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If you have not read Fairy Tail Zero, this will inadvertently spoil some things. Also the characters are pretty OOC tbh, Mavis sounds like a whiny brat. Be nice, I haven't written in a whiles so things might not sound the best. Anyways if you requested a pairing and I never got to it pls request it again so I have a fresh reminder. Alright that's all I got. Enjoy!

"So I have a disclaimer slash warning. The story that was just sent is about Mavis and Zeref. While most of Fairy Tail gets what's going on, our visitors do not." Mirajane announced.

She explained the backstory of the first guild leader of Fairy Tail for a bit before yanking Juvia up on stage.

"Wait, so you are telling us that Mavis is here with us… right now?" Sting exclaimed.

"Clearly that was why there were talking into thin air earlier," Rogue surmised.

"Exactly," Levy nodded, before asking Juvia to start reading.

Games By: YeahIKnowImLate

Mavis wasn't a very rude person. She found it hard to insult someone unless they truly got on her nerves. Which is why to everyone's surprise, she was sent to the dean's office for assaulting another student.

As she sat frowning in the chair, the student she had attacked was sitting to her right, clearly nervous.

"Mavis, do tell why you hurt this young man. You are the type of person who couldn't even hurt a fly," the dean sighed, annoyed to be spending her Friday morning this way.

"He insulted Zera and called me short," she fumed, her anger radiating off her like a furnace.

Mavis started to tear up and Makarov stood there in shock before ordering Laxus to go comfort her.

"Eh, why me?! I'm not the comforting type!" Laxus said.

"Do you want to see the First cry? Go boy!"

Laxus lumbered over to Mavis with a frown and patted her on the back as she sniffled.

"Someone start this damn story before I sit here for hours," he grumbled.

"I didn't mean to!" he exclaimed.

"How do you not 'mean to' say something rude," Mavis asked, raising her hands up in air quotes.

"I'm not the best with people and I didn't realize it was rude," he mumbled, "sorry."

"Alright listen, you are on the honor roll and you have never done such an infraction before so your punishment will be some community service. As for you young man, you don't seem to have done anything wrong other than a few verbal insults which you seem to have apologized for. Now please go," the dean said, waving her hand at the pair before collapsing into her chair.

The two exited, Mavis turning her head away from him while he walked straight with his head down.

"Well, normally I am above that level of violence and instead try to talk things out and for that I am sorry," she sniffed, "but you deserved it so…"

"Listen, I didn't know you had an imaginary friend…"

"STOP CALLING HER THAT!" Mavis shrieked.

"and I promise to stop calling her fake," he finished.

"You know, maybe Fairy Tail really imagined Mavis, I mean Laxus is literally patting thin air," someone whispered, before finding every fairy staring at them with a look of hatred.

"Never mind…"

"Well, you won't have to promise because we will never see each other again," she sniffed, marching away.

"Wait, Mavis…!" he cried.

"Shut up!" she shouted back.

As she walked away he held up his hand, "but you dropped your wallet," he said to her retreating figure.


"Ugh, he totally stole my wallet Yuri!" Mavis whined.

"Wait, describe him again," Yuri said.

"Black hair, big hoodie, combat boots. All his clothes were black too," she responded.

"Ohh, you're talking about Zeref, yah, he didn't take your wallet," Yuri shook his head.

"How do you know?" Mavis demanded.

"Because he's Zeref, the dude that is so antisocial he will literally walk on the least crowded sidewalk to avoid people. I heard he used to be a really good prankster but after one went really wrong he stopped pranking and became super reclusive." (A/N Lol what am I writing, let's pretend that sentence sounds pretty)

"Why is Zeref so popular in these fanfics? He is literally the cruelest mage in the history of Fiore!" Yukino asked.

"We don't know either. These people are crazy but I guess he was nice to Mavis once upon a time and tried to turn over a leaf? Maybe he's redeeming himself somehow and these people know about it," Erza responded, attempting to rationalize the situation.

