Summary: "Look, I just think you should do a... test... while you're out here. No strings, no risks. You hate feeling like an ass because you end up breaking up with every girl you think you love. Just... try it with a guy, and see how it goes," Kiba said, flinching at the glare his best friend Naruto threw at him. After all, he had found the perfect candidate. Yaoi - (boyxboy) SasuNaruSasu

Warning: Yaoi (Boy x Boy) Not appropriate for young readers. 17+

Disclaimer - If I owned Naruto instead of Kishimoto, the ending would be playing out REALLY differently. And Sakura would not be riding on the back of Sasuke's fucking horse (I mean, if she really does not deserve her own horse by this time in the story, she should just be out of the picture entirely). *sighs* And of course, I make no money from anything I write here.

Author's note - This short story is just for fun... something light to play with while I am writing Deception. I know Sasuke is OOC, because he is a bit over-sexed, but not too extreme. Just commitment averse, and not asexual. I can't imagine this being more than 3 chapters. Only variable will be whether or not I actually do the lemon in great detail... something I am not sure about yet.


Kiba looked at the head of his friend who was currently slumped over his kitchen table.

"So... how did she take it?"

Naruto sighed heavily. "She cried. Asked me what she had done wrong. And I told her she didn't do anything wrong, but I just... wanted to just be friends."

Kiba rolled his eyes. "Dude after all this time, how have you still not learned that that is the WORST fucking thing to say to a girl that you are dumping?"

Naruto raised his head and looked at his friend, his blue eyes filled with guilt. "But it's the truth. I like her, just... not like that anymore. God I am such an asshole. Why does this keep happening to me?"

Kiba actually had a theory on this, but had held his peace for the past five years. He had watched his friend 'fall in love' with girl after girl, only to realize after a few months of dating that he wanted to go back to being just friends. And after each break-up, Naruto would be consumed with guilt for months after.

Given that the 'depression' time lasted often longer than the 'happy' time, Naruto had come to the conclusion after this last breakup that he was just not suited to dating anyone. That he must either have commitment issues, or simply be too shallow to sustain a long-term relationship.

Kiba, however, thought there was a different possible reason for all of this. And more importantly, he had recently found the perfect opportunity for Naruto to try it out. "Hey, you're here for all of the 4th of July weekend, right?"

Naruto nodded glumly. "Yeah, my flight back to LA leaves Sunday night. I'm on the redeye. Have to work Monday, which will suck, but I just really needed to see you. I hate that you live in New York now."

Kiba winced internally. He had felt guilty leaving his friends and family and moving to New York, but the job offer had just been too good. "Look, Naruto. I was wondering. You always tell these girls that it's not them, it's you, and you just want to be friends. Did you ever think that maybe... you're right?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes at his friend. "Thanks, asshole. You really know how to make a guy feel better." He sighed. "But it's true. I'm the common factor. It IS me, not them. I just don't know what's wrong with me. I mean... I had liked Sakura for years. She finally agrees to go out with me, and within six months I miss being just friends. Hinata was like the nicest and prettiest girl I had ever met, and we didn't even last four months. Then there was TenTen, who I really liked and man she is tough, but it just... didn't last. Ino was great, and so pretty and funny. But... I don't even know what happened there. I think maybe Anko would have been great, but she said I was too nice, so we never really hooked up," Naruto sighed heavily again. "They were all awesome, pretty, sexy, ... but I just ended up liking them better as friends. I always go into it thinking 'this is the one'. But it never lasts. I always end up breaking up with them, feeling like if I can't give them the relationship they want, I can't just fake it with them either. They deserve someone who will love them like that for real. God, I need to just stop dating. I hate feeling like such a dick." With that final statement, Naruto laid his head back down on the table, ignoring the steaming bowl of Ramen that his friend had made for him to try to cheer him up.

This was becoming serious.

"What if you just don't really like girls?"

Naruto's head snapped up at Kiba's comment. "What? Of course I like girls. I've dated tons of girls! I've had sex with all my girlfriends, you know."

"Exactly. And shortly after you start having sex with them, you start to lose interest. Why do you think that is? They all think you're great in bed. So it can't be that the performance was bad. Maybe you just... shouldtryitwithaguyinstead." Kiba said the final words out all in a rush and braced for impact, expecting Naruto's fist in his face. After a few seconds of complete silence, Kiba opened his eyes, looking at his friend warily.

Naruto just sat there in complete shock. This had never occurred to him. Why would Kiba think he was... gay?

