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CH1: Red Tulips and Daisies

Today was the last day for the traveling carnival to stay at City of Vale. This was also a big day for Jaune. It has gotten pretty busy at Beacon for the past few weeks, and Jaune wished he could get a break from all of this. Though as the Leader of team JNPR, he was obligated to perform at tip top shape. Though catching a small break shouldn't hurt. Jaune had heard of the traveling carnival, Edelweiss, was coming to the City of Vale. It felt the perfect opportunity for Jaune to catch a break; he only managed to get day at a weekend. It was also the last day Edelweiss was going to stay.

One thing for certain, Jaune wasn't going to go alone. He had slyly slipped in the idea Edelweiss during a conversation with his team and RWBY. Jaune wasn't surprised when they already knew about it. Jaune hadn't realized the other team had already gone there at some point. Jaune had already asked Ren and Nora to go at first. They already had plans to visit somewhere else for the entire weekend, and they'll be coming back tonight.

Jaune felt a bit bad about that, but his one hope was asking Pyrrha to come with him. Using Jaune's pickup lines to joke with Pyrrha, she happily agreed to come with him. This was the day. Jaune wasn't able to go with the rest of his team, but this one may be in his favor. It will be just him and Pyrrha.

Jaune waited at the entrance of the carnival, waiting for Pyrrha. They both agreed meet there this morning. The plan was to spend the entire day at the carnival with the rides and the attractions. Jaune had been excited when Pyrrha agreed to come with him a few days ago. He couldn't sit still knowing that he will be accompanying his partner and a beautiful one at that. Jaune pulled a piece of paper which contained his "Enchanted Day" with Pyrrha, carefully planned path throughout Edelweiss. He ran be the plan again to make sure everything was perfect. He moved towards the nearby fountain and sat by the ledge.

Jaune cringed with happiness, almost falling over to the fountain. A few minutes have passed by. Jaune had checked this scroll to see if he was too early. He watched as couple and children entered Edelweiss a while longer. Jaune wondered what was taking her so long. It wasn't long until he his scroll started ringing.

Melanie spoke strutting along her identical twin sister Miltia. Explaining how they both needed a break. They've been waiting for so long to go to Edelweiss. Melanie couldn't contain her excitement.

Miltia smiled as she followed her up strong sister, agreeing with her statement. Melanie started complaining how stupid it was for the carnival to only let in couples or groups. Any less aren't allowed.

Melanie crossed her arms while Miltia smiled along the way. Miltia wanted to go to Edelweiss so bad but she and her sister had gotten pretty busy with whatever Junior had them do, couldn't catch a break, probably because of the incident with a certain blonde brawler.

Melanie growled at the thought of the blonde brawler and how they were both beaten easily. Melanie and Miltia reached the fountain near the entrance to edelweiss. Walking near the vicinity of the entrance, Melanie expressed so much joy. Before Melanie could take another step, her phone rang. She took it out and looked to see who was calling her. It was Junior.

Melanie answered it and was instantly angered by the response. She was needed back to base. The conversation went on Melanie was told that Miltia wasn't needed. He dropped the call before Melanie could respond.

Miltia asked her sister if she should come, but Melanie shook her head. She told Miltia to just sit here and wait or go somewhere else. Apologizing, she bid her farewell. Melanie ran off leaving Miltia by herself at the fountain. She was excited about this day since they were both on break. She sat silently, watching couples and a group of children enter Edelweiss, watched the clock tick on her phone. A long moment has passed and the short hand had clearly moved one digit. Not a moment sooner she hears a boy answering a call.

"I'm really sorry Jaune. I won't be able to make it."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I forgot I had something scheduled today for some extra supplements with a couple of people with Professor Port. I AM Part of the student council."

"Oh will it take long?"

"Sadly yes. I'm really sorry. I'll promise I'll make it up to you!""No worries. It's fine, there's always another time. Don't let me keep you!"


Jaune tried to hide his distraught. It wasn't her fault really, but Jaune wished it would've been different. He sighed and felt some of his enthusiasm drained. He looked around, once more seeing couple and a group of children entering excitedly and exiting happily from Edelweiss. He scanned around and met eye to eye with a girl he almost mistaken for Ruby.

The girl quickly turned away. She must have been looking at him, curious as to what was happening during his call. A few moments have passed and Jaune was still sitting there. The girl who looked a bit like Ruby was also there. Jaune had found out when he saw some people walking into Edelweiss that they weren't letting anyone in unless they were in a group or had partners. Someday it turned out for him.

He noticed that girl was still sitting there fidgeting. He could have sworn he caught her looking at him.
"Alright Jaune, don't let this day go to waste."

"That boy must have been stood up too, looking at his reaction." Miltia wondered if it would be a good idea if she asked him to accompany her to Edelweiss. It sounded more ridiculous when she said it herself. She wasn't going to ask a random guy to Edelweiss. It would look weird. She failed to notice that she was staring at the boy for some time and turned away once the boy suddenly made eye contact with her. This action went on for a few minutes. She would take quick glances at him from time to time. Not knowing what she was doing really.

"Whatever. Why am I still here? Guess I should just head to a coffee shop."

"Hey there cutie! There must be something wrong with me eyes, because I can't take them off of you."

Miltia was startled looking around to where he was. Gone and reappeared in front of her.

"Whoa!" She tipped over, about fall until Jaune caught her arm before she hit the water.

"Sorry about that."

"No, it's okay. Thanks."

"So uh, do you come by here often?"

"Not really."

