*A/N* I'm back... again. Yeah, not much of a break, huh? With all this free time before college starts, I feel like I'm stagnating a little, so... why not write some more? This is a request-fic, and I encourage anyone out there who wants to see me write something BBRae-ish to submit something. The only rules being that the story can't change anything about the characters, it has to be an idea that will fit into a maximum of three chapters, and let it be known that explicit sexual content, OC's, or crossovers are highly unlikely to make the cut unless the idea is crafted well enough. But please, don't let these rules intimidate you, I'll be happy to discuss any idea as long as you're willing to be flexible about the above. Enjoy! *A/N*

Beast Boy watched a moth flutter around the outdoor light, bouncing off of the surface again and again as though it was trying to destroy it, to no avail. He was seated quite comfortably out on the back patio, the crisp early fall air being a welcome change for the changeling. He didn't bother turning around when he heard the door behind him open up.

"There you are."

Raven placed a drink in his hand and sat herself down in the chair opposite him, pulling her hood up to ward off the sudden drop in temperature.

"What's this?" Beast Boy asked, examining the amber liquid in his glass.

"Frog slime, poison, acid… who knows?" Raven replied.

Beast Boy took a moment to think, but ultimately gave in.

"Alright, you got me. Which Argento flick is that from?"

"Opera." Raven replied, giving a tiny smirk of satisfaction. "You're 0 for 4 so far."

Beast Boy sighed.

"Where're the others?"

"I think they went out to eat."

"Without us?"

"I'm pretty sure it was a steakhouse or something."

"So what are we supposed to do for dinner?"

Raven shrugged. "We've got stuff in the fridge. Are you hungry now?"

"Not really."

The two sat in silence for a moment, Beast Boy occasionally sipping his drink.

"We've come a long way, haven't we?" he said.


"I mean, us. The two of us." He clarified.

"Oh." Raven paused for a moment. "Yeah, I guess we have. What got you thinking about that?"

"Nothing really, I was just daydreaming, and it all came flooding back." Beast Boy turned to Raven. "I still remember the first time you said you loved me." He said.

"I still remember your vacant expression afterword." Raven replied.

"Or how about the time we did the Mind-Meld?" Beast Boy said, staring wistfully into the night sky.

"Of course."

Beast Boy waggled his brows. "Or when we reached third base?"

"I'm still trying to forget that." Raven said flatly after a short scoff.

Beast Boy chuckled darkly before relaxing back into his chair and sighing.

"What would you say was our first 'moment?'" he inquired curiously.

"Our first what?"

"You know, 'moment.' Like, you know, a peek into the future of our relationship before we actually started it."

Raven thought for a moment. "Well, that really depends. You were pretty oblivious for a while. I'd say the first time I ever felt anything for you came after the whole museum incident."

Beast Boy furrowed his brow in thought. "Museum..?" Then it clicked, and his face lit up.

"Oh yeah!How could I forget that?"

Raven raised an eyebrow. "I don't know, you certainly won't let me forget."

"Yeah, it was late, and we got called to stop a robbery…"