NOTE: I don't own any of these characters. They belong to the WB. They are WB characters alone.

Summary: I am writing this for all of the Angel fans who think that Connor got off easy when Angel threw him out of the hotel. I realize being on the streets is tough but parents can do worse to their nutcase children. Much worse.


Angel and his friends were sitting near the hotel main desk. Cordy had just returned but her memory had not. "We have to figure something out here," said Cordy. "I don't remember anything." Then a knock came at the door. "I'll get it," said Fred. She ran up to front door and opened it. Who was behind it was a surprise.

It was Angel's son, Connor. "Connor?" said Angel in disbelief. "Well, if it isn't the prodigal son," said Gunn. "Uh, hi. Listen, I, want to move back," said Connor slowly. "Say what?" gasped Fred. "Connor, we've been through this," said Angel. "Dad (Angel looked shocked by the name), you have to let me move back. I'm sorry about everything and I'll do anything you want. I promise," said Connor. "Um, conference," said Fred.

Angel, Gunn, Fred, and Cordy went into another room of the hotel. "Here's my opinion," said Gunn. "No way!" "Gunn, wait. I don't remember anything but Connor is Angel's son and Connor was good for helping me," said Cordy. "He didn't get my memory back but he helped." "Cordy is right, Charles," said Fred. "Connor is Angel's son and all." Then Lorne walked up.

"What's up, guys," greeted the green man. "Angel's little boy wants to move back in here," said Gunn. "Seriously?" asked Lorne. Angel nodded. "I don't know about it." "Angel, Connor is changing. You shouldn't forgive him, right away that is, for what he did but at least let him be worth something for us," said Fred. "Hold it," said Gunn. "Sparky can't just send Daddy to sea, leave for a couple of weeks, move back in, and get off free."

Lorne said, "That's where I agree with Gunn." "I don't think I did the right thing by kicking him out, anyway. I wasn't ready for him to be out of my life again," said Angel. "So what are you going to do?" asked Fred. "Yeah, what?" asked Cordelia. "I think I know, ladies," replied Angel. "I think I know." The five of them walked back out to the front desk. "Connor," said Angel, walking up to his son, "I've made a decision. You can stay here with us." Connor brightened. "Thank you. I won't let you down, Dad." "You better not," muttered Gunn. "But there are some conditions," said Angel. "I'll do it," said Connor quickly. "I'll do anything, remember?" "Here the conditions first, Jr," laughed Fred. "What are they?" asked Connor. "If you're going to live here you have to behave like a normal teenager. Which means that you will go to school, you'll have a curfew, and when you've earned it, an allowance," said Angel. "I understand," said Connor. "Okay." "It looks like we're complete, amigos," said Lorne. "That's for sure," said Cordy. "I guess. I don't remember." They all laughed. Then the phone rang. "Angel investigations," said Fred, answering it. "Yes. All right. Yes. Got it." She hung up. "Two vampires are a few miles from us. Let's go." "Yeah, let's go," said Connor. The room glared at him. "One more thing, son," said Angel. "When teenagers send their fathers to sea for over three monthes they don't go on adventures." "What does that mean?" asked Connor. "It means you're grounded, Sparky," said Gunn. Everyone began to laugh. Even Connor cracked a smile.

Maybe that was a little easy for Connor but I think teens should be treated like teens. You screw up and you get in trouble. Well, that's Connor's just desserts. For now, anyway. Please do the R and R.