Summary: "Look, I just think you should do a... test... while you're out here. No strings, no risks. You hate feeling like an ass because you end up breaking up with every girl you think you love. Just... try it with a guy, and see how it goes," Kiba said, flinching at the glare his best friend Naruto threw at him. After all, he had found the perfect candidate. Yaoi - (boyxboy) SasuNaruSasu

Warning: Hard Yaoi (Boy x Boy) Lemon - explicit boy x boy sex in this chapter. DON'T LIKE DON'T READ (please!). Not appropriate for young readers. 17+

Author's note - Of course, the theoretical debate on sex is pretty irrelevant when you get two horny guys (or girls or any combination thereof) alone in a hotel room, but we had to get them there with a bit of context. Debating morals around sex is like debating religion or politics. It's fun, but never actually changes anyone's mind. :-)


"Should I keep going, Naruto?" Sasuke purred, his voice low, sending vibrations directly to Naruto's cock.

"Fuck," was all Naruto could manage in reply.

Naruto drew a shuddering breath, taking in the clean, heady scent of the man standing inches from him. He could feel the breath from Sasuke's words brush against his ear, and it caused goose bumps to race across his neck. His brain functions had all but ceased, making answering Sasuke's question temporarily impossible. But before he had even entered the club, he had already made the decision that - if he found someone he was honestly attracted to - he would see this through.

He was over twenty years old. It was time he found out if he was giving up on relationships, or just needing to look in... different places. And if sex with a stranger if it would help him figure that out without potentially hurting the person he was experimenting on, then it was worth it.

Up until now, sex had been... not exactly a chore, but definitely something he did solely to please his partner. And after a while, his partners would notice that the enjoyment was one-sided and that knowledge would slowly corrode the relationship.

As he felt the heat jumping between him and this stranger he had met in the bar, the absolute last word that Naruto would use to describe how he felt about possibly having sex with Sasuke would be 'chore'.

"Do you want me to stop?" Sasuke repeated, his voice rough with desire.

"Yes," Naruto finally replied.

The muscles in Sasuke's arms tensed as he tried to force himself to obey this decision and step back. It was harder to do than he had thought it would be. Still frozen inches from the blond, he locked his eyes onto the steady blue gaze. Sasuke could see the desire pooled in those eyes... felt the heat pumping off that body... and he wanted to call Naruto out on his blatant lie. He could accuse Naruto of being a tease, but the truth was that Naruto had been nothing but upfront about his hesitation about the whole thing. It was Sasuke's own fault for getting himself so worked up about this random guy that he had to fight to keep himself from closing the small distance that remained between them and wipe away Naruto's words of denial. The idea of finding a different partner for the evening had lost all appeal. Sasuke wanted this man.

Some of his frustration must have shown on his face, because Naruto smirked. Sasuke felt his anger snap.

"I think..." Naruto said, trying to clear up the misunderstanding. His hands fisted into Sasuke's hair. "... that this test has already been pretty conclusive."

Naruto drew their mouths together, not breaking eye contact or hiding from the anger that he had seen flash in Sasuke's dark eyes at his earlier words.

Comprehension washed over Sasuke has he realized the meaning behind what Naruto was saying, and his anger was quickly drowned in a flood of desire and relief as Naruto drove their mouths together in a fierce, open-mouthed kiss.

Naruto pulled back slightly, brushing his lips across Sasuke's experimentally before pulling their mouths together again more forcefully. The slightly rougher, firmer texture of Sasuke's mouth was appealing to Naruto in a way that smoother, glossed lips of his previous lovers were not. Naruto stepped forward, completely closing the distance between their bodies, allowing them both to feel the extent of arousal already pulsing between them. Sasuke heard a groan and realized it had come from his own throat.

He told himself that he would have let the blond go, if Naruto had rejected him. But he was damn glad he didn't have to.

Despite their conversation earlier in the evening, he had expected Naruto to be more tentative, this being the first time he was with another man. But there was nothing hesitant about the way the blond's slick tongue was sliding along the inside of Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke's hips angled forward, instinctively seeking friction against the hard body pressed against him. He heard a small gasp escape from the mouth that was entangled with his, and felt a surge of aggressive need to draw out even more.

Sasuke's hands slid down the wall of the stall, then closed briefly around the small of Naruto's back, pulling their bodies together with more force.

"Ah, shit," Naruto gasped out as the friction between their erections became even more pronounced. He had never been this turned on in his entire life. Letting his body simply take control from his now useless brain, he pushed forward, shoving Sasuke up against the other side of the stall and pressed their bodies even harder together, his fists still tightly gripping the soft, black hair.