"It's weird admittedly. However if it gets too weird just imagine someone else in his place," Levy shrugged.

"Eh, imagine? I can barely understand what's going on in some of these. Forget replacing characters!" Natsu huffed.

Juvia shrugged before continuing the story.

"Alright, alright, but I still need to find him so I can get my wallet back. It has my coupon for free ice cream!" Mavis exclaimed.

"Well, I've seen him at the library a lot. Check there," Yuri called, leaving Mavis to go to class.

"UGH!" Mavis screamed.

"Hey Lushee, Mavis kinda sounds like you there," Happy giggled, quickly zooming out of the way to abvoid the incoming onslaught.

"HAPPY!" Lucy screeched, jumping to her feet to chase the mangy cat.

Juvia rolled her eyes at the interruption and splashed the two with a wave, forcing them to stop their antics.

She stomped to the library, ready to confront Zeref and put this issue – and him – behind her. Mavis found him towards the back, sleeping soundly. Angry and determined she slammed her books onto his table, waking him up with a start. The librarian glared at her, but Mavis was too focused on receiving justice.

"Oh, hey," he said, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

"Hi?! HI?! That's all I get after you stole my wallet?!" Mavis furiously whispered.

Zeref eyed her with confusion. "Stole? I think you mean you dropped it and I was kind enough to pick it up to try and return."

"Wha- details," Mavis said waving her hand, trying to hide her blush.

Suddenly Zeref got a mischievous glint in his eye and Mavis knew she was in trouble.

"Tell you what, I'll give you your wallet back on one condition," he drawled.

"Condition? Just give it back! It's not yours!"

"Miss, if you do not stop causing a ruckus over here I will have to kick you out of this library," thundered the librarian, standing right behind Mavis.

Mavis turned, her mouth gaping at a loss for words until Zeref but in, "Ma'am, apologies. We were just finishing up anyways and going outside."

"See that you do," the lady frowned, stalking away.

Zeref dragged Mavis outside, and sat down on a bench.

"Alright my condition, well more like a game. Go on a date with me and if you can make it through the whole thing without complaint, I will return your wallet. Every time you complain, we have to go on another date," Zeref smirked.

"But I need my credit card! And my student ID!" Mavis sputtered.

"I'll return those right now, but not the wallet," he said, holding out her two requested items.

He held his hand out for a shake and she grabbed it and shook his hand.

"Deal, one date, and I'll never have to talk to you again," she ground out.

"Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that," he chuckled, walking away.

Not for the first time today, Mavis found herself shouting to the sky.

"Okay, I gotta be honest. That was pretty slick," Mirajane sighed.

"I do not understand. He practically stole her wallet!" Erza exclaimed, "I would have punched him."

"But Erza, would you be mad if Jellal did that?" Yukino smirked as Erza turned bright red.

"Psh, of-of course I would!" she stuttered.

"Juvia thinks it is romantic. Gray-sama, why won't you ask Juvia out like that?"

As Mavis sat in her dorm with Zera later that day, she recapped what had happened.

"Oooh, when is the date?" Zera asked.

"That's not the point, he took my wallet! Also… I don't know."

"Well, the wallet part is okay since he at least gave you some of your stuff back. Besides, it's an adventure! You can get your wallet back just ask him when to have the date! It's a win-win. Date with hot guy plus you get your wallet."

"Fine, but how do I ask him?" Mavis asked.

"You know where to find him," Zera shrugged.


It was Saturday and the day of the date or as Mavis liked to call it, dooms day. She sat in front of her dorm waiting for Zeref to pick her up and take her to wherever the date was taking place, something he refused to tell her.

Finally he drove up in front of her building and she hopped into the car.

"You took so long!" Mavis whined.

"Is that a complaint I hear?" Zeref grinned.

"No!" Mavis said hurriedly, remembering the whole deal with the date.

"I'll let that one go since I don't think you would ever have a chance if I started with the first few minutes," he laughed.