"Well, wouldn't I have realized it by now if I were gay? I mean... I'm twenty-one. And I've been sexually active since I don't even know. Living with the Pervert started me off pretty early..."

"Exactly. And it was all hetero. You never even considered sex with a guy. I think maybe now you should."

"Are you... asking me out?" Naruto asked, suddenly filled with trepidation. He couldn't lose Kiba as a friend. There's no way he'd risk it. He'd rather live his life married to his right hand and a large jar of Vaseline.

Kiba answered him with a slap across the head. "Of course not, you idiot. I'm not gay. I'm just waiting for enough time to pass that I can ask Hinata out and she won't still be in the rebound from you."

It had been two years. Naruto's guilt crashed back over him, and he hunched his shoulders. That had been the worst break-up of them all. He still felt like shit about it.

Kiba took the opportunity to push ahead. "Look, I just think you should do a... test... while you're out here. No strings, no risks. You hate feeling like an ass because you end up breaking up with every girl you think you love. Just... try it with a guy, and see how it goes."

"So... you're telling me to just go out and look for a one-night-stand, so I can feel better about myself and less of a shallow, commitment-averse asshole?" The sarcasm was dripping from Naruto's voice.

Kiba knew what his friend thought about one-night-stands. Naruto had never had one, always insisting it wasn't about sex it was about the relationship. Actually Naruto liked the relationship so much better than the sex, that the sex actually ruined it.

"Look, there's a guy that one of my friends here was telling me about. He's supposedly sex on a stick, and never sleeps with the same person twice. He's like... a legend in the gay clubs my friend goes to. It will be up front, no strings, and at least one of you will know what the hell you're doing in the bedroom, since I am pretty sure you have never even thought about gay sex and how the mechanics work."

"That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard, Kiba."

"Look, why not just meet him. We'll go to the club tomorrow night, you can meet each other, and see what happens. You're leaving on Sunday night, so there's no risk. And I can guarantee this guy is good in bed, so if you end up hating it, you'll know for sure you're not gay. This guy supposedly has a reputation a mile long."

"Yeah, and probably an STI list to match. No thanks."

"No, he doesn't sleep with that many. He's actually really selective. Especially not considering how many people are chasing him. He just... doesn't do relationships. At all. I had to send my friend a photo for him to even consider getting set up with you. "

Naruto almost burst a blood vessel. "You sent some random guy a picture of me asking him to have sex with me?! Are you out of your fucking mind?" Naruto wondered if it was possible to die of embarrassment. He supposed the word 'mortification' had to come from somewhere, right? Mortem was 'death' in Latin... yeah, either he or Kiba was definitely going to die in the next three seconds.

Kiba decided this was not the time to tell Naruto which photo of the blond he had chosen to send. The one where they had decided to go swimming at the last minute, and Naruto had to borrow Neji's extra Speedo. Naruto usually swam in bermudas. And Neji's Speedo had been a little small. Kiba would be sure to tell Suigetsu to make sure Naruto never finds out about what the photo was.

"Look, my friend sent a picture of the guy as well, if you want to see him," Kiba offered, slowly backing away as a seriously pissed of Naruto was advancing on him.

"I don't want to see his picture. You know I don't decide who to sleep with based on what they look like. And what if this guy is some stalker or serial killer, and now he's found his new target? The stupid tourist who flies in for a weekend looking to have some random one-night-stand determine the course of his future sexuality?"

Kiba decided it was best to let Naruto just get it over with, so he stopped backing up and let his friend tackle him to the floor and give him a sharp (but not too hard) shot to the kidney. Naruto quickly rolled off, and lay next to Kiba.

"You really think I'm gay?"

"Well... anyone who doesn't want to date Hinata seems a little suspicious to me. But, I don't know. Have you ever found yourself checking guys out?"

"I'm a personal trainer in LA. It's my job to check guys out, and help them improve their physique. But if you mean have I ever wanted to bend a guy over the weight bench and stick my dick in his ass... no. I can't say that I have."

Kiba snickered at the image. "Maybe you just don't have the right clients."

"Look. I really don't know what to expect. But I'll go to the club. I'm not going to look at the guy's photo. If I meet him, and I like him, then fine. We'll see. If I meet someone else and decide to go with them, then that's fine, too. I'll just make it clear I'm only in town for the weekend, so no one expects anything to come of this except possibly one night. So don't promise anything to your friend about me agreeing to have sex with him. If I meet someone interesting, fine. If not, I'm going home alone. I don't want to feel obligated to sleep with some guy who makes a name for himself on one-night-stands. I'm pretty sure he's not going to end up being my type. And don't give out anything about me besides my photo. Not my last name, address, phone... not even what state I live in. That way if this doesn't work out and the guy turns out to be some sexual stalker, I can get the hell out of New York and he won't be able to find me."

