the light, when one night he attacked my home and I stopped him with a well place reflection rune. However, my brother was proclaimed the savior of our world and vanquisher of the dark lord. He is coming back at the end of this year though, and I need your help. Any questions?"

Stunned silence greeted Harry and he honestly couldn't help the smirk on his face. If you were introduced to the wizarding world by his concise history, probably everyone would have similar reactions. "Friends, he is not, how you say, pulling our leg, yes?"

"No Starfire, I can assure that he is not pulling our leg, he is however being a total butt for introducing his world like that."

"So, you're saying that there's a madman in this world of yours, which knows magic, and is looking to make a comeback. How do you know this?" Cyborg asked.

"I am a Seer in which I can see the present, meaning I know all that goes on at the moment."

"Okay, but dude why don't you just tell your world and have them prepare?"

"Because at the moment I am a non-entity. Most of my world doesn't even know the boy-who-lived has a brother. Since I'm not yet seventeen either, all my alliances can't be acted upon which would give a kick in the butt to the ministry."

"Okay, and after all that, you want us to do what exactly?"

"That," Harry said, "I can answer after half of my business with Raven is concluded."

"Well," Raven drawled, "Fire away then."

"Okay, how much does you team know of you kin then?" With Harry's words Raven tensed, but the other wore confused expressions on their faces. "Ah little to nothing then I take it. Very well, you'll remember Raven that you made a comment about my family's magic. How long would you say the Potter's have been aligned with the light?"

"I would say since its inception."

"And you like so many others would be so very wrong. It seems that my ancestors did not agree with Merlin and was aligned with Morgana as her official demontologists. Our family knew everything about demons that a human could know, including burning the so called bridges without killing the said bridges and allowing those of questionable breeding to feel."

Hope sprung up in Raven's eyes and enough emotion escaped to shatter a few lights and break an empty chair. "Tell me you are not lying!"

"I would never lie about something as serious as this and I'll even take a magical vow if you wish. There is a way and there is both good and bad news that comes with it. However, I believe you should tell your teammates something as they look like they're at a tennis match and it is quite comical."

"I'll tell them later, but you will tell me how now." Raven cried in desperation bringing a shock to the rest of the Titans.

"There is a ritual that takes three days to prepare and another day to do, and it will sever your connection to your kin. However, you will be connected to me in a rather intimate way, which is not as bad as it may seem as both of our names were already connected in that book."

"Friend Raven, are you perhaps ill. You look paler than usual." Indeed Raven was pale, but with the range of emotions that she was at once experiencing and trying to hold back, it was no surprise.

"Raven," Harry said softly, getting her full attention. "I know this is a lot to take in, but you need to know that this is no dream and no matter what you decide to do, I will burn your bridge and leave you alone if need be. Collect your thoughts and tell your friends what you want to. I'll be back in two hours, I feel like flying a little."

"Dude," Beastboy said, "You can fly?"

"There's numerous ways to fly with magic, but since I don't want to spend too much energy and I left my broom, it's time to take Silver out." With that Harry morphed into his animagus form of a peregrine falcon with silver wings like that of Merlin's older bird.

"Magic is awesome!"

So guys what did you think? Harry is in the summer before his 7th year so he would be around sixteen or seventeen while raven and the Titans are around fifteen.

This pairing and Harry/Zelda would be awesome if more was done with them. Hint, hint for all you writers out there looking for a good crossover.

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