Gone Batty

Summary: Melody helps out at a bat conservation, and studies these creatures up close. However when one experiment goes wrong, Melody finds herself in the body of a bat and gets accidentally deported into Canada. Befriended by a young silverwing bat, Melody is faced with the brutal harshness of the survival of the fittest. (Story follows the tv show).

A/N: So I just recently watched the cartoon Silverwing and I thought to myself...what on earth was wrong with me? My childhood missed out on such a fabulous series and I never even heard of the books! Naturally after becoming obsessed with something, I would want to write a fic about it. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Transformation

Melody Hale frowned deeply as she carefully inspected the little silver-haired bat in her glove protected hands. The eighteen-year-old sighed in dismay as she diagnosed the white splotches on the mammal's muzzle as white nose syndrome. It was the third bat this month. "Poor thing." She murmured softly as she pet the sick bat's head gently with her index finger. The furry thing blinked it's beady black eyes at her, too ill to react properly.

The rest of the bats roosted on the cave like ceiling in the bat shelter room. She could tell that they were watching carefully, but they did not swoop down to attack her for handling one of their own. Melody reckoned that they knew what was going on - animals usually did. Bats are exceptionally intelligent creatures, they had to be. Melody's hazel eyes lowered back down to the sick bat in her hands. She turned around and closed the door behind her and quickly made her way down the corridor to the vet room.

"Daddy, I found another one." Melody said as she made her way to the man who was hand feeding another bat crickets with tweezers.

Her father looked up at her from behind his round glasses and the skin between his eyebrows wrinkled as he caught sight of the animal in his daughter's hands. "Not another one." He sighed and jerked his head towards an empty oxygen tank. "Put it in there, Melody. I'll take a look at it once this little one finishes eating."

Melody did as she was told and gently placed the little bat onto a soft blue towel in the tank before closing shut its lid. "Get well, kiddo." She told the bat, tracing the glass with her fingertips.

"How is your zoology report coming along?" Her father asked without taking his eyes off the small animal that he was currently handling.

Melody shrugged, "Fine I guess. I'm writing about bats and their migration to hibernaculum right now, so it's nothing difficult."

"You should have Elliot proofread it."

"Huh?!" Melody blinked incredulously at her father, barely believing what he just suggesting. "Dad, no. He's unbearable! Every time he checks my papers, he makes me rewrite them in such a way that it might as well be written in a different language! He once said that I might as well be penultimate in my class with the way I word my sentences! What does penultimate mean anyway?"

"His vocabulary is just widely expanded, Melody. The more reason why he's the best person to go to check your paper." He either ignored her question or took it as rhetorical. Either way, it just made Melody more sure that the word was an insult.

The brunette groaned in dismay and made her way out of the room. "Thanks a lot dad." She stressed out sarcastically.

"You're welcome, honey." Came the nonchalant response before she slammed the door shut. Honestly, it wasn't the only reason why she was unwilling to go see Elliot. He seemed to take pleasure in making her feel that her intelligence is of the inferior level. It wouldn't make her the least bit surprised that he got that large ego from skipping a few grades while he was back in grade school.

Regretting this decision greatly, Melody pushed the door to the lab open. There was about a dozen scientists working in silence with their microscopes and writing stuff down on their clipboards. The only person who was not working in silence was...surprise, surprise… Elliot Gray. He was messing around with some strange contraption that looked like it wasn't supposed to be invented yet.

Elliot had just graduated from his university and was now working full time at their bat conservatory lab. His black hair was long, reaching his shoulders and was unkempt. His bangs were in a dire need of a trim since they completely covered his eyes. It was a mystery that he could see anything behind them. His lab coat was wrinkled and Melody wondered if he even ate anything that day. Or that week for that matter. He was unreasonably thin.

Melody sighed and shook her head. "Might as well get this done and over with." She stuffed her hands in her coat pockets and trudged over to where Elliot was working. "Um - hey." She greeted the young man with disinterest.

If Elliot heard her, he did not show it for he continued muttering to himself and rolled his chair over to the laptop nearby. He was completely absorbed in his work to notice the girl. He typed a few formulas into excel before the computer signaled him that the battery was dying. Continuing to mutter endlessly to himself, Elliot ducked under the desk to find the plug for the charger.

"I said HEY!"

The raven-haired scientist jumped a foot in the air, hitting the bottom of the desk with his head with a loud bang. Elliot hissed in pain and rubbed the back of his head roughly, trying to rid of the ache. He glared from the corner of his eye at the brunette's not-so-innocent smile. "You couldn't give me a heads up before you startled me like that?"

