Hey guys! I decided to start a new story so my writing wouldn't be completely stopped. My laptop is still broken TT^TT and has the chapter for Life's Not Fair. Once it is repaired I will post that too. Until then I will update this story. So basically this is a story where you get to read a bunch of one shots, have Fairy Tails reaction to it, and double the romance because you get it in both the one-shots and the reactions. :3 Anyways I feel like I'm forgetting to say something... oh yeah! The one-shots that the "accounts" (they are not real accounts, and accounts on with the same names are purely coincidental) wrote are in italics and bolded.

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"Minna! Pineapple-chan (A/N heh heh I'm in the story) sent all of us an email!" Mirajane shouted through the noisy Fairy Tail one fine morning. Sadly a fight was raging on so no one could hear the beautiful barmaid.

Suddenly an aura coated the guild and even Erza, who was happily eating cake, looked up. Mirajane looked the like the devil itself and everyone shuddered and stopped. Well everyone except the resident dragon slayer who continued to jump around. One punch from Erza and he was silent.

"Anyways Pineapple-chan sent us an email with something attached!"
Dear Minna,
Hi! Remember that website I write on? Well they recently introduced a fanfiction website for celebrities, mages, guilds, famous people to be exact. Fanfiction is what it's name is, fans who write fiction. As requested by Mira, I will send you guys emails whenever a fanfic get published and finished about you guys. These are all short ones so don't worry about having to sit for a while! Enjoy!

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"Alright I have decided we are going to read them every time Pine-chan sends us one!" Mira shouted.

The guild groaned in return, but one glare from Mira and they were silent. "Ahem here is the first oneā€¦"

Fanboys By: Nalu4eva

"Wait what's Nalu?!" someone shouted. "Yeah!" Natsu screamed. "Heh heh you'll find out soon enough," Mira explained.

Lucy woke up to a face staring at her. "Natsu, Lushe is making a creepy face," Happy said. "DIE CAT!" she screamed, annoyed to be woken up by such a rude comment. Her fist went flying and made satisfying contact with the blue cat.

"Hah serves you right Happy!" "WAHH LUSHEE IS MEAN!" "Shhhh!" everyone exclaimed.

Happy flew to the opposite wall and made a small dent in the wall. Nearby, Natsu was raiding the fridge, looking for food to eat. Suddenly he felt someone behind him and before he could react he went flying out the window.

He looked up to see Lucy latching her window shut and glaring at him. Geez someone was in a bad mood. He shrugged then headed back to the guild, in hopes of convincing Mira to give him some food.

Lucy grumbled as she got ready, why did they always come to her house. Seriously, there is a certain line of separation they need right?

"Exactly!" Lucy shouted, happy the writer understood her feelings. Mira just continued reading.

To be completely honest, she used to not mind so much. Sure it was annoying but she didn't want to kill them or anything. The only problem was now she was starting to have certain, ahem, feelings for the salmon-haired idiot.

At that the entire guild burst into laughter and Lucy was as red as Erza's hair. Oh that writer was D-E-A-D. DEAD. Mirajane looked pleased with the turn of events, and Natsu was just plain confused. "Of course she has feelings for me, we are best friends!"

Gray who was nearby wheezing with laughter at the thought of someone crushing on Natsu answered his remark. "It's a different type of feeling flame-brain. Like the 'I want to kiss you feeling'."

"What's kissing?" Everyone sweat-dropped at Natsu's child-like mind. Even Wendy and Romeo knew what it was. No one really decided to respond so Mira just continued to read.

'Ahh snap out of it Lucy!' she thought and shook her head. She walked out of her house and headed to the guild. She was humming a tune under her breath, and carrying Plue in her arms while she walked, as well as just thinking. It's no wonder she failed to see the incoming boy running quickly through the streets. He slammed into her and they went spiraling in the air.

Dang, probably not a good day to walk along the river. She flew into the river with a splash. As she surfaced, she coughed up water and was treading in the water. Her head flew around looking for the perpetrator, and her eyes met gorgeous, sky blue eyes. She glanced down to the hand held out to her and grabbed it tightly. He yanked her out of the water, and they landed with a flop on the ground.

"Hey I am sooo sorry! I wasn't paying attention!" Her anger, though she tried desperately to hold onto it, flooded away. "It's fine," she sighed. "You aren't hurt are you? Do you need to go to your house I can take you there?" "Nah I'll just go straight to my guild." "Can I take you there?" he asked, "I want to make sure I didn't hurt you."

She gave him a small smile and said sure. As they walked there she gave him a once over to see what he looked like. He had chestnut brown hair that flopped a little every time he stepped. His eyes were blue, and he had the same general build as Natsu or Gray.

"Yeah right, my build is much better that ice-princess!" Natsu shouted. "In your dreams!" Gray shouted back. They were about to leap at each other, until they felt someone hold them up. Erza was glaring at them, annoyed her story had been interrupted. On the inside, she was a sucker for romance stories. Erza nodded at Mira and the story marched onward.

The main factor she noticed, was he was handsome! Maybe he would help her get her mind of Natsu! I mean become her friend. Yeah friend.

Before she realized, they arrived at the guild. Luckily her clothes had dried on the way so she wouldn't walk in drenched. She turned to thank him only to find him looking up in awe.

"Your guild is Fairy Tail?" he asked. "Yup, wanna come in?" He slowly nodded and followed her in.

"Hi minna!" Scattered good mornings met her.

Natsu, who was eating at the bar, smelled his best friend, and jumped at with a flyer in hand. "LUCE I FOUND A GOOD JOB!" He screeched to a stop in front of her, only to notice the guy standing next to her.

"Who is he?" Natsu asked, cocking his head to the side. Lucy opened her mouth to say his name, only to realize she didn't even know it.

