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Welcome to Jack City! (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

The digital sign flickered to life as their truck approached the bridge. A giant Jack smiled down at them from behind the flashing letters.

"Ugh a monster! Kill it, Kill it now," sobbed Gaige, breaking the monotony with her theatrics as she shielded her eyes from the blindingly bright sign.

"You read my mind sugar," said an eager Madame Moxxie from the backseat. She leaned out of her window and showered the billboard with bullets from an assault rifle that shared the same gaudy color scheme as her clothes.

Gaige cheered as the sign turned into a volcano of sparks. Meanwhile, Moxxie had already turned her attention to their driver Axton. "See hon? I know how to handle a gun," cooed the buxom woman in an accent thick with insinuation while inching ever closer to his seat in front of hers.

Her mouth was uncomfortably close to his ear and her hands were dangerously close to his waist. "Uh huh cool good job sorry I ever doubted you," said Axton quickly as he floored the accelerator, forcing the seductress back into her seat. On paper, splitting up and recruiting help to tackle all of the tasks before them had seemed like a good idea; he couldn't have known that by help Roland actually meant one inappropriately curious surgeon, a greedy fat arms-dealer, and a walking talking innuendo. It was like the setup for a bad joke. A surgeon, an arms dealer, and a madame walked into a bar...

"Listen up you two," barked Axton, channeling his drill sergeant from Dahl basic training. "I want this over with fast. We're going to go in, find Jack's double, extract that son of a bitch, and get the hell out of this half assed city. Strictly professional, got it?"

"Yes sir, sir yes sir," answered Gaige, tongue firmly in cheek. She was clearly in high spirits and tried to share it with the commando via a sharp pat on the shoulder. "Come on, after all we've been through? Don't worry, we'll be super professional."

"Smash the system!" shouted Gaige, gleefully punching random holes into various half finished buildings with her mechanical arm.

"Smash the system!" repeated her fervent chorus of Construction Engineers, as they added to the vandalism and noise with their re-purposed power tools.

Trailing behind the rioting crowd, Axton wore a jaded expression on his tired face as he surveyed the path of destruction Moxxie, Gaige, and the growing horde of disgruntled Hyperion engineers left in their wake.

When Angel sabotaged Hyperion's networks, the paycheck system had apparently been one of the casualties. With their income gone, all construction had halted, and only resumed recently thanks to the threatening presence of Jack's newly arrived Double. But when commanded to fight, the engineers were smart enough to recognize Jack wasn't worth dying for, especially not for free. The arrival of Gaige, Moxxie, and himself had only served as a catalyst for all the pent up resentment stored away like so many demolition charges. Now this explosive chain reaction was threatening to blow the whole city up. Shame really, most of the nearly complete city could have been re-purposed to serve their cause.

Axton turned a street corner just in time to witness Moxxie using a hijacked constructor bot to cut down a golden statue of Jack. Somewhere along the way she had acquired alcohol - probably from the secret stash of some eager to please engineer - and was slurring her way through a rant she seemed very familiar with. "Haa, take that you uugly bastard -hic- you dumped me? No I dumped youuuu -hic- ..."

An explosion stole away Axton's attention and he looked down the street to see Gaige lighting another molotov cocktail. "Anaarrchyyy!" she declared in a voice that would make any bandit clan on Pandora proud to call her their daughter.

Call it a hunch, but Axton had a feeling the reception they received from the engineers would've been very different if he had gotten out of the truck with Krieg and Sal instead of Moxxie and Gaige. Gaige seemed oblivious to the gawking admiration of her fans, but Moxxie was clearly taking advantage of it, putting on quite the show for her audience as she guided them to the next statue that needed punishing.

In the middle of such chaos Axton was surprised he could still hear the ECHOcall from Lilith. "Everything alright in Jack City?"

"Yeah. Just peachy."

"Return to your posts immediately - return to your posts imm-" But the valiant loader bot was no match for the fury of a hundred plasma tools. Axton sent a video of what he'd seen so far back to Lilith.

"Woah, that's awesome." Not exactly the words he'd have used, but this was Pandora after all. "I'll have some of our techies edit the footage, maybe we can put together a message warning people not to reserve spots in Jack's paradise just yet."

"If there's even a city left after we're through."

"That's fine by me. Have you guys located Jack's double yet?"

Axton sighed and checked his rifle. "Yeah, I'm on it."