Harry laughed at the pitiful obstacles for the maze for the final task. He also laughed at the organizers of the tournament, as the last two tasks were no doubt boring beyond belief for the observers. One was looking at the still surface of the lake and one was simply listening to the sounds since there were giant hedges in the way. The second task was really pathetic for him as well. Apparently, the British thought the Potters were a close and loving family as both Lily and James were asleep on the bottom at the mere-village. Hermione and Gabrielle, Fleur's little sister, were also tied to the post, so Harry waited a good amount of time for Victor and Fleur to show up. For half an hour Harry waited as he had reached the village in less than fifteen minutes and only Victor finally showed up. While waiting, Harry wondered what his foolish little brother had ended up doing since he wasn't there yet. Harry had the feeling that Fleur had never had a chance in the task since she was a creature of fire and it wasn't very fair to a Veela to be force underwater. Later Harry learned that Charles had ended up with a partial bubblehead charm and ran out of oxygen in ten minutes. Once the forty five minute mark was reached Harry brushed past the guards and sliced the bonds of the little girl leaving the elder Potters and confused merman behind while swimming to the end of the task. The merpeople were quite confused at this turnabout. Harry just assumed that his 'parents' would prefer to be rescued by the golden boy and he was right.

The judges were also confused by Harry's actions as he had obviously made it to the village since he had a hostage, but it wasn't the one he had been assigned. When asked why he had picked little Gabby, Harry replied, "The innocence of little Gabby was a hell of a lot more important than my biological donors." Of course that then set off another round of questions as they were wizards and did not know much science.

Now, the champions were rushing through the maze trying to be the first to reach the cup and win eternal glory. Harry once again snorted in amusement at the thought of eternal glory, he seemed to be doing that a lot this year. He had looked up the past tournaments as soon as he had heard about the tournament and for the life of him, could not remember the previous winner's name. Flicking his wand and wordlessly splitting the acromontula in half, there were no seen obstacles between him and the cup which was a good thing. Harry knew the cup was a portkey, and he knew that Voldemort was on the other side and all Harry could feel was nervousness in fighting the darkest lord in centuries, he had gotten that title for a reason after all. Harry of course had a plan, but plans tended to go up in smoke if magic was introduced.

As Harry calmly made his way over to the cup Charles seemingly apparated in front of him. Sending a stunner to towards the back of his useless brother he wondered what the hell they were playing at. Seriously, if they were going to do cheat, at least put him around a corner just in case. That was just blatant cheating, they obviously had no shame. Taking a deep breath Harry touched the cup and felt the familiar tug of a portkey.

Landing in a graveyard, Harry was happy to note that he had told Raven and the Titans the right graveyard to come to. "Stun him!" A voice rasped out and Harry was just able to avoid the beam of red while sending his own stunner out. Hearing two thumps, Harry knew that his had connected. Catching his breath from that fast paced minute, Harry walked over to the two lumps on the ground.

When Harry saw the rat like visage of Peter, he saw red for a moment. It was this fool and Dumbledore that had practically ruined his life at his home. He was the one who had sold the Potters out to the dark lord and it took considerable will power not to end the rat's life. Finally, Harry tore his was from the pathetic excuse of a human and saw the small bundle that contained Voldemort. "Hello Tom, how are you doing today?"

"Potter!" The baby like thing that was Voldemort, yelled out trying to be intimidating. "You will pay for this, you will be the first to fall to my wand when my body is revived!"

"Well, good luck with that," Harry shrugged. Raven and the team walked up Harry already dressed out in their uniforms. Raven had changed from the black and indigo leotard that Harry had met her in and turned to an all-white uniform to signify her control of her emotions. Harry turned to them as they approached, "Well guys, it seems that this mission was easier than I thought. So, I'm going to do the same process that I had performed on Raven, even if he did something with his soul to make himself immortal, he will have a hard time coming back to life if he is a weapon."

Harry turned to prepare the child like Voldemort, and a look of horror filled his face. The bundle had been able to move and he had moved to where he could touch Peter's dark mark. "Okay guys, we have a slight problem," Harry whispered. "It seems Tom has summoned his followers, so in about three minutes this place will be crawling with dark wizards. I need time to trap his soul, so get ready, and remember that they fling curses that kill so be careful not be touched!"

Harry banished the body of Wormtail a few feet and got to work in trapping the soul. So concentrated was he in his tasks, that he missed the clouds of black smoke that had arrived depositing the free death eaters. Before they could figure out what was going on, they were set upon by the titans. Of course all of the Titans did well in knocking out the wizards and they were actually scared of Beastboy when he morphed into dinosaurs, but Raven was truly devastating with her powers. With control over her emotions, her power had increased exponentially and she used it well against the idiot wizards. Making more of a show of it to distract the death eaters from her friends, Raven didn't bother dodging the sickly green beams of life ending energy. Instead, her shields were raised and the spells simply evaporated. Of course, she wasn't solely on defense as her magic reached out and either flung the death eaters into the headstones to knock them out or picked up loose rocks and pelted the wizards with them.

Although there were a few close call from Starfire and Robin, the wizards had been knocked out and tied together to prevent an escape. Harry was still going strong in the ritual and the iron had almost taken a shape when the death eaters woke up screaming in pain. The piece of iron grew more and more as their screams grew and then there was silence as the screams ceased. The chanting from Harry died out and he sagged in relief as the ritual was done.

Raven was over to him in a flash as she propped him up against her own body. "Are you okay Harry?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, it didn't even take as long as yours did. It was weird though, it seemed like Tom was drawing energy from various sources to try and counteract my magic. I was able to see a couple of goblin artifacts, a snake, and even my old cat that was lost after that October."

"That's slightly weird, but does it matter? Anyways, these dark wizards started screaming and thrashing at the end of your ritual, do you know why?"

"Let me check something," Harry said and then muttered a spell. Wide eyed at the result Harry cast the spell twice more and then started laughing madly. It took a few minutes, but Harry was able to calm down. "Sorry, sorry, but it seems like Riddle tried to stop my ritual more than once when he drew on his followers energies. Now, they have all been drained of their magic and been turned into squibs." At this Raven and the rest of the team chuckled as well since they had read up on the pureblood snobbery. "Come on guys, we are done here, so let's finish this tournament so I can graduate!"

Harry returned to Hogwarts alone as it would be hard to explain where the five Titans had come from. Dumbledore seemed to sense that there was more than just a faulty portkey at play for Harry's delayed appearance, but Harry wasn't speaking. Dumbledore knew though, that Tom was going to be revived that night and tried to warn the crowd of the Dark Lord's return. Charles of course agreed with him and a few others instantly believed him, but the minister would hear nothing of it and proudly presented Harry with the winnings.

Harry graduated top of his class and once graduated took the headship of his father from him. James didn't put up much of a fight as he hated the politics that came with the position. The goblins were thrilled when Harry and Raven presented them with the large black iron and Harry was made a friend of the Nation.

Harry also started living in his house with Raven and they were content for a few years. They also kept in contact with the other Titans as they were asked to join the Justice League. When Harry turned 20, a call was made.

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