Melody grinned and ran her fingers through her layered shoulder-length hair, "I think you already got your heads up."

Elliot sighed and stood up, using the desk to support his weight. "Your perspicaciousness for technicality never ceases to astound me." He put back on his glasses that had fallen off during the accident. Seriously - what was the point of them if his hair would just block his line of vision anyway?

"My what?"

"Look it up in a dictionary." Elliot growled in annoyance and went back to typing on his computer. "What do you want?"

"Just wanted to know if the cure for the white nose syndrome is made yet." Melody was not about to ask Elliot to proofread her essay. No siree. "I found another bat infected with it."

"Trust me. If I managed to make an antidote, there wouldn't be any sick bats with us right now." Elliot grumbled while pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger. He stiffened and squeezed his eyes shut when Melody reached over and pulled his bangs up. "Wh-"

"Perhaps if you could see what you were doing, maybe you would have made one by now." Melody held back a grin when he swatted her hands away and quickly brushed his bangs back over his face.

"I can see just fine."

"Aren't there rules that state that you have to keep your hair tied back when working with science tools?" Melody continued to deliberately irritate her occasional tutor. He was so high strung that she couldn't help but try and make him loosen up a bit. She couldn't remember if there was a time that he even smiled. "You know- safety hazards and all."

Elliot took in a deep breath and slowly turned to face the teenager. "Don't you have friends you could bother instead? Why are you always loitering around at the conservatory?"

Melody shrugged, "I'm doing a project about bats in my zoology class. Why? Are you trying to get rid of me?"

"What gave you that idea?" Sarcasm was almost oozing out of his mouth as Elliot crossed his arms.

Melody faked a pout. Realizing that Elliot was really close to kicking her out of the lab, she decided to lay off with the attitude. She sighed, her expression changing back to normal. Her eyes caught the sight of different colored vials that were sticking inside the strange machine that Elliot was working with. "What is that?" She asked with genuine interest as she approached it.

"That is my attempt in making the cure." The young man seemed to relax at the change of subject. "Each vial contains DNA from various healthy bats that could be susceptible to the disease. They are all mixed with certain ingredients in which I am almost certain would help create immunoglobulins-" Elliot caught the confused expression on Melody's face and immediately simplified the word. "-antibodies that can help rid their body of the bacteria or any other viruses."

The brunette hummed with intrigue as she leaned in for a closer look.

Elliot continued, "They all seem to respond well against the bacteria-" he lightly slapped Melody's hand away as she attempted to poke a vial with her finger "except I have yet to officially decide if they are safe for use."

"I see." Melody rubbed her hand and walked around the machine a bit.

"And if they are, then this machine can be used to inject the bats with the cure, and then they'll be homeward bound."

"What's wrong with injecting the bat with a typical syringe by hand?" Melody questioned.

Elliot shrugged. "Nothing. I just happened to build that feature in for the hell of it."

Melody rolled her eyes, "Geek." She muttered under her breath. Leave it to Elliot to create something completely unnecessary just for the sake of creating it.

The teenager gave a hearty yawn as she closed her laptop, finishing her essay for the day. She blinked sleepily out the window to see that it was twilight. It was about an hour before the conservatory closed for the day. Stretching her back, she felt it crack a bit as it released it's tension. "Well," she said to herself, "I guess I better get myself home." She packed her laptop into her backpack and walked out of her father's empty office. Whistling to herself, Melody noticed that the light in the laboratory was still on. Usually the lab closed earlier than the rest, so curiosity naturally took hold over the girl as she peaked into the room.

It came to little to no surprise for Melody when she saw Elliot being the only person in the lab. "Of course…" she whispered softly before she allowed herself in. Getting into better view, Melody quieted her footsteps when she noticed that the young man was fast asleep against the table; his head cushioned in his crossed arms. Common sense told the girl that the wise thing to do was to wake him up before he ended up getting locked in the building for the night. No matter how much she would be amused by that…

Before she could shake him awake, another wave of curiosity made her pause. Melody glanced at his bang covered face. 'I wonder why he constantly insists on hiding his eyes all the time.' The teen carefully reached out her hand and as gently as she could, she parted his inky black bangs to the side. Musing silently to herself that he looked no different than the average person, she reached for his glasses next. He had a soft and nice looking face. He could use a bit of a tan though. Melody was certain that if he wore his hair parted to the side or had it tied back and traded his glasses for contact lenses, he would actually be quite handsome. Melody didn't even have time to slap herself for thinking such a thing when Elliot's eyes shot open. His irises were red!