"Fuck," Sasuke gasped out, his hands grabbing Naruto's well-shaped ass and half lifting him as he thrust against him. Sasuke felt the tightening heat in his groin and knew he was about to cum, simply from grinding fully clothed in a dirty bathroom stall like some horny, untried schoolboy. The shock of that thought was enough to snap him out of it.

He stilled the motion of his hips and pulled his head back just enough to cause a breath of separation between their lips.

Sensing his partner's withdrawal, Naruto loosened his grip on Sasuke's hair and took a half step back, blue eyes questioning black.

"Not in here. Let's go." There was no question in Sasuke's voice as to whether Naruto would be leaving with him anymore.

Naruto nodded, a trace of awkwardness seeping in as his blood started to cool. "So... where are we going?" He tried to act casual, as though this was not a completely new experience for him. Making out in a public area was relatively safe. There was only so far it could go.

Leaving with Sasuke was an entirely different thing. There would be no turning back now.

Sasuke seemed to sense the tension in Naruto, and briefly brushed his hand down Naruto's back. He never took lovers to his apartment. It was across town, for one thing, and therefore inconvenient. It also meant that then they would know where he lived, which was something he avoided at all possible costs. Somehow, though, the idea still flickered across his mind. The thought of taking Naruto there somehow appealed to him... the idea of taking Naruto to his own bed, rather than an anonymous hotel room.

But he hesitated, not sure where that idea was coming from. "Well, there's a decent hotel a couple blocks away," Sasuke started. "Or... we could go to my place up-town."

Naruto wasn't expecting to be offered a choice. He didn't want to have to make any decisions on the logistics of a one-night stand. It wasn't his area of expertise. "What do you usually do?"

Sasuke shrugged. "Hotel's closer," he said casually, not quite ready to voice a preference to go to his place.

"Then let's go to the hotel," Naruto said. It felt a little... cliché, but it was what he had signed up for. Going to Sasuke's apartment felt more like a date. The hotel better reflected what this actually was, in Naruto's mind. He wasn't going to delude himself. Sasuke had been honest about the boundaries of this night and what he was willing to offer. Naruto would respect that, and fight against his own nature that kept trying to turn this into something more than it was.

Sasuke simply nodded, not sure why he felt disappointed in Naruto's choice. It was for the best, though. There was a reason why he had never offered to take anyone to his place before. He told himself he was relieved that Naruto had not chosen his apartment.

They headed out the door of the club, and walked the short distance to the hotel.

. . . . .

By the time they entered the hotel room, Naruto was wishing somehow that it had simply been attached to the club. It was one thing to agree to the idea of going to a random room to have sex with a stranger when all his blood had been pumped into his dick and his brain had been cloud watching. Now, with the hormones cooled and his breathing normal, it felt a little forced.

Was he supposed to start some sort of conversation? Should he just strip? Was he supposed to make some sort of move on Sasuke?

Sasuke had had much more experience in how these things worked, and felt none of the awkwardness that Naruto did.

Sasuke casually removed his watch, setting it next to the TV above the wet bar , followed by his wallet and phone. "Are you hungry?" he asked smoothly. "We could get some room service."

Naruto shook his head as he looked around the room while Sasuke removed his shoes and socks. It was nice. Definitely a higher end hotel. Naruto wondered what the nightly rate was in a place like this, feeling annoyed again that Sasuke had not let him pay. He definitely wasn't used to being treated like 'the girl' in a relationship.

But this isn't a relationship, he reminded himself. "Is this the place you usually go?" Naruto asked, not sure if the question was out-of-bounds or not, but honestly a bit curious. It was considerably more up-scale than what he had always envisioned 'love motels' to be.

Sasuke shrugged. "Hotels that charge by the hour generally don't meet my standards of hygiene." It wasn't exactly an answer, but Naruto decided not to push it.

In truth, the hotel was much nicer than the ones Sasuke usually used on these occasions. Sasuke had walked over to the bed, and was unbuttoning his shirt. Naruto stood there, watching the deft, nimble fingers work each fastening. He found the sight somehow both erotic and nerve-wracking. Sasuke casually undid the final button, then pulled his shirt off, tossing it over the back of a nearby chair. Naruto swallowed at the sight of the pale torso now bared to his view. He had significantly underestimated just how hot this guy would look without his shirt on.

Sasuke looked over at Naruto, and quirked a brow.

Naruto realized he was still fully clothed... not even having removed his shoes.

"Why don't you take your shoes off and come here," Sasuke said as he sat down on the bed, lounging back casually against the pillows in just his jeans. He was usually much more aggressive in these situations, but he wanted to give Naruto a chance to decide if he was really ready for this. Sex wasn't fun unless both participants were willing.

Naruto removed his socks and shoes, then walked over. He wished he'd had a bit more to drink. Somehow, his earlier decision to face this relatively sober now seemed like a bad one.