A few moment passed by and the awkwardness between them got bigger. Not noticing that Jaune sill held her hand.

"So what brings you here?"


"Oh! Me too." Another moment of awkwardness.

"They only accept groups in."

"Yeah, I noticed."

Listening carefully and crickets started chirping. Finally noticing their hands both pulled back.

"Were you waiting for someone?"

"Yeah, but they won't be here any time soon. You..."

"Same I guess."

"That's too bad."

"...Would... would you mind if I take you?"


"Well it seems like our partners couldn't make it and Edelweiss isn't going to be here for another year so I thought maybe... I could take you out instead since we're on the same boat."

"I' Ok, sure. I won't mind."

"I'm Jaune Arc."

"Nice to meet you, Jaune Arc."

"Oh Jaune is fine. You are?"

"I'm Miltiades Malachite. You can call me Miltia."

"Nice to meet you." They both bowed bumping heads. Miltia fell back. Jaune once more caught her.

They both apologized and chucked.

"Let's get going." Jaune led Miltia to the entrance. Jaune was feeling happy. He's actually taking a girl to a carnival. It's hilariously weird when Jaune pieced together of most of the girls he is pretty close to are all wearing something red. First it was Ruby, then Pyrrha, and now Miltia. It's either purely coincidental or it's a calling for him. He's feeling the same thing from the first time he found out about Edelweiss.

Miltia was pretty excited. She had never been asked by boy before probably because of her sister. She's usually the center of the attention because of her personality, but drives the guys away because of it too. She feels a bit conflicted since she isn't with her sister, but the plus side is that she was with a boy. Miltia felt comfortable with this boy so far. He seems sweet, a little dorky, and he's funny when he tries.

The person in the ticket booth commented on the both of them being an adorable couple. This made both of them blush and fidget. She giggled further on the action. She bid farewell after giving them the tickets.

"So where'd you want to go first? Wanna eat first or go for the rides? Maybe some of the side attractions?"

"I...I...let's go eat first. I'm feeling a bit hungry."

"Alright, go eat. I heard there's a couple of good food stands out. You want anything in particular?"
Miltia smiled, this was going to be quite the time of her life.

Jaune and Miltia started talking while they were waiting for the food. Miltia giggled at Jaune's corny jokes and his personality.

They started with a slow ride and built up to even larger and taller rides. On one of the rides, Miltia didn't realize her hand grasping Jaune until the end of the ride. They slowly let go with an added blush to both of them.

Though these tender moments seems to escalate as how comfortable these two were. Getting some cold treats and laughing. Jaune noticed her cute giggles. Miltia noticed his warm blue eyes.

It seemed to go a bit quickly, but it only took one of them to offer the cold treats. Miltia offered first, with a huge blush. Jaune being so nervous managed to get some on his nose. Jaune had done the same except he outstretched to fast and it went straight to her nose. They both cleaned themselves with some napkins. Onlooker couples smiled and giggled at the site of these two.

Jaune and Miltia slowly turned back to each other, looking each other in the eyes. It was strange encounter. Both, alone and with their partners unable to come, found each other.

Jaune and Miltia went to more rides and shooting galleries, and some carnival games. Night came and it was Edelweiss's closing ceremony. Jaune remember the fireworks they were preparing tonight, So Jaune had planned to find the best spot ahead of time. He led her up the hills, having a great view of the city of Vale.

Jaune had forgotten that he was holding her hand for too long when he led her to the hills. He apologized and tried to break off. Except her hand didn't slide out.

Jaune looked at his hand and to Miltia's face who was as red as her dress. Jaune was frantic. He didn't know what that mean. Is she angry or just the light from the fireworks?

"Thanks Jaune for tonight."

"No problem Miltia."

Bother looked into each other's eyes, neither noticed themselves closing in. And when the first firework flared the sky, both of their lips met. Neither knew how long the kiss was but when they broke off, thy looked at each other, both red. Yet they closed in again for a second kiss. And their second kiss timed along the fireworks lighting the entire sky for Edelweiss's grand finale night.

"Hey Miltia! You're out late! Sorry about today. How's your night?" Melanie looked at her sister who looked like she was in a trance with that weird smile in her face. It was great.

"With that face I bet it was. Tell me the details!"

Jaune floated on the halls with some people giggle at how funny his face looked like. Ruby and Yangwere walking and found him as they were making it to their own dorms.

"Hey Jaune! How was your master plan?"

"Hi Ruby. It was great." Jaune had already trailed off.

"Whoa that must have been some night! I bet him and Pyrrha hit it."

"Wait! Pyrrha was in the student council meetings all day?"

"Then what happened with Jaune?" Yang thought.

Jaune entered his team's room. Not even looking at the panel, and he drifted to his bed.

"Hey Jaune, how was Edelweiss?" Nora asked.

"It was awesome..." His words drifted as her fell sound asleep.

"Where's Pyrrha. I thought she went with you?"

The door opened and Pyrrha was in the entrance.


He was already past asleep, with a wide smile in his face.

"Didn't you go with him to edelweiss?" Ren asked.

"I couldn't I had some extra stuff with the student council meeting."

"That's too bad... Wait if you weren't with him who did he went with?" Nora realized.

"I have no idea. Ruby and the others were busy."

"Maybe it was Velvet."

"No, Velvet was in the lecture."

"Ooo maybe he met some girl there and pulled some pick up line!"

"That's highly unlikely. I don't think anyone has ever fallen for the Jaune arc experience." Ren declared.

"Well someone must have. with him looking like that." Nora pointed at a goofy smiling, sleeping Jaune.

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