Kiba snickered. "God you have an over-active imagination. Ok, I'll let Suigetsu know we'll be at the club tomorrow."

Naruto sighed. Somehow he knew he was going to regret this. But at least if he did, it would be on the other side of the fucking country. On Monday, he would leave it all behind.


Uchiha Sasuke watched the blond at the bar. He was still a bit annoyed that Karin and Suigetsu had set him up. And that Suigetsu evidently talked about Sasuke's sex life so much that even his co-workers who barely knew him were sending guys his way to try to get a hook up with him. Sasuke always said no. He didn't need help finding a date if he wanted one. Especially one that came with strings attached. If the guy got all weird and started bugging Suigetsu or Karin for Sasuke's phone number, it would be annoying.

He took a drink of his gin and tonic, letting his eyes rove over the well-built body showcased by the thin black T-shirt and form-fitting jeans. The blond was being approached by probably the sixth guy so far tonight, and the reasons were obvious. He gave off a vibe of possibly straight, but definitely curious. In other words, 'fresh meat'. His build was nice, muscular but not too bulky. Lean and athletic.

And his appearance wasn't over-done. He was dressed almost casually, his only ornament some sort of blue crystal that hung around his neck by a leather cord. Sasuke hadn't gotten close enough to have a good look at his face, but from what he could tell, the guy was as hot as he had looked in the photo. Possibly hotter. But not in a conscious kind of way. To say he looked innocent would have been a stretch, so Sasuke settled on 'nice'.

That usually was a bit of a turn-off for Sasuke, since he found nice guys either too clingy or a bit of a bore in bed. And he didn't want to deal with feeling guilty about the fact that he had decided to avoid serious relationships at all costs. But 'nice' was somehow not so bad in this guy's case. Naruto just seemed... genuine. Which was rare here. Probably rare anywhere.

The man who was currently hitting on the blond seemed to be having better luck than the ones in the past. They were talking animatedly to each other. At one point, Naruto threw his head back and laughed. Sasuke was just close enough for a bit of the sound to reach him over the music in the club. It was a rich, earthy laugh. Not pretentious, or girly. Not even flirty. Just honest laughter. And by the looks of the people sitting near him, definitely contagious as heads turned and smiles spread. The man sitting next to him chuckled, running his eyes appreciatively over the boy.

The man leaned in, and said something in his ear. After a moment, Naruto nodded and finished his drink. They stood together and went out to the dance floor. Sasuke continued to watch them, sending off the numerous males who approached him with a frigid glare.

He hated being manipulated into something, and he knew that Karin had done just that. Sasuke might have a bit of a thing for blonds, especially ripped ones and this guy more than fit the bill. But he didn't like that it was a set-up. So he was hanging back, trying to see if there was anything creepy or desperate or otherwise off-putting about the guy before he approached him. And, hey, if Naruto found someone else to go off with this evening while Sasuke made up his mind, then it was just one less decision he'd have to make.

That was certainly easier than if he approached the guy and then decided to have nothing to do with him. He wouldn't hear the end of it from Karin, and god knows how annoying she can be. She'd been trying to get him to at least try dating for years. But he had his reasons, and they were not flexible. He sighed, ordering another drink as he remembered how he got here in the first place.

"Sasuke! Suigetsu has a friend at work who -"


"But Sasuke, you haven't even heard what I was going to say!" Karin complained.

"You are always trying to set me up with someone. I don't need help getting laid. And I am not interested in any other kind of relationship," Sasuke said, turning to walk into the kitchen of their mutual friend's home.

His phone chimed, and out of habit Sasuke picked it up and checked the message. It was from Karin, and contained a photograph. Sasuke looked at the photo, and unconsciously licked his lips. He glanced up to see Karin grinning.

"I'm not agreeing to this," Sasuke said, his eyes drawn back to the photo. Whoever he was, he looked damn good in that Speedo.

"He's only in town for the weekend. He just broke up with his sixth girlfriend, and his best friend thinks he's gay and just doesn't know it. He'll be at the Magnet Saturday night."

Sasuke shrugged, pretending to not be interested. "Great. Some straight guy who won't know the first thing about what to do in bed. Sounds like fun," he said sarcastically.