Sasuke made no move to touch him, or remove any more of their clothing. He simply looked at Naruto, as if waiting for something.

"Changed your mind?" Sasuke asked after a few moments.

Naruto took several seconds to think about his answer. It was true that the pounding urgency to rip Sasuke's clothes off had abated from when they were in the men's room together. But as he slid his eyes over the well-toned torso of his prospective lover lounging on the bed, Naruto couldn't deny that there was still a thick attraction that pulled between them.

Slowly, Naruto shook his head, sliding the fingers under the hem of his black T-shirt and pulling it over his head, leaving his tan chest bare except for the blue crystal suspended there by the leather cord. Sasuke's eyes darkened as he took in Naruto's lean but perfectly defined chest and arms.

"Very nice," Sasuke murmured appreciatively. "Why don't you join me over here?"

Now that they were finally committed to this, Naruto felt some of his nerves melt away. He had always prided himself on bringing his partners pleasure in bed. This was his chance to see if he was equally skilled at pleasing a male lover as he was his female lovers. His approach to sex was one of intimacy, not mechanics. He paid attention to his partner, observed their responses to see what pleased them and what didn't, and adjusted accordingly.

Naruto knew instinctively that Sasuke would not appreciate a passive lover. He had said that sex was a way for him to release the tensions in his life, both sexual and other. Naruto could understand that.

And he readily admitted that one area of appeal about having sex with another man was that neither would have to hold back. He wouldn't have to worry about breaking him or over-powering him. The idea was intriguing.

He kept his eyes locked on Sasuke's as he reached down and slid his hand over one of Sasuke's clothed knees, then wrapped his fingers around it, squeezing gently. He lifted the leg slightly, kneading the muscles of the calf through the fabric of his jeans as he worked his way down to the ankle. He sat down on the bed, settling Sasuke's bare foot in his lap as he dug his thumbs into the arch of the foot.

Sasuke groaned at the intense pleasure as the motion was repeated, the sudden release of tension sending ripples of goose bumps over his flesh with each press of those skilled fingers. Who knew the foot was an erogenous zone? He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the headboard.

Naruto's gaze was fixed on the erotic sight Sasuke made, the way the tendons in the pale neck pulled taut as he arched back, the lightly visibly play of the abdominal muscles as they tightened, then relaxed. Naruto had recognized that Sasuke was attractive the first moment he saw him, but seeing Sasuke like this he realized that calling this man 'attractive' was a gross understatement. Sasuke was... a work of art. If most people were stick drawings, Sasuke was a daVinci.

"Shit, you're good at this," Sasuke said, his eyes opening and focusing on Naruto. "Are you a professional foot masseuse or something?"

Naruto chuckled. "No, but I know a lot about muscle anatomy. You said you were stressed. There are nerve clusters in your feet that can help release some of that tension."

"Mmmm," Sasuke said, letting his head fall back again, but keeping his eyes open, enjoying the sight of Naruto's hands on his body, the way the toned muscles moved beneath the tan skin with each motion. "Here I was thinking I was going to need to relax you."

"This relaxes me. I know what I'm doing with foot massages," Naruto said with mock arrogance as he slide one of his hands under Sasuke's pant leg and kneaded the muscle there.

Even that small motion of Naruto's hand in the general direction of Sasuke's crotch made heat start to pool between Sasuke's thighs. Naruto noticed the slight stirring of Sasuke's groin, but ignored it in favor of turning his attention to Sasuke's other foot.

It struck him that Naruto was doing exactly what he had described in their earlier conversation... analyzing his partner and trying to be whatever Sasuke needed as a bed mate. To say that Sasuke's past lovers had never tried to please him would be a blatant lie. But it was also true that Sasuke had never had someone look deeper than his obvious sexual needs - not at the more holistic fact that Sasuke was seeking a release of stress from his life, not just his groin. A good fuck did both. But evidently a foot massage could be helpful as well.

Sasuke found it almost more intimate than sex, because it involved more thought about Sasuke as a person, not just a sexual object. And more creativity from Naruto as a partner. Not that he still wasn't hoping to get laid at the end of it all, of course. Sasuke was being patient for the moment, but his patience would only last so long. He would enjoy this appetizer for the moment.

"I don't know what your day job pays, but I can guarantee that you'd make a killing working as a masseuse in New York if you wanted to," Sasuke said, only half joking. He'd never felt so relaxed aside from sex. So soothed by a simple touch. It was as though Naruto's fingers had opened a drain in the soles of his feet and the tension had simply flowed out of him.

The heat of the blond's hands working against his skin was causing tension of another kind to build, however. Sasuke was never much for foreplay himself, but he found himself more than enjoying both the skill of those tan hands, and the slowly building anticipation of exactly what they were going to do when Naruto was finally done with his feet.