"So where are we going anyways?" she asked, steering the topic away from her mistake.

"I told you, it's a surprise," Zeref said, "but we are almost there."

He drove into a parking lot and parked, walking around to the other side to help Mavis out.

She looked up to see a painting store and walked inside, Zeref trailing behind her.

"I don't know why but I thought you might like to paint. You know, since we are art majors."

Mavis eyes lit up as she ran to a table and sat down, paint and canvases surrounding her.

"I love painting. You can create anything from your imagination and make it come to life," she breathed out. (A/N Get it? Her magic is to create stuff from her imagination?)

And so the pair settled in and began to draw worlds far more magical than the one they lived in. They laughed and talked, enjoying each other's company.

At one point, Mavis looked at Zeref's painting, and out of habit, mocked it. "What is that, a person or a potato?" she scoffed.

"Tsk tsk Mavis, you were so close. Ah but alas, I will see you again next week, same time," Zeref winked.

"Wha, playful banter is not allowed?" Mavis cried, attempting to worm her way out of the situation.

"My game, my rules," he smirked. "Besides, if I didn't know any better, I would think you enjoyed today. Next week cannot be so bad, no?"

Mavis sputtered before hoping up and running towards the door. Just before she exited she halted and turned around. She sprinted back towards their table and grabbed her painting before exclaiming, "You're paying!" and then left.

Zeref shook his head and laughed before mumbling something that vaguely sounded like 'cute.'

"Aw, Mavis is soooo gonna fall in love with Zeref by the end of this," Levy cooed.

"Levy, you just realized you shipped the first with a black wizard?" Lucy frowned.

"Come on Lu-chan, you have to admit that they are really cute in the story."

"I guess," Lucy sighed.

"Can we finish this already? I am only allowing this since other people had to endure the same thing," Mavis shouted, her tears gone.

Laxus looked up, whispering a prayer to the gods in thank you as Juvia started the story again.

When Mavis burst into her and Zera's dorm, Zera immediately bombarded her with questions.

"Was the date bad? Did you two fall madly in love? Did you get your wallet back? DID YOU KISS?"

Mavis held a hand up. "To answer all those questions, no."

"So you admit the date was good!" "That's not what I meant!"

"Denial does not look good on you," Zera shook her head.

"Well no matter, I have to do it again next week," Mavis sighed, "I messed up right at the end."

"You know what I think? I think your brain purposely did it because even though you won't admit it, you want another date!" Zera proclaimed victoriously.



This time Mavis found herself at an amusement park with Zeref.

"Oooh I love roller coasters!" she shrieked in happiness.

She missed Zeref's sigh of relief as she bounced into the park, unconsciously tugging him along.

Mavis ran up to the first roller coaster she found and eventually they spent the whole day riding all of what the park had to offer.

But Mavis being Mavis, ended up having another date next week anyways.

And the week after that. And the week after. So much so that friends never asked to hang out with her on that day anymore because it was known that she and Zeref were going to be doing something.

It had been a few months since their first outing and Mavis and Zeref were sitting in an ice cream parlor, munching on random flavors.

"So Zeref, I've been curious but I have never asked. Why did you stop being a 'prank master'," she said, complete with air quotes.

"I know sounds pretty dumb right? 'Prank master,'" he snorted. "But uh yeah I did pranks to make people laugh. They were always harmless and it was nice to see people so happy afterwards."

"What happened?" she questioned, "making people laugh does not seem like such a bad thing to do."

"Well, one time I was setting up but my younger brother came in a bit too early. He… he got hurt," Zeref said, clearing his throat.


"So what about you?" Zeref coughed, "any sordid details about your past I should know?"

Gather her courage, Mavis responded quickly. "Nothing too bad except, I may have been purposely making fun of you lately, you know, to keep these, uh, dates going on. Because, I kinda, well, I, ugh, I like you!"

"AHHH, she confessed!" Mirajane squealed.