Karin shrugged. She knew that look on Sasuke's face. God knows she'd seen it enough when they went clubbing, and Sasuke pulled some guy to the nearest hotel to fuck his brains out. Sasuke looked at casual sex as stress relief. No emotions, no relationships.

"Whatever," she said casually. "He said he didn't want to see a picture of you, anyway. He wasn't going to decide whether or not to sleep with someone based on a photo. He's planning on going, and if he finds anyone interesting enough, he'll go home with them for the night to give his gay side a test drive. If he's not going to base his choice on looks, you probably didn't have much of a chance anyway."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her as she flounced out of the kitchen. Sometimes he really wondered why he was still friends with her.

His week had been hectic, working through the night with his brother, Itachi, on a major merger that their father had set up.

And that brought up the two main reasons why Sasuke would never, ever have a relationship. Work, and his father. Fugaku Uchiha was managing director of one of the major investment banks on Wall Street. Sasuke and Itachi had grown up watching their father work 80 and 100 hour weeks. Which is to say, they grew up never seeing their father except for family vacations.

Sasuke's mother clearly didn't mind. Mikoto had married Fugaku for his money, and she enjoyed spending her days at the spa, the gym, or shopping while the nanny cared for her children.

Sasuke was now following the same career path as his father, more because it was really the only way he knew how to live. And he knew he had no time to ever be able to sustain an actual relationship. Rather than marry someone who was just going to either divorce him for not spending enough time, or use him only for his paycheck, Sasuke had decided he would have sex when he had the need, but eschew relationships. He would have considered paying for service, but the scandal if he got caught with a prostitute was not one he wanted to risk.

Besides, the club scene was fun. You go out, you meet someone, have a conversation, some small sort of personal connection. You leave, go to a hotel, and have great sex. Get rid of all the stress of the past weeks. Then you shower, go home, and get on with your life. No one calls to complain the next day that you worked too late or forgot some 2 month anniversary bullshit. No demands some expensive jewelry or a car as payment for 'services rendered'. Just clean. Simple. Done.

Sasuke's attention was drawn back to the blond on the dance floor. If he were honest with himself, he would admit the fact that if Karin hadn't sent him the photo he would have definitely made a move on the guy already. Naruto was definitely his type. And even if the guy had no experience with other men, the way he moved his body on the dance floor definitely said he knew what those hips and hands god gave him were for.

Sasuke felt his pants tighten somewhat, and frowned, annoyed that the boy was getting a reaction like this in him from across the room. Evidently his dance partner was experiencing something similar, because the guy suddenly grabbed Naruto's ass and ground their hips together forcibly.

Idiot, Sasuke mentally sneered at the guy who had groped the blond. You don't rush things like that. You don't get grabby on the first dance unless you're both totally smashed, which they weren't. Evidently Naruto shared the same opinion, because he shoved the guy back hard and turned and walked off the dance floor.

The blond paused for a moment between the bar and the exit, clearly debating something internally. Sasuke could read his lips as he seemed to murmur 'fuck this'. He turned and headed towards the exit.

Before Sasuke realized what he was doing, he was heading on an intercept path.

. . . . . . .

Naruto walked to the exit of the club, cursing Kiba but mostly himself. This had been the worst idea ever. Naruto didn't know the first thing about picking up someone for a one night stand. Why had he thought even for a minute that this would work? All the guys that had hit on him just came across as sleazy, fake, and/or slightly desperate. The one who had been mildly interesting had turned into an asshole on the dance floor. I mean... there's a time and a place for everything, and such a thing as timing. The guy clearly had no sense of any of these.

Naruto had no idea if he'd met 'the sex god' that Kiba had tried to set him up with, but if he had, then the guy was lame. And if the guy had decided not to show, all that proved was that even a sex-addicted nympho had more sense than Naruto had shown by coming here.

Naruto breathed out a small, self-deprecating chuckle. Sex had always been Naruto's least favorite part of dating. Why had he thought even for a second that pursuing meaningless sex would be a good way to determine his orientation?

Kiba had certainly gotten him thinking, though. He couldn't deny that, aesthetically at least, he did find the male form more pleasing than the female form. And dancing with that guy tonight, Naruto definitely had felt the stirrings of attraction. He decided that was sufficient experimentation for tonight. The door was now open. He'd pursue this new facet of himself in his own way at his own pace once he got back to LA and was on more familiar ground.

"Leaving already?" a smooth baritone sounded from behind him.

Naruto turned, and all he could do was blink. There was no doubt in his mind who this person was. He was by far the hottest guy Naruto had ever seen. Yes, Naruto mentally admitted he had just called another male 'hot'. But really, there could be no debating that fact. Even a straight guy would recognize it. At least Kiba had been right on that point.

