NOTE: I don't own any of these characters (it'd be cool if I did, though) except for those you don't recognize. They belong to the WB. They are WB characters alone. I know Fred use to be into the whole drug thing and Angel use to be a big bad boy. Give me a break. I'm trying to deal with typical teenage issues. And NEVER do drugs or liquor! I don't care how old you are. Stay away from them. They'll kill you! Not that I'm on the subject of bad things child abuse is also awful. Don't hurt your children, either. No matter how upset you get. That is all.

Summary: Remember that dream Thanksgiving that Angel dreamt about at the beginning of the season? Well, I've decided to give it to him. (Please, don't mention that no one in the story mentioned Thanksgiving before.)


Going towards the dining room Connor and Leslie bumped into each other.

"Hi," they both said.

"Hey, Connor. I don't know about you but I'm totally psyched over this vacate," said Leslie.

"So Thanksgiving is about vacations?" asked Connor.

"No. It's about giving thanks," said Leslie. "I think we all have something." The duo went into the dining room. Lorne, Fred, Cordy, and Gunn were all sitting at the table. There were pies, two hams, a huge turkey, mashed potatoes, and all other Thanksgiving delights. Leslie and Connor sat down.

"What's all this?" asked Connor.

"It's for Angel," said Cordy.

"He has been through a lot," said Fred.

That's when the soul having vampire walked in. He was as shocked at the teenagers had been.

"What's going on?" he asked, sitting next to Cordelia.

"It's all for you, man," said Gunn.

"I don't believe it," said Angel. He pinched himself.

"What was that for?" asked Lorne.

"I was making sure I wasn't halusinating again," he replied. The room started to laugh "Seriously, this is great. You guys are the best. Thank you."

"Well, we care about you, you know," said Cordy.

"Right back at you," said Angel. He and Cordy joined in a kiss.

"Uh, do we have to watch this part?" asked Connor.

Boy, this sounded familiar. Angel and Cordy broke apart. "Well," said Angel. "I can always pop your eyes out. How about that?" He ruffled Connor's hair.

"No way, Dad. I don't need to look as weird as you." Leslie laughed.

"This is great. I wish we could just stay like this," said Angel.

"We can't," said Gunn. "I need some of that turkey."

"He's right. Let's eat," said Lorne.

"Can we do the thankful thing first?" asked Fred.

"You love this part," said Gunn.

"Of course," said Fred.

"Let's do it," said Cordy. They all joined hands.

"I'm thankful for family," said Angel, looking at Connor.

"I'm thankful for friends," said Cordelia.

"I'm thankful for love," said Fred, smiling at Gunn.

"Same here," said Gunn.

"I'm thankful for being accepted," said Lorne.

"I'm thankful for forgiveness and trust," said Connor.

"I'm thankful for having a home and my life back," said Leslie. "So I'm pretty much thankful for all of you."

"Now let's eat," said Gunn.

"All right," they all agreed.

Well, they all shared thankfulness, love, and a lot of food. That's what Thanksgiving is all about. So spend it with your loved ones and your friends.

A/N: Well, I'm glad to end my favorite story on a good note. I hope all of you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving out there. And don't be sad. I'm thinking about doing a sequal. I had a LOT of fun with this. Well, what do you think out there? Should I do a sequal. What should it be about. Voice your opinion.