His eyes were distracted from watching Naruto's fingers when Naruto's tongue darted out to wet his lower lip. Sasuke's eyes followed the motion of the pink organ, and suddenly he decided there were other areas of his body that needed attention besides his feet.

. . . . . . .

Sasuke levered himself up to an upright sitting position, and slowly threaded his fingers into the leather cord that held the blue crystal necklace Naruto was wearing over his bare chest. Naruto's hands stilled on his feet, then slowly slid up the insides of Sasuke's legs as the raven drew Naruto down on top of him. A sharper tug had their mouths melding together, tongues tasting each other's lips, teeth scraping and tugging.

Naruto felt Sasuke's lips and teeth graze along his jaw and down his throat, and his body went from simmering to blazing. His hips rocked forward instinctively, causing them both to hiss at the sensation. Getting impatient, Sasuke rolled them over so he was on top, and left a trail of hickies down Naruto's chest as his fingers went to the fastenings of the blond's jeans.

"Sasuke," Naruto gasped out, his blood heating and pulsing at the skilled touch.

Sasuke looked up, seeking permission to continue. It would be the last time he asked tonight, and he needed Naruto to understand that. Naruto opened his legs slightly, allowing Sasuke more room to comfortably settle between them. Taking this as a signal to continue, Sasuke slowly pulled down the zipper of Naruto's pants, brushing his nose then his tongue along the fine trail of blond hair that disappeared beneath the fabric of Naruto's jeans.

"Mmmmm," Sasuke hummed against the over-sensitized flesh just above Naruto's zipper, his tongue tasting the smooth, slightly salty skin there as though it were a delicacy.

Sasuke had considered asking Naruto exactly what he was comfortable with, but he decided he'd take the blond at his word that he was fairly open to sexual experimentation. He slid his fingers into the waistband of Naruto's pants and boxers and drew them down, feeling his own erection straining uncomfortably against the zipper of his jeans at the sight.

Naruto had propped himself up on his elbows and was looking down at Sasuke, watching the slow descent of his pants and the pale hands that were guiding them down. He helpfully lifted his hips to allow them to slide completely off, sucking a sharp breath through his teeth as his erection was released from the constraint of his jeans.

Sasuke looked at the thick, veined erection appreciatively as he threw Naruto's discarded clothing aside. It seemed pretty clear that Naruto was not losing interest in the activities planned for the evening. To show his pleasure at this fact, Sasuke blew a breath of warm air over Naruto's cock, then slowly swirled his tongue around his head.

Naruto let his head fall back. "Jesus, fuck!"

Drawing the head into his mouth, Sasuke hummed contentedly at the way the muscles in Naruto's stomach and thighs clenched at the sensation. Sasuke was fairly confident that he gave better head than any of Naruto's previous girlfriends. After all, men knew exactly what felt good in terms of a blow job, and how to walk that fine line between pleasure and pain without crossing it at the wrong time. And Sasuke had more skills then most men.

Naruto's hand reached out and tightened in Sasuke's hair, widening the spread of his legs and giving himself over completely to the sensations that were flowing up his cock and bleeding throughout his body.

Sasuke used one hand to lightly brace Naruto's hips to prevent him from thrusting unexpectedly down his throat while the other hand reached into his own front pocket for the small bottle of lube and strip of condoms he had carried with him. He flicked them onto the bed within easy reach.

Naruto's grip tightened in Sasuke's hair and he yanked him back, stopping the erotic bobbing motion that was threatening to drive him over the edge sooner than he wanted. "Sasuke, enough. You don't have to ease me into it. I want you to get off, too."

Sasuke slid his body up along Naruto's, allowing the blond to feel the rock hard erection that was practically breaking through Sasuke's zipper. "I don't think there's a risk of that. Sucking you off isn't a chore for me, Naruto. I enjoy it."

Naruto had gotten head before, but generally it was when his partner just wanted to please him. He always had gotten the sense that the pleasure was one-sided. If he only had one night with Sasuke, he didn't want there to be any one-sidedness. "Then let me see," Naruto said, sitting up as his hands rapidly unfastened Sasuke's jeans. Sasuke groaned slightly at the release of the almost unbearable pressure as his erection was freed.

Naruto knelt down on the floor as Sasuke sat at the side of the bed and opened his legs to allow Naruto access. It was the first time that Naruto had seen a fully erect cock other than his own (or the ones in the het porn videos Jiraya watched). Never one to hesitate about a new experience, Naruto slid his hands over Sasuke's hip bones, then slowly stroked the large, engorged shaft experimentally.

