J e XMination - part 3 in the series

The tile comes from domination as a world domination plus a metaphorical meaning that will be revealed later. There is also another clue, but this one I will leave for the end.

Description: The villain, Lex Luthor, is back, or is he really?

AN: After reading this chapter, you might get worried, but don't be:p

Promo: (some spoilers inside! )



There is so many ways to die…

Dagger in your guts. Bullet in your head. An accident. Knife to your heart.

Old age used to be on this list once. It is no longer.

People have a choice, but they don't choose otherwise as they still don't have enough time.

Some of them have too much, like me.

I repeat. Dagger in your guts. Bullet in your head. Knife to your heart.

Shock. Pain. Cold. Falling into nothingness…

Being alone.

And then not being alone anymore.

That's the circle of life.

Part 1

I was working late as always those days. There was no other way. I didn't want to come home. She wasn't even there and even though I knew where she was, I was too mad and too proud to go over there.

There was a rapping on my office door and I knew who that was immediately as there was only one person here that knocked in such a silly way.

Eve Tessmacher walked inside with a huge smile plastered to her heavily painted face.

She gave me the files I requested and was just about to retreat, when she asked, "I've been working here for so long…" she started, "and you never notice me." There was a hint of complain in her voice.

"Excuse me?" I raised my eyes from the papers. She was so unintelligent that it was actually depressing. Everything about Eve was fake from her bleached hair, that supposed to be blond, to her manicured fingernails and probably also toes. I didn't even try to figure out how much make up she was putting on her face every day. Maybe a whole bottle, what was completely incomprehensible for me since she could be young forever and didn't have to hide any wrinkles.

She just sent me one of her special smiles, that was probably supposed to be coquettish, and left.

I sighed heavily and buried myself in work again.

It was late and I was reading one of my books while lying on my bed, dressed in shorts and a tank top.

I didn't know what to do with myself those days, so I was looking for some escape in fantasy. Sometimes it was a TV show I was watching, some other times a book. I was also meeting Imra and Alex pretty frequently. It was a nice thing that I had such a good relations with my son's future wife. Lily bothered to have lunch with me from time to time, but she was mostly occupied with Connor.

And I? I was all alone and had no idea what to do with myself.

I didn't feel like I screwed anything up, so it was up to Lex to show up in my fucking door and apologize to me. It wasn't like I was in love with somebody else. And I had the right to care about other people, even if they were males.

I felt a familiar waft of air and I saw Clark standing by my bedroom window.

"Clark," I said his name in surprise, putting the book aside. It was getting boring anyway. "Clark, what are you…" I stopped. The last time we'd talked to each other he'd been mad as hell at me for going back in time to save Oliver's life. Later on, he'd revealed to Chloe that he'd felt guilty for not coming back for Jimmy all those years ago, so I didn't know where we actually stood now. Especially when I hadn't been talking to him longer than I hadn't been talking to Lex.

"I'm sorry to show up here like that… I just…" he started, also feeling a little awkward.

"It's alright," I said quickly and sat on the edge of the bed. "You're my best friend, Clark. You can always come and talk to me," I assured him.

"Yeah, but… May I?" He pointed the bed and after I nodded, he sat by my side.

I knew him all too well as not to notice the change in him. He was bothered by something. Last time when he'd come to me with a problem Lois had gotten pregnant and it'd turned out the child would have Clark's abilities. I was the one who'd eventually saved Lois's life when coming up with the idea of putting blue kryptonite on her.

"I should start by saying that I'm sorry, Jess," he apologized and looked me in the eye from aside. "I am sorry for what I said to you. I'm sorry for yelling at you like that."

"Well, I guess it was our biggest fight," I admitted. "But it's fine, Clark. I understand, I really do, and I am not mad at you. I know that you were feeling guilty toward Chloe when I did something you refused to."

"So, can we just come back to what we had? To just being friends?" he asked with hope in his voice.

"Of course, I never stopped being your friend," I reassured him while touching his hand. "What is it that bothers you now?" I asked. "You won't hide it from me and you know it."

"It's Lois," he sighed heavily.

