Title; The Great Zombie Hunt

Author; Magrat 70

Disclaimer; not mine blah blah

Rating; T

Spoilers; up until JJ, Seaver joins but JJ doesn't go to the State Dept, a spoiler for 200 too.

Author's note; I shouldn't start another story but this will be a short one; request was made by Lkwth13. I haven't got a beta for this, if anyone is interested let me know, this will be a shorter story only covering one case

The Great Zombie Hunt.

"Prentiss can I see you in my office?" JJ shouted from the catwalk outside her office door, her arms were crossed in front of her chest and to say she looked pissed was the under statement of the Century.

"Uh, okay," Emily looked at Morgan and Reid, as JJ slammed her office door without waiting for her reply.

"What have you done," Reid whispered. Whilst JJ was usually the softest soul imaginable, she could become more than irritable if they didn't get their consults or reports back in time and if anyone messed with piles of files in her office the likely hood would be that the BAU's sharpshooter would shoot them.

"Yeah, whatcha done princess, should we be advising your next of kin?"

"Very funny Derek."

"Hey, I try my best. I wouldn't keep her waiting, you know it will only get worse," Morgan advised.

Prentiss got to her feet and with a great deal of trepidation headed towards JJ's office, she wasn't sure what she had done. She was getting prepared however to turn her big brown eyes into the softest puppy dog look she could manage; anything to get out of trouble. She knocked softly on the door waiting for the media liaison to call her in.

"Come in," called JJ.

"Good luck Princess," Morgan shouted from the bullpen, earning him a death glare.

Emily's face turned from her carefully constructed blank mask, to a look of deep concern when she was her friend was in tears.

"Jen, what's wrong? Is it Henry?"

"No, Em. I really hate to do this but you're kinda my final hope," JJ said, trying to get her emotions under control. "I have been asked to move to the State Department... I don't want to go, but now Strauss has got involved and she says I have no choice. Em you know I would never ask you to talk to the ambassador if I could think of another way... I don't want to go... please Emily will you help me?"

Emily sat down heavily on the chair across from JJ. She hated getting involved in politics or talking to her mother if truth be told. They had been getting along better recently, it still didn't mean she wasn't uncomfortable in her mother's presence and she hated to owe her mother anything. If it had been anyone else doing the asking but JJ;she would have turned them down flat, but she had a certain weakness for the blue eyed blonde which meant she would drag herself over broken glass to do whatever JJ wanted her to do. Besides there was a selfish reason for doing it; she didn't want to lose seeing JJ everyday. "Okay, but I can't promise anything."

JJ gave her a dazzling smile through the tears. "Thank you Emily, what would I do without you?"


Strauss gnashed her teeth, she had been outsmarted by one of Hotch's minions again. She thought out of all of them that the media liaison would be the easiest to get rid of. After all she was doing her a favour, she had had the woman's dopey sounding boyfriend on the phone moaning about the amount of hours she was doing.

Her contact at the State Dept had freaked when the found out that the media liaison she was trying to palm off to them wasn't an actual profiler. This had been one of the requirements, they were going to use them for the media, but that wasn't the only thing they were needed for. They were needed to profile possible terrorists or their families to see who could be turned in to informants in Afghanistan to glean valuable information about the Taliban. A media liaison from another BAU team had been chosen.

Strauss was many things but she wasn't stupid and hints had been dropped to her that a senior politician was involved in blocking JJ's move, so it didn't take a lot to guess who was involved; Prentiss. If there was one person she hated more than Hotch it was Prentiss, she didn't understand the woman, if she had those sort of political connections, she would be director of the F.B.I. She had only limited scope for revenge right now and however petty it would seem she was going to take it.


"Come on Prentiss you have to go out with us to celebrate keeping our girl," Morgan boomed. "Even pretty boy is giving up his hot date with a book to come out."

"Hey," said Reid pretending to be insulted by Morgan, he was relieved that JJ wasn't leaving, she may at one time have been a crush of his he was now happy to have her as the big sister he never had. Her and Emily together made him feel safe and more at ease with women. He would never forget the beating Emily took for him from Cyrus the mad preacher; at first he had tried to explain to Emily that he felt his manhood was being brought in to question. It was when Emily explained to him that she had profiled that whilst Cyrus might abuse a female F.B. I agent the likely hood would be that he would need to kill a male agent to keep his macho self image high amongst his followers. Reid had kicked himself that he had missed that obvious profile.

"Okay, not for long though," Prentiss smiled, she was pleased that JJ was staying, but didn't want to sit in a bar watching Will paw her.


JJ changed in her office, she didn't want to go home and risk another row with Will. He had gone nuts the night before when he found out she wouldn't be taking the State Dept job. She had hid behind the offer being withdrawn. He still blamed her saying she had waited too long.

Tonight she didn't care, she wanted to go out and have some fun with her friends. She was really pleased that Emily had agreed to come out with them. She had pulling away from them, not attending a lot of the activities where along with Morgan she had been one of the main ringleaders. She hadn't turned up to the last two family brunches at Rossi's and JJ had felt an odd feeling in her stomach when Morgan had suggested that maybe Prentiss had a secret lover.


"Hey, princess you don't have to worry, JJ said it was only the team who were invited tonight, no Crawfish." Morgan whispered into his best friend's ear. He knew the real reason why Emily wasn't turning up to the team outings and he was pissed to the point he was going to make sure that significant others weren't invited. He didn't see why his best friend should be left at home because JJ had got herself pregnant by the dopey Southern detective. He didn't much like Will either and for all Morgan's womanising reputation he had a chivalrous streak in him and he was deeply suspicious of the amount of times Will dropped bombshells about his and JJ's relationship when it was obvious he had never talked to the blonde about it. The whole thing didn't feel right to him.

Emily smiled at Morgan, she hated the fact that Will could get to her so easy, well basically by breathing. No thinking about that tonight. Tonight was going to be fun. Hotch had even turned up for a quick drink. JJ arrived with Garcia and the group fell into an easy rhythm of teasing and dancing. Before long JJ had taken up her place on the dartboard, Prentiss was equally humiliating some guys on the pool table while Morgan and Garcia were enjoying themselves on the dancefloor, while Reid had found his geeky Star Trek fanatics and were having a heated discussion about some piece of trivia.

"It's good to see the kds having fun together," Rossi teased Hotch.

The usually stoic team leader smiled. "It is, I really thought Strauss had managed it this time; to start to dismantle the team." They watched as JJ jumped up and down with joy as she thrashed another opponent at one of her favourite past times. It was an unspoken fact that JJ was the heart of the team and without her it wouldn't be the same.

Prentiss made the time honoured sign to the two men to enquire if they wanted another drink and they gave her a thumbs up. They watched her for a few moments as a tall handsome man approached her while she waited for their drinks order to be fulfilled. JJ, Morgan and Garcia had returned to their seats.

"And another guy crashes and burns," Morgan gloated, they were all watching as Prentiss smiled politely, shook her head before turning her attention back to the bar. The man tapped her on the shoulder and this time with a less polite smile and shake of the head of Emily made it quite plain she wasn't interested. "I don't like the look of this guys".

Morgan was about to get to his feet when he saw the guy press his fist sharply into Emily's side, the agent gave the man a puzzled look before pressing her hand to her side. She looked even more puzzled when the hand she lifted from her side was red and her legs slowly started to slip from my underneath her.

"Oh god he's stabbed her," JJ screamed, her hand going to her mouth in shock.