He let his fingers play over the ridges and contours of the familiar yet unfamiliar appendage, watching Sasuke's face darken with lust as he massaged the man's balls and inner thigh with his other hand. The scent of male arousal filled his senses, and Naruto found it somehow much more appealing than the scent of female arousal he was used to. He leaned in, breathing deeply and memorizing Sasuke's scent as he licked along the side of Sasuke's shaft before flicking the tip of his tongue over the head, allowing it to probe at the slit that had begun to slowly leak pearly drops of liquid before swirling around the edge.

"Nngghh," Sasuke breathed out, the wet heat of Naruto's mouth simultaneously easing and building the pulsing ache in his groin.

While Sasuke knew that it was Naruto's first time giving head, there was none of the hesitation or conservatism that he would have expected. Naruto was clearly earthy by nature, and it came out fully as he fully explored by touch and taste every aspect of Sasuke's cock and balls, watching what level of suction and pressure at different points elicited different reactions, teasing with both the flat and tip of his tongue until Sasuke was almost mindless with pleasure.

"Naruto," Sasuke said, his rough and breathless. "Let me fuck you now."

He pulled Naruto by the back of his neck roughly onto the bed. Naruto knelt, his arms supporting him as Sasuke positioned himself behind him. He ran a pale hand over the well-shaped, taut ass, and felt his hand tremble slightly under the sheer magnitude of the lust pounding through his system. Sasuke selfishly wished this was not Naruto's first time receiving, because he didn't know if he would be able to restrain himself enough to prepare him properly. He couldn't remember the last time he had been so desperate to bury himself into his partner.

He drew a steadying breath trying to force himself not to rush as he clicked open the bottle of lube and spread some on his fingers. He had four condoms with him, and if he rushed this and hurt Naruto, then the night would end prematurely without pleasure for either of them. He heard a low laugh from Naruto, and was surprised to see amused blue eyes looking back over the tanned shoulder. "It's alright, Sasuke. I haven't received before, obviously, but I've had anal sex. I know the drill."

"Have you ever..." Sasuke started, sliding one lubed finger in. "... had any stimulation here before?"

"Hah..." Naruto breathed out at the sensation of Sasuke's questing finger. "One of my ex's was curious about the 'seven knots to heaven' thing, so we... oh, fuck," Naruto arched back as Sasuke's finger found what it was looking for.

Sasuke smirked. "Good. Then you know what to expect," he said, cutting off any discussion about previous lovers as he slid in a second finger and used his thumb to alternate between working the ring of muscle and stimulating the prostate externally.

Naruto was gasping in pleasure at the dual sensation. "Fuck, it wasn't this intense."

Naruto didn't need to look back at his lover to feel the pleased arrogance pumping off him at that admission. Sasuke inserted a third finger, and leaned forward, breathing into Naruto's ear. "It gets even better."

"Jesus," Naruto shuddered. In the past Naruto had had to use his focus to maintain arousal during sex. Now he had to use it to keep himself from cumming. "Hurry the fuck up, Sasuke. Don't bother with more prep. Just add more lube and get going already."

Sasuke would have laughed at the urgency in Naruto's words if his own body wasn't screaming for him to do the exact same thing. Without hesitation, Sasuke tore open the condom wrapper with his teeth, rolled it on with a slightly shaking hand, and drove in.

"Ahn," they groaned together.

Naruto's body clenched at the intrusion, and Sasuke forced himself to hold still and wait for his lover's body to adjust to him, his hand lightly caressing Naruto's hip.

Sasuke's skin was sheened with sweat at the effort required to restrain himself. When he finally saw Naruto's fingers slowly unclench from the sheets, he began with slow, steady thrusts, not pulling out more than halfway. He circled his hips in a serpentine manner, maximizing the feel of each shallow thrust as he slowly increased the length and power of his strokes.

"Ngh, Naruto... you feel so... fucking tight and hot," Sasuke was already so close to the edge to worry about the lack of creativity of his compliment.

They'd have to take their time later. He started to pick up the pace and force, reaching around to pump Naruto's erection in time with his thrusts.

"Holy shit," Naruto gasped out, the ferocity of Sasuke's thrusting and the white-hot pleasure it was building within him wiping out the rest of whatever he had been trying to say.

"Cum with me," Sasuke panted into Naruto's ear. The low timbre of Sasuke's voice and the heat of his breath was the final straw sending Naruto over the edge as his body locked in pleasure. Feeling Naruto contract around him, Sasuke immediately followed as they came hard together, wave after shuddering wave.

They collapsed to the bed, both their bodies shaking slightly with the force of their orgasm.

"Oh my god," Naruto said after a few minutes. "That was... the most intense orgasm I've ever had in my life." He couldn't even turn his head to look at Sasuke, he felt so wrung out.

