Hey everyone. So you may not recognize my pen name as the original author. The reason for that is, I unfortunately lost the password to my old account, and just recently created this one. I didn't want to leave my story unfinished, so I decided to re-publish it here. I will finish the story, and all my old stories will be re-published here. :)

(Sophie's POV)

Cut, sting, wince.

My evening met these actions every night, without attempt to break the pattern. Not that I could help, as this had now become second nature to me.

Jamie made you do this.

"No, this is all me." I said aloud, denying the thought. My own shitty life is the reason behind the mistakes. The abuse. The scars.

This is his fault, and you know that.

It's wasn't. It was mine. I did nothing but hide in my room, blocking out the negatives, only to recieve more. I never talked to anyone.

I winced again, as the razor came in contact with my wrist, allowing more blood to drip. The familiar smell of copper filled the air, but I had gotten used to the scent by now.

I felt the red substance seep through my jacket that lay on the floor.

Fuck, more things to wash.

Grabbing a paper towel, I stood up and wobbled a bit, but managed to regain my balance. I wrapped the paper towel around the mutilated area, and desperately searched for a roll of gauze.

After my eyes scanned the medicine cabinet, I reached to the back, my hand grasping the bandage. To my delight, it was a new roll.

Luckily, I had been taught how to correctly use gauze in health class. It was too stiff when I tested it, however, and I removed a few layers.

Sophie… He did this to you. Just admit it. You know you want to.

I ignored it. Jamie had nothing to do with this.

He has everything to do with it. He ruined your life, your own brother.

I ruined my life. Not Jamie.

It was Jamie.

It wasn't Jamie.

If it wasn't, then answer something.

I stopped and listened.

Why is there a wedge between you two?