Startled, the two of them jumped back from each other. Losing her grip on his glasses, Melody tripped backwards and barely caught herself as she jammed into something behind her. She didn't notice that her elbow hit some sort of button and the machine behind her began to hum.

Elliot had shot up from his seat and accidentally stepped on his own glasses in the panic he was in as he tried to cover up his eyes. "Wh- no!" He exclaimed in horror as he realized what he had done. He felt for the glasses on the ground and his fear was confirmed as he felt the sharp broken glass between his fingers. "No-no-no-no!" His mouth twisted into a furious snarl as he glared up at Melody. "YOU!"

"I'm sorry." Melody whimpered, feeling a little bit more than afraid. She couldn't move from her spot. "I- I didn't mean to…" Boy she was in trouble. She had annoyed the crap out of Elliot before, but she had never seen him this pissed off ever.

"Did you see?" Elliot breathed in deeply, struggling to keep his temper under control.

"Huh?" was Melody's intelligent reply. She was too distracted to notice that the humming was getting louder.

"You couldn't have left my face well enough alone!" Elliot cried out at her, making her flinch back. "Are you happy now?!"

Melody trembled, Elliot was terrifying when he was angry. She felt like she had just took a trip into The Phantom of the Opera and pulled off the mask. She always thought that Christine was stupid for doing that...but here she was, no better than that woman. "I'm sorry." That was the only thing she could say. "I'm really- OW!"

Melody pushed herself away from the machine behind her and pulled her stinging hand closer to her chest. She blinked away the tears that were starting to form in the corner of her eyes to examine the back of her hand. There was a red spot where a needle had pierced through; a speck of blood was oozing out. The humming died down.

"What's wrong?" Elliot's voice was still angry, but the anger was simmering out and concern began to replace it. Without his glasses, Elliot couldn't quite see what happened.

"Something pricked me…" Melody answered as she looked back to see the very same contraption that Elliot had invented. Crap! Was she just injected with bat DNA?

"Hold on." The raven haired scientist got up from his knees, dropping the glass back to the floor and turned to his desk, trying to find the right drawer where he kept his spare glasses.

A cold shiver passed through Melody's body and her heart began to race. Something was wrong with her. She was starting to see double and dizziness started to overtake her. "E-Elliot?" She croaked out and sat on the ground, trying to keep balance as the room was spinning around. "I feel sick…"

She could hear him scuffling by his desk, cursing slightly as he put on his second pair of glasses. His footsteps rushed over to her and she felt his large warm hand grip her shoulder, holding her in place. She felt him take her injured hand in his other one to examine it. Melody suddenly lurched forward as violent spasms began to shake her body. "Elliot!" She was beginning to really freak out. She felt herself changing! It felt like her insides were being compressed together and her limbs ached terribly.

"Melody!" She could hear Elliot exclaim as his hold on her tightened. "Hold on Melody! Help! Someone call the ambulance! Please!"

It was too late though, Melody felt herself changing far too fast. Her body was shrinking, her skin prickled and itched horribly as fur began to pierce through. Elliot's hands were suddenly becoming humongous.

"What the-?!" Elliot gasped out.

Melody was struck with a panic attack. She began fighting to get out of his grip and Elliot just tried to get a better hold of her. "Melody stop! Calm down!" But his words made little sense to her in the state she was in. All she wanted was to get away! Delirious and confused, Melody bit his hand as hard as she could. Elliot yelped in pain and let go of her.

Instinct being louder than reason right now, it instructed her to stretch out her arms and flap them. She did as she was told and she was suddenly airborne. Still hurt, scared, dizzy and confused, Melody had no idea what she was doing or where she was going. She ignored Elliot's fading voice calling for her and just continued flying. She felt herself fly into obstacles more than once, and that just made her panic rise even more. 'Please! Oh God please make it stop!'

Her prayers were answered the moment when she was caught struggling in something that felt like a net. A hand grabbed her and she felt something sharp pierce her back and she squeaked out in pain. Seconds after, her vision went black.

A/N: Dunn..Dunn..Dunnnn….what now? Only the next chapter will tell. I had to go into some research about bats and other stuff to somewhat make me seem like I know what the heck I'm talking about ( _ ). I hope you enjoyed this chapter! See yah!