Sasuke took a shaky breath, feeling equally drained and slightly off-balance by the intensity of what he had just experienced. He wasn't used to completely losing himself like this. He wanted to lift his hand to run it along Naruto's hip, but needed to wait a few minutes for strength to return to his body before he was able to actually do so. His control had completely snapped after he entered Naruto, and hadn't been able to hold back at all. He had planned on going easy this first time.

Luckily, Naruto didn't seem to have minded at all.

After several minutes, Naruto rolled over. "I need a shower. You up for it yet?"

Sasuke stretched, feeling a satisfied lethargy like a cat who had gotten into the cream. He eyed Naruto's backside as the blond threw off the sheets and stood gingerly to head to the bathroom.

The lethargy disappeared surprisingly quickly and Sasuke found himself following the limping man into the shower.

. . . . . . .

As a general rule, Sasuke didn't bottom. He could count on one hand (actually two fingers) the number of times he had. But after three mind-blowing rounds of sex with the
blond, he had to call Naruto's bluff on whether the he really could 'go for hours'. Lots of people claimed that. Almost none actually could.

Three hours later, Sasuke was ready to cede victory to Naruto.

Sasuke arched back as he straddled Naruto, every fiber in his being screaming with exhaustion but the pleasure thrumming through him (and Naruto's hands) kept him upright. Despite his eyes being closed, he could feel the weight of the blue-eyed gaze.

"What," Sasuke said, opening his eyes to meet Naruto's intense stare.

Naruto thrust up harshly, not breaking eye contact. "Just.. tell me you at least have good friends," he breathed out.

Sasuke raised a brow in question as Naruto slowed his thrusts, holding Sasuke in place with bruising force.

"It's just... there's so much more to you than just this," Naruto said, rolling them over so Naruto was on top, lifting Sasuke's hips and thighs to maintain the angle that kept him hitting Sasuke's prostate. The sensation had Sasuke forgetting what his lover was even talking about as he felt yet another orgasm building within him. He would never be able to bottom with anyone else after this. They would all fall woefully short. He had lost count of how many times he had cum.

Naruto leaned down and kissed Sasuke harshly. "There's so more to you. And if you were mine, I'd spend the rest of my life trying to figure you out. Learn all your twists and turns. You're complicated as fuck, Sasuke. Don't just settle for this. Find someone that matches you... give some lucky bastard a chance to get to know you."

Sasuke had no idea if he responded or not, because he was cumming again and lost consciousness shortly after.

. . .

Naruto slowly drifted back to the world of the living several hours later. Aching in an unfamiliar way, he stretched and slowly started to detangle himself from the bed to go and shower, given it was now four in the morning and the evening was over. He knew he should head home. Kiba had been quite clear on that rule. You don't stay the night, and you don't ask for anything in the morning if you do.

Naruto turned and found Sasuke awake and gazing at him, his expression opaque. Naruto breathed out a soft laugh at himself at the power those dark eyes had over him. "You know," Naruto said finally, "You've completely turned my life upside down."

Sasuke didn't bother hiding his arrogant smirk.

"Now, when I go home, not only will I come back gay...," he shot a mock-glare at Sasuke as though somehow this was all his fault. "... but my whole theory about 'sex only being good with someone you love' has just been erased, too."

Naruto laughed self-deprecatingly. "God, I'm never going to hear the end of this from Kiba. No wonder he was always chasing skirts and hooking up with different girls. I never found sex really good enough to want to do it with someone I didn't really care about, so the whole idea of a one-night stand didn't even make any sense for me. But I guess that's because I was a gay guy having sex with girls. So OF COURSE it wasn't any good," Naruto paused slightly, still smiling and expecting Sasuke to make some sort of snide or gloating comment. "I guess my social life is really going to pick up now," he continued jokingly when no comment was made.

Naruto was looking for his shirt and didn't realize that the smirk had faded from Sasuke's face. He was now looking rather annoyed.

"It won't be like this with just anyone, idiot," Sasuke said, his voice tight with annoyance.

Naruto laughed at what he assumed was simply arrogance from the other man. "Ass. Didn't you just spend the earlier part of the evening telling me the exact opposite? That all of your hook-ups were basically equal? I'm sure that train runs both ways."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. What Naruto said was true. Sasuke had always felt like his lovers were basically interchangeable. There was never one that really stuck in his memory.

Until now.

He wasn't sure if it was the knowledge that he was Naruto's first male lover, or his first one-night stand, or something about Naruto himself, but Sasuke felt oddly possessive over the naked man still searching through tangled hotel sheets for his clothing.

Sasuke glared at Naruto. "Shut up and get back in the bed."

Naruto eyed Sasuke. "I thought you said you always leave right after sex."

"I said I left after the sex was finished. I'm not done with you yet."