"Oh shush, you interrupted right as it was getting intense," Lisanna admonished.

"The matchmaking cannot be held back!" Mirajane laughed.

Juvia frowned down at the pair, "Are you done yet? Juvia would like to continue and find out the ending."

They nodded solemnly and the story continued.

Zeref looked taken back before a smile emerged on his face. "It seems I have won the game," he laughed.

He held out her wallet and she snatched it before frowning at his with tears in her eyes.

"So, it was just a game the whole time?" she sniffled.

"I do not cry that easily," Mavis yelled, head held up high.

"Sureeee," Laxus shot back.


Everyone turned in surprise to look at an annoyed Rogue. He angrily poked a finger at Juvia and nodded, indicating for her to keep going.

"Wow, he is way more into this than I thought," Sting whispered to Yukino before getting whacked in the back of the head by an angry shadow dragon slayer.

She got up and ran out, leaving behind a confused Zeref.

Mavis ran into her dorm, similar to her first date with Zeref. Zera looked up with a smile only to see the tears in her best friend's eyes and patted the bed next to her. She enveloped Mavis in a hug as she cried at the pain of a broken heart.

"Zeref Middle Name I Don't Know Dragneel, prepare to die," she whispered into Mavis' hair.

For the next week, Mavis avoided Zeref like the plague. Even through his constant attempts to talk to her, he found himself still at step one by the end of the week. Deciding it was useless to try and talk to her, and too scared of Zera, he went to the next best source.

"I hope you aren't about to try and convince me to let you talk to her because the only reason I haven't killed you yet is that I can't comfort Mavis in jail," Yuri snarled, not even looking up as Zeref entered the room.

"I just want to speak to her. That's it. I will disappear afterwards and never approach her again. Just help me explain myself to her," Zeref pleaded.

"Fine," Yuri frowned, "but only so that you stop stalking her."

"I, I am not stalking her!" Zeref responded.

"Keep telling yourself that," Yuri nodded.


Mavis walked into Yuri's house, excited for game night that her friends had prepared. She tried to not think about the time she went to an arcade with Zeref and decided to focus on having fun. What greeted her when she came into the living room was a grumpy looking Yuri and a desperate looking Zeref.

"What is he doing here," she accused, point her finger at Zeref.

"Look, just hear him out. He promised to leave you alone after," Yuri said, walking out of the room.

Mavis glared at Zeref and waved him to begin.

"Mavis, I, I'm not the best at communicating with people. I kind of went into social seclusion after that time with my brother. I don't really know how to read the situation and to make it worse it's even harder to talk to you sometime. Not because I don't like you, kind of the opposite. I like you a lot so I don't want to mess things up so when you said you liked me I didn't know what to do and it was never a game to me. In fact I set up the whole thing because to be honest I didn't know how to ask you out on a date in the first place…" Zeref babbled before finding himself cut off by a pair of lips.

Suddenly the lips were gone and replaced by a slap. And then another kiss.

"The first one was for coming here tonight. The second one was for being an idiot. And the third one was for being adorable. I forgive you, I guess," Mavis huffed, not looking Zeref in the eye.

Zeref grinned as he looked at her. "So let's make it official. I think we've been on enough dates for me to ask this. Would you be my girlfriend?"


"What?! Maybe?!"

She laughed and ran into the other room.

"How about a game? If you catch me then yes!"

And so the second game began.

"Why can't guys be that cute and romantic in real life?" Jenny Realight sighed.

"Should I be insulted by that?" Hibiki questioned.

"Well that was nice, even if Zeref was one of the main characters," Yukino said.

As the guilds went bustling about, getting food before the next fanfiction started, Lucy found Mavis in a corner.

"Are you okay?" she questioned.

"He may have done terrible things but I did love him you know. Maybe I still do," Mavis whispered, a sense of nostalgia appearing after the story.

And so as chaos erupted in Fairy Tail, a pair sat in the corner, one singing lullabies while the other took comfort in the company.