"Um... yeah. This really isn't my scene. I got talked into coming by my best friend. He sometimes has these crazy approaches to things, and usually I have better judgment, but..." Naruto trailed off, distracted by the black eyes that had flicked over his body before returning to his.

"Too bad," the man said, not seeming to care either way. He leaned back against the pillar he had been standing next to. Naruto couldn't help but notice how this somehow seemed to draw attention to the man's lean, muscular physique and inherent grace. "Not your scene because you're not gay, or not your scene for other reasons?" the black-eyed man asked casually.

Naruto glanced at the exit, which was only about ten feet away. Did he want to talk to this person? Did he want to have this conversation with someone who would probably turn out just like all the other guys who had tried to hit on him this evening?

Naruto shrugged, both in answer to his own internal questions and to Sasuke's. But he responded, moving neither toward nor away from the exit. "I find lame pick-up lines pretty much a turn-off, from guys or girls. So it doesn't really seem like this will be a good way for me to figure anything out. I'm just not interested in this kind of thing. Most of the guys who talked to me tonight seemed either desperate or fake. Neither really does it for me."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Most of them?"

Naruto shrugged again. "Well, I haven't pegged you yet. So far you haven't used a lame line on me or tried to grope my ass while pretending to reach for a drink, so..."

Sasuke snorted out a laugh. "I don't need to use lines, and if I put my hand on your ass, there will be no confusion as to what I am reaching for."

Naruto couldn't deny that what this guy said resonated as the truth. He wouldn't need to use a line. And he definitely was confident enough to own his actions... if this guy made a move on someone, he wouldn't pretend it was something else.

"You must be the one that Kiba set me up with," Naruto said, still not sure if he should stay or go.

Sasuke tilted his head to the side. "I thought you didn't want to know who it was."

"No, I just didn't want my idiot friend to promise some dude I'd never met that I'd have sex with him based on some photoshopped picture he gave me."

Sasuke smirked. "Sounds reasonable. But you didn't even want to look?"

Naruto shrugged. "I work with movie stars and professional athletes back in... back where I live. If looks were all that mattered, I would have figured this out a long time ago."

Sasuke looked at him for a moment. "One-night-stands aren't really about deep relationships, you know. It's pretty much just physical attraction and getting rid of some tension. If you're looking for a soul mate, then you definitely came to the wrong club." There was no disguising the slight sneer that had appeared in his voice.

"I'm not looking for a fucking soul mate," Naruto said, annoyed at the condescending tone the stranger was taking with him. "I just don't want to hook up with someone who can't even spell his own name just because he has a nice face, or ass, or whatever. Or someone who is an arrogant prick," Naruto said, looking meaningfully at Sasuke at that last point.

Sasuke smirked. He didn't bother denying he could be both arrogant and a prick. It was part of his charm. "So you've never had a one-night-stand, even with a girl?" The idea seemed preposterous given Naruto's good looks.

"Nope. I just think it's stupid. How do you know what will turn the other person on if you've only spent 5 minutes in a bar with them? It's more fun to actually know something about someone before it gets to sex. It makes it more interesting."

"Hn. Well, I've never had a relationship, so I guess I couldn't really say, but I've certainly never had any problems turning on my partners or keeping them... interested," the man said, the last word absolutely dripping with sexual promise. Even though the words were arrogant, Naruto could tell they were no less than the truth.

"My name is Sasuke. Why don't you come grab a drink with me. You can tell me why relationships are so great, and I can tell you why one night stands are better. Then we can see where it goes from there."

Naruto looked at the completely confident man leaning nonchalantly against the pillar. The guy at least didn't come off as desperate. Or creepy. But Naruto was pretty sure the evening was not going to end with him convincing Sasuke that he should pursue a relationship with someone.

Naruto let his gaze flick down the length of the man, considering things. Maybe... maybe Kiba's plan wasn't so bad after all. Naruto took a step towards the bar, and Sasuke fluidly levered himself away from the pillar. He felt the man's hand settle on the small of his back, guiding him lightly to the bar. Both felt the electric jolt at the touch. Naruto threw a glance over his shoulder, and wasn't surprised at the wolfish smile that appeared on the man's handsome face.

Sasuke had no doubt who was going to win this little debate. But he was looking forward to having it play out. He considered letting his hand slip lower, but resisted. Unlike Naruto's earlier dance partner, Sasuke was perfectly capable of waiting.


to be continued...