Naruto dropped his gaze to where Sasuke's shaft was standing at full attention. Luckily for the both of them, Naruto had also thought to bring condoms. Evidently they were going to need them.

. . . .

They lay in bed much later, utterly exhausted, limbs lightly touching.

Naruto felt dazed. He always assumed that the 'afterglow' from sex was from the emotional closeness. Yet here he was, with a total stranger that he was never going to see again and had no emotional connection to at all, body awash with the lazy heat and sense of completeness that he had always connected with being in a relationship.

"It's called endorphins, idiot," Sasuke said drily from the pillow next to him.

"Ah, sorry. I didn't realize I said that out loud. Yeah... endorphins. You get that from running or training or whatever, too. But it feels different with sex. Don't you think? More intense or something."

Sasuke just grunted, his mind floating off again as he let the blond's words wash over him. Usually, the silence after sex was a little awkward, with Sasuke generally heading directly for the shower, then the door.

Somehow he felt relaxed with Naruto, content to just float on the eddy of the high from amazing sex, his body boneless and free of tension. In the past, the pressures and stresses of Sasuke's life would already be slowly creeping back on him, but somehow the flow of Naruto's words was keeping them at bay. Naruto had been talking about how one of his friends who has finishing his English major had made Naruto re-read Jane Eyre recently, and it had only re-established the opinion he had formed in high school that the only interesting character in the book was the crazy woman locked in the attic. Sasuke had been silent until Naruto poked him, expecting a response. Sasuke had affirmed that he had only the highest respect for any character that tried to burn down either party in that dysfunctional, depressing relationship. Naruto snorted his agreement.

They talked about books, music, opinions on various historical figures. Naruto laughed at Sasuke's jaded, sarcastic outlook on most things, prodding him into responding to whatever random question came into the blond's head. Normally, Sasuke would have found it annoying to be asked so many questions. But that was because usually there was an ulterior motive behind them - someone trying to ingratiate themselves with him or get him to do their thinking for them on some business deal. Naruto didn't know who Sasuke was, who his family was, and clearly had no interest in business. He had already gotten into Sasuke's bed, so there was nothing more to be gained there. He just seemed genuinely... interested... in what Sasuke thought about things. It was disconcerting. Only Itachi ever really talked with him like this, though in a decidedly less rambling way. He wondered how Naruto found so many things to talk about. If Sasuke were anyone else, he would have said he found it endearing. But Sasuke didn't feel things like that, so the emotion remained unnamed in his mind.

Sasuke felt fingers slide through his hair, gently massaging his scalp and let out a soft sigh of pleasure and realized he had been drifting off into his own thoughts.

"... favorite thing?"

He had only caught the last part of Naruto's question, his mind now focused on the bliss the talented fingers on his scalp were creating. "Hn?"

"I said, what's your favorite thing?" Naruto asked, his voice sounding sleepy.

"You mean, besides what we just spent the last five hours doing together in this hotel room?" Sasuke asked, his smirk coloring his voice even if he was too exhausted for it to show on his face.

The hands stopped massaging his scalp and smacked it lightly instead. "Not sex, bastard. I mean like... just your favorite thing. Maybe... I dunno... the smell of baking bread, or the sound of chamber music in a dark room late at night, or the way pizza tastes right out of the oven."

Sasuke had honestly never really thought about it. There were some things that he liked. And many more things that he didn't like. But probably nothing he liked enough to call it 'favorite'.

"Hn, I don't know. What about you?" Sasuke asked, more to deflect the need for further speech on his part rather than any real interest in Naruto's answer.

"My favorite thing," Naruto's yawn cut off his words temporarily. "... is when you have one of those rare nights when all your obligations are met. You don't owe anyone a return call, you're not reminding yourself not to forget to pay some bill, you don't have any major appointments the next day. You're just... free. And on those nights, I like to just stand there out on the balcony of my apartment, watching the moon over the ocean, listening to the waves... smelling the salt in the air, and just... be. Just me, and no one else. No pressure to return to bed because someone is waiting there for me, no worry about not staying up too late because I have to be somewhere or do something in the morning. Just... quiet."

Sasuke tried to visualize that. He'd never had a moment that even approached the worry-free state that Naruto was describing. "I think..." Sasuke said, trying to articulate his thoughts. "I can't even imagine what that would be like."

"Mmmmm," Naruto said, clearly drifting off into sleep as his hands in Sasuke's hair started to slow. "Then you should come out and visit me sometime."

Sasuke opened his eyes to look at the blond now sleeping beside him. "Maybe," he said, his voice soft and almost thoughtful. Usually he would have gotten up and left by now. Dawn was almost here. But somehow, he didn't mind falling asleep next to Naruto.