"Lucy! So you walked off with a guy without even knowing his name?!" someone shouted. "HEY THIS IS FAKE, BUT I CAN GIVE YOU A LUCY KICK IN REAL LIFE!" she screamed. That shut whomever that was up.

"No way, are you Lucy Hearfillia and Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail?" the boy asked with a gaping mouth.

"Yeah," Natsu responded, "who are you?" "I'm Ryo, your biggest fan Natsu!"

Oh great, Lucy thought, I find a boy only to find out he's obsessed with Natsu too. Ok well she wasn't obsessed, she just had a small crush, nothing more.

"Fan, what's that?" Lucy chose not to dignify that question with a response.

"And Lucy since you are Natsu's partner, I'm your fan too! Ooooh are you guys going on a job? Can I come? Please I know magic! Wait where is Happy?! Can I see him? Hey Natsu can I see your scarf? Lucy do you have your keys with you?!"

She brought a monster to Fairy Tail she realized with a sigh.

"I won't take any of the reward money! I just want to come! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!"

"Eh sure why not," Natsu said. "C'mon let's go we got a lot of walking to do." "Oh no we don't," Lucy said as she dragged Natsu towards the train station. "Happy let's go!"

Happy flew over from where he was trying to give Charle a fish, and said, "Aye!"

Ryo looked like a kid on Christmas morning. "AHHH HAPPY, you are so cute in real life!" Happy kinda just scooted away from Ryo with a scared face. And so the group went off.

"Great so basically we are being stalked by a fanboy. How nice," Lucy commented. "I like him. He likes my scarf!" Natsu said. Happy just shuddered, "Lushee save me from the creepy boy," he said and flew into her arms. "He-cat the boy isn't even real." (A/N who said that :) teehee)

"So Ryo, what type of magic do you have?" Lucy asked on the train ride to the job. Poor Natsu was lying on the seat, looking a little green. "I can eat and element and use it for a short time, but I can't eat other people's element that they made. For example I could eat fire from a match, but I couldn't eat Natsu's fire." Hmm, Lucy had never heard of that magic, but there were so many types, that she doubted that she would know all types.

Soon Lucy fell asleep, with only Ryo left awake. He pulled a lacrima out of his bag and contacted someone. "How is it going," a raspy voice asked. "They are all are asleep." "Good, you know what you need to do, hurry up. We don't have much time left."

Ryo stood up and grabbed his bag. He put on a gas mask and let a sleeping potion flow through the train. Even the conductor fell asleep, so no one was controlling the train. This was a magic powered train though, so it rolled to a stop with no one powering it. Ryo heaved Lucy onto his shoulder and left, Natsu and Happy, sleeping like a rock. Before he left though, he covered Lucy in a strong perfume, to make sure Natsu could find them easily. Yes, in a way he was Natsu's biggest fan. He studied Natsu to make sure this quest of his could be complete. He also knew that Lucy was Natsu's weakness.

At this everyone looked to Lucy and Natsu. Everyone had the same thought, that was true. Sure Natsu got angry when his namaka were hurt, but especially Lucy. Mira was just grinning a devil's grin, her plan was working. "Hey Lucy, you and Natsu would be cute together." "Yeah Natsu, Lucy is pretty cute, and she can handle you." "What is that supposed to mean, metal head!" Natsu growled. Mira continued, ignoring the boys.

He sucked in some wind and felt magic flow through him and off he went running as fast as the wind. He arrived at his destination and dumped Lucy on the ground. Well he was done and he wiped off his hands. "Money please." And he was gone.

Natsu awoke to a Lucy-less room.


"THAT RYO GUY TOOK LUCY!" He smelled a strong perfume where Lucy was sitting a decided to follow the scent. "Happy wake up!" He shook the cat until he pried his eyes open. "Happy, Lucy is missing! Fly my to where the scent is going as fast as you can!" Happy hopped up and grabbed Natsu as they flew as fast as Happy could go. Of course, they completely forgot about the train full of people that just stopped in the middle of nowhere with no one to help them.

They grew more unsure as they got closer, and when they reached, they were just flat out confused. As they walked into the building they heard,

"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" the entire guild shouted. Oh so that's why they were back at Fairy Tail. But where was Lucy? He saw Lucy come up to him with a gift in hand.

"Happy birthday Natsu, we all planned this from the start, except I didn't know about Ryo," she turned and glared.

"Wait I'm confused," Natsu said. "Aren't you always!" Gray replied. Erza glared quickly to shut them up and explained. "The entire mission you went on was fake, including Ryo, they just wanted to get you out for a bit I guess to surprise you. Or I guess we wanted to get you out." (A/N Just in case people were like, I don't get it :3)

"Psst, hey Lucy will you give Natsu his present for me," Mira asked. "I guess." She took the present and walked up to Natsu. "Hey Natsu this is Mira's present, open it will you," He took it and ripped open the wrapping paper to find a box. Inside the box was a small strip of paper and he read it out loud. "Lucy now has to kiss Natsu, wait what?"

The entire guild started chanting "kiss him, kiss him, kiss him"

Lucy blushed and got on her tiptoes.

The real Lucy simply fumed silently.

She quickly kissed him on the cheek and then backed away. Natsu grinned then grabbed Lucy and kissed her. On the lips.

The guild whooped, and Mira fainted, mission accomplished.

"What is so cool about 'kissing'" Natsu said, "see look." He turned and kissed Lucy, who just kinda stood there. But if you looked closely enough, you could see the rising blush.

Everyone just stared in awe and confusion. Suddenly you could hear Mira cheering with hearts in her eyes. "NALUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

Natsu pulled away and grinned. "Hey Luce, that's actually fun! I like it!"

Lucy just sputtered in response.

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