"She's not… sick or anything, is she?" I got worried.

"No, nothing like that. She's in perfect health," he said. "There's something else though… "

"She hasn't given up on her idea of more children?" I asked.

Clark just nodded and then hid his face in his hands.

"You know, ever since we found out she was pregnant," he started, straightening himself up again, "I haven't even touched her. I was too scared… And now… Now I'm still scared, because she's just adamant on that crazy idea! I don't know what to do to make her realize… I just can't… I can't make even one more kid. I can't and I won't. I can't even trust her now. Even if she tells me we're protected, I just…" Clark looked at me and my heart clenched on the pain visible in his expression.

"I get it, Clark," I assured him. "You don't want to burden a child with your destiny."

"Exactly, but Lois doesn't seem to get it. She thinks that we'll give those kids invulnerability, but I… I know how hard the responsibility coming with this is. She knows what I had to go through to fully accept my destiny, but she thinks once I did that, the kids will have so much easier. I know they won't. I can't just tell them to save the world. I want them to have…"

"…a choice," I finished for him. "I know."

"Yes. If I had more, I would like them to be able to choose whether they want to live like humans or… superheroes."

"I can't believe Lois doesn't see it," I admitted.

"Me neither. But again, she always saw me as a hero. She fell in love with me when I was the Blur. She was never there when I didn't know who I was, what to do with my life and how to live. All she knows is… Superman, and I… I'm just not him."

"You were always just plain Clark to me," I confessed, "with the slight difference that you were stronger than everyone else."

"I knew it was right to come here. It's such a relief to talk to someone who actually gets me."

"Well, I've known you longer than she has, so I do. There's also Chloe, you know," I noticed, "She's known you for even longer."

"Yeah, but… she still is my friend, but somehow… I feel like I should talk to you. Like you are my best friend."

"You're not the only one with a problem," I said after a few seconds of silence. "Lex walked out on me four months ago and I haven't heard from his since."

"I don't get him," Clark said. "What's happening to everyone? They're all acting so strangely…"

"Lex thinks that I went back in time to save Oliver, because I am in love with him," I told Clark.

"Are you?" he suddenly asked.

"What? No, of course, not!" I denied in indignation. "I do care about him, that is true, but I do care about you too! When I told that to Lex, he was even angrier like I didn't have the right to care about more than one man, well, in this case two, because Alex is a man and my son," I huffed.

"I better go," Clark said, stood up and I followed him. "Jessica, I am sure you and Lex can figure this out."

"Maybe. At least we don't have a baby army problem," I tried to joke, but it didn't work out well. "It will be fine. I am sure Lois will understand you soon. She loves you," I told him and put my hand to his face, doing my best to comfort him.

He smiled to me and my eyes met his. Then he put his arms around me, pulling me closer into his body, embracing me.

We stood there, together, feeling so much better when we were finally close to someone. I'd spent so many months in seclusion by now. He'd spent more than a year now without really touching his wife.

Suddenly, when we were parting, our eyes met again from up close and then his lips were kissing mine.

I was stunned, didn't know what to do. Exactly like that time when I'd let Oliver kiss me.

Only now there was also something else.

Need. Desire. It reached deep to my bones and instead of pulling away from Clark, I started kissing him back, seeking for his tongue and when I finally touched it with mine, I moaned in pleasure.

I felt his strong hands on my buttocks and then my back met the wall when Clark pushed me against it hard. I didn't even feel pain from this collision, instead I felt myself wanting somebody there for me. Wanting someone inside me and wanting it now. It'd been too long. Especially when I was so used to having sex on daily bases.

Clark's hands were roaming around my body, squeezing my breasts a little too hard, then tearing my shirt apart. I didn't wear a bra.

When his body came in contact with mine and I felt the hard bulge in his pants, I was lost. My inner channel had swollen and it was getting painful now. I wanted him so badly that I didn't think. Maybe I'd stopped thinking the moment he'd kissed me. How else could I explain what I was doing? And what he was doing. He must've forgotten too.