If Naruto asked him again right then if there were one lover who was different from the rest, one that he wouldn't mind seeing again, Sasuke thought he might answer that question differently than he had earlier that evening. He drifted off to sleep, for the first time not feeling the need to escape the presence of his lover before doing so.


Naruto woke just before noon. He hadn't called Kiba to let him know what time he would be back, and he still had to pack up and get to the airport in time for his 7pm flight.

He lay in bed for a few minutes, watching Sasuke sleep.

"I'm such an idiot," Naruto murmured to himself, gently brushing a stray lock of hair from the sleeping Uchiha's perfect face. Naruto had tried so hard to stick by the rules. He knew that he'd never see Sasuke again. For Sasuke, this was just sex. It didn't mean anything.

But Naruto should have known he just wasn't wired that way. For him, it had meant something. It had meant everything. He wouldn't be so simplistic as to say he fell in love with Sasuke. But it hadn't been just physical, either. Not for him. None of the other men at the club had interested him. If it had been anyone else, Naruto would never have come to the hotel.

There was something about Sasuke that drew him. Beyond just his exceptional good looks or skills in the sack. Sasuke was... complicated. Interesting. Damaged. Lonely. Perfect. Flawed.

The words he had spoken were true... he wished he could have the chance to really get to know Sasuke... all his quirks and facets. What made him tick. What made him choose being alone over being with someone.

"Stupid, fucking, idiotic moron," Naruto breathed out, exasperated with himself. "You are probably the three thousandth person who has felt a pull for him. And the others probably live in the same state and have something to actually offer a guy like that. You're just some middle class, physical therapist from across the country, with a small apartment with a nice view and modest career ambitions."

Naruto felt the urge to smash his head into the wall at his own foolishness. Even if Sasuke were to eventually look for a relationship, Naruto knew Sasuke was out of his league. He wouldn't even be in the running.

He detangled himself from the bed and gathered up his clothes. He showered and dressed quickly, not wanting to prolong things. He briefly considered waking Sasuke, but he had no idea what he'd even say. And this way, he wouldn't have to face the end... the dismissal from Sasuke's life that he knew the morning had brought.

Not wanting to leave without any sort of goodbye, Naruto grabbed a pad of paper from the nightstand and wrote out a quick note, leaving it on his pillow.

"Goodbye, Sasuke," Naruto said, brushing a soft kiss over the sleeping man's brow.

At least he had had this experience. And now he could begin to look for someone he could be with, hopefully for the long term.

As introductions to his new life as a gay guy, he figured he'd had a pretty perfect one. And he could be grateful to Sasuke for that, even if he wished it could have been more than that.

. . .

Sasuke woke, knowing instinctively that it was already well past noon. He slowly opened his eyes, taking in the hotel room and realizing he had probably slept past check-out time. Another first for him. He turned, his senses already informing him that he was alone in the bed before his eyes confirmed it. There was a piece of the hotel stationery resting on the pillow that still had the indentation of where Naruto had slept.

Sasuke lay there for a moment, perfectly still, before reaching for the paper. He scanned the words that were written in a somewhat messy and erratic script.

Dear bastard.

So... I'm definitely gay. Thanks for establishing that for me. I had to leave to pack up for my flight and didn't want to wake you. Plus, Kiba had informed me of your ground rules so... yeah, I'm trying to stick to those.

I meant what I said last night. Don't settle. Give someone a chance to be more than just this to you. Consider it my price for giving you my ass virginity.

Try to avoid the gold diggers. And anyone who thinks Jane Eyre is the best story ever.


Sasuke breathed out a small laugh. He supposed this was Naruto's way of making it not exactly a one night stand... some way of still trying to improve the existence of whomever he slept with.

The hotel room felt much emptier then he ever remembered it feeling. And silent.

He lay down, fingering the note, and wondering how the morning would have played out if it's author had still been there instead. For the first time, he wasn't sure what he wanted.

He folded the note, and placed it into his wallet.

Naruto had left the ball in his court.

And, of course, Suigetsu worked with Kiba. If he ever wanted to take that trip out to look at the ocean from Naruto's balcony.

He'd been invited, after all.


The end.

I had originally planned out a scene that showed how each of them processed their night together, and how it changed them. But I am not sure it needs to be spelled out. You can decide if you think Sasuke makes the trip and they end up together or not. :-)

Also the initial lemon was retardedly long, so I did shorten it not so much because I was worried about being too explicit (obviously) but because it was starting to feel like PWP. They had a lot of sex... many times in many ways (because Naruto is 'experimenting', and Sasuke was very helpful... he's such a good friend that way LOL).

April 18, 2016 UPDATE: - there is an 'unofficial' SIN (sasuke x itachi x naruto) spin-off of this posted on AO3. If you want to read it, just go to: archiveofourown dot com and search Kizukatana. You will find it there.