His lips closed around mine painfully erected nipples and I pulled on his red shirt (so happy he hadn't come to me in Superman suit) and then his gorgeous muscular chest was bare to my eyes. I ran my hands through it, enjoying the texture of his hard muscles and then I felt him sucking on my pulse.

That would definitely leave a mark, I thought, but didn't stop him.

My shorts along with my panties were also torn apart and now I was standing naked in front of him, shaking with desire. I was beyond wet and if I didn't get to feel him inside me soon, I would die, I thought. I would just die. I didn't even remember the last time I wanted somebody so badly.

His hungry eyes took in the sight of my body.

I tried to undo the fly in his jeans, but he was faster and then his hands were on my hips, raising me up and his painfully swollen cock was slammed inside me.

I screamed. It was a yelp, both of pain and agonizing pleasure. I wasn't used to Clark's size and he was huge. But I loved every second of it. It was a kind of catharsis for me.

He had me in such a strong hold of his hands that I was sure it would leave bruises, but I didn't care. I was just experiencing the Clark that didn't hold back. The Clark that was giving me all he had. The Clark that wasn't afraid to hurt me because of his powers. Maybe hundred years had taught him something.

He was fucking me mercilessly and I couldn't keep myself from screaming in pleasure and ecstasy. I didn't feel pain anymore, all that was there was a ride to climax. Probably the best I'd had for decades.

And when he finally roared, slamming into me even harder, his chest grazing my nipples, his strained muscles shining from sweat, I came so hard, so powerfully that my vision went white and I couldn't even tell what my name was. Nothing existed but us.

He roared again and then he froze, spilling himself inside of me with hot, rich spurs.

I clang to him, because my whole body was shaking and I didn't know if I could stand still.

His head rested in the crook of my neck and I could feel his hot breath there.

Then I started realizing who I was. And most important, who he was.

"Oh, my… Oh, my god…" he rasped and let me go, turning around so fast I had to close my eyes because I felt dizzy. I found myself sliding down to the floor with my back against the wall. I was still shaking, but this time from an entirely different reason.

"Did I hurt you?" was his first question. His voice was changed though. It didn't seem to belong to him and it was full of guilt.

"No," I said, hearing my own voice. It was squeaky.

"I'm sorry. I've never felt so out of control in my life," he confessed. "Never."

This answer hit me again. So he didn't learn to control himself after all? So he could have just killed me?

But he didn't kill me. Part of him was still there in his mind, a part that was telling him not to crash me.

"Jessica…" he started, but didn't finish. We didn't know what to say, both burdened with guilt so huge it was unbearable. He still didn't turn around to look at me.

What was it? I thought. A spur of the moment thing? Lack of sexual satisfaction from the last few months and, when it came to him, last year? I had no idea. But even if, I shouldn't have let that happened. He shouldn't have. It just shouldn't have happened.

It was so weird. It was like a destiny calling that had yet not come to past. Like it came hundreds of years too early.

What was I even thinking? I was going mad! I put my hands to my head.

Now, when I was watching Clark's back, I felt numb again. His perfect back. He managed to put the jeans back on, but he was still shirtless and his back was so…

I closed my eyes, forcing myself to breath in deeply and then breath out. I needed to calm myself down.

"This never happened," Clark finally said in a stone voice. "Do you understand?"

"Yes," I answered hoarsely, because it was the only answer I could give him. I got it. He got it.

"It would kill both Lois and Lex, so we have to forget it."

Then he was gone. He just… left.

And I was still on the ground, my arms hugging knees and I started crying.

What was wrong with me?!


First I let Oliver kiss me and then I let Clark fuck me?!

I didn't know how long I was just sitting there, crying, now shaking from cold because I was completely naked.

Then I finally managed to heave myself up, feeling sore and bruised all over. Still feeling Clark's huge cock inside me even though it wasn't there anymore. My channel was still pulsing. Then I felt Clark's sperm flowing down my thighs. I couldn't stop sobbing.

I went to the bathroom and was afraid to look in the mirror, but when I took a shower, I finally did.

I had two huge bruises on each side of my hips. They looked like hands. Clark's hands.

Another bruise was on my neck and that one would be the hardest to cover up.

Even my lips were bruised